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  1. i stop playing about 1 moth cause i died so easily, and is so f... hard kill some one... i have 98 matches, 22 wins, my best kill in a game was 15, but i feel like the game is againts me, like if ppl can see me all the time... and kill me so f... easy. Back today, after almost 30 day, play 1 game... 0 kills, and i shoot 40 godamm bullets in a guy in 5 meters only... shot 1 or 2 bullets, he saw me, 2 shots, dead... turn off PS4. Nothing changed to me.
  2. FPP ... maybe only for PS4 pro gamers ? and get almost 40 fps, in pro is possible. map selector ofcourse. and a better rank system, maybe both, skill rank and this crap what we have now.
  3. I mean in skins and all this. Skins, Ranks, info before games, game modes, and all this stuff... I know PUBG PS4 have only 2 month... but is almost the same version on XB, so... any idea if we can get the same skins and stuff like in mobile version some day ?
  4. 1rst sorry about my english... This new rank system s*cks... you allways win points, even if you are 1rst or 30, or whatever... and then you can see now, in SOLO, the 1st guy Hyoungwoo2018... with 6211 SP points... but this is the joke, 740 matches... only 15% in top 10, ¡¡¡¡¡¡ 1 VICTORY !!!!! 0,64 K/D !!!!!! , only 472 with 740 games... if this is the new rank system then i give up. Before the new rank, if you played a bad game, you lose RP points, that was the greatest feeling in this game. Now doesnt care, a guy whos playin 24/7 whos probably not really playing, just jump from the airplane and thats all. Sorry again for my words, im just so upset with this nonsense new rank system.
  5. Hello, i have 1152 kills and i still not getting the trophy kill 1k ppl. Is a bug ? or what ? TY.
  6. Buenas, tengo 1152 kills, lo miro desde la app Stats Tracker, y en total tengo esa cifra, y no me salta el trofeo de matar a 1000 jugadores de cualquier manera... es un bug o algo falla ?
  7. Buenas a todxs, como les va. quería dejarles unos tips para jugar en consola. Controlar recoil, sensibilidad de cámara y mas. Está todo en mi canal, dejaré un vídeo y de ahí tienen mas. Actualmente soy TOP 2 en SOLO FPP servidor NA, me encanta este modo, lo veo aún mas difícil y un gran reto. No me considero un pro, apenas tengo un ratio 2.0 en muertes pero voy ganando pollitos y hago buenas partidas de vez en cuando. Saludos y espero les sirva de ayuda ! También cuando vayan saliendo noticas de PUBG y nuevas actualizaciones haré vídeos informativos. Tips modo FPP Aprender a controlar el recoil
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