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  1. You should feel really lucky that the forum mods are not actually closing these threads because this is like the 10th person saying the exact same thing.
  2. There are many other threads on this forum which talk about FPP, another thread isnt really needed. You can easily search for them. Right now FPP as a whole is pretty dead due to most people favouring TPP. The only way to fill up the servers is by having more people play the game.
  3. This topic has been discussed countless times on this forum. There are not many keyboard and mouse users compared to people who use controllers. Furthermore the devs cant do anything as some keyboard and mouse devices are affiliated with sony themselves. And plus there is no way the devs can legitimately find out who is using controllers and who is using mnk as both would just come up as controllers on the ps4.
  4. My bad. Thanks for the info
  5. Ps4 pubg and pubg mobile are developed and maintained by different studios. Tencent games for mobile and bluehole for ps4. This is one of the reasons people play this game. It offers this type of realism which other games/battle royals dont. In pubg you have to be more aware and use your different sences to your advantage. Exactly same with the above point. I think we're all capable of following a person when deploying. This also coincides with my first point that both games are developed by diffferent studios. 1. You dont get to choose maps because not enough people play pubg on ps4 for bluehole to enable it. If they did then there woudlnt be full servers. furthermore, the only reason pubg mobile has so many different game modes as well as the option to pick the map you want to play is because more people play it. FUN FACT: There are more pubg mobile monthly players than the entire fortnite playerbase. 2. Different games, different studios. There are cosmetics/features one game might offer which the other doesnt thus making this not work. 4. This is something people have already asked to be implemented and it is now down to bluehole to make the decision or not. I doubt they will add it tho.
  6. I agree with you. The only legit way to filling up the servers is by having crossplay between xbox and ps4 or by having sony put it out as a free monthly game.
  7. Can we stop with these fpp threads. Its been said again and again that the only way fpp servers will come back alive is if more people play. You cant force people to play a mode they dont want to play.
  8. You do know that the entire pubgm monthly player count is more than the entire fortnite player count on pc, console and mobile.
  9. Thats still forcing everyone to play FPP which will then affect the overall player count as people will stop playing because of this
  10. Only some pc's would be able to handle it. The ps4 and xbox can barely handle pubg in its current state at 30fps. Theres no way it'll be able to handle such a map.
  11. No offence but this is the dumbest idea ive ever heard. Sure its your idea which you want it to become a reality but forcing people to play FPP so that they "give it a go and realize how better it is" is utter stupidness. People have preferences and the majority like playing in TPP.
  12. Weekly missions are actually created as a whole when they develop the map. They dont create them every week.
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