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  1. hamza5682

    Content in game ( PS4 )

    Player base is a huge factor. Currently, pubg mobile is the most played mobile game mainly thanks to India. Having such a huge player base means that they need to release new content regularly to keep up with the demand.
  2. Why are you here then? if you love those games then play them instead of pubg. You obviously know that the next update is dropping on the 22nd and will bring a shit ton of improvements. Stop moaning and have patience. In all honesty you cant compare pubg to any other br games. There is no other game which has the same playing style as pubg
  3. hamza5682

    Hit boxes are not accurate. Needs to be fixed

    There are alot of other factors which have to be taken into considerations like type of gun, which gun does more damage, attachments theyre using etc..
  4. hamza5682

    Straight disappointment's !

    Because theyre all little children who dont understand what realism is and would rather be kangaroos in bo4 or fairy princesses in fortnite.
  5. hamza5682

    Straight disappointment's !

    Ever since bo4 microtransactions were enabled, i doubt there playerbase has increased. They are charging $1 for a red dot. Literally a red dot.
  6. hamza5682

    Straight disappointment's !

    I enjoyed reading your comment until i got to this part. Yes theres more content in those games and that they run better, but dont forget how hard it is to optimise a game. As well as the fact that both bo4 and fortnite are totally different styles of battle compared to pubg.
  7. I'm pretty sure they're adding a feature which lets you cut the parachute if it gets stuck
  8. hamza5682

    When can we choose a map?

    Will probably never happen because not enough people play the game.
  9. hamza5682

    What headsets?

    I use the arctis 3 console edition. I got them for half price during sales. They're pretty good. Best thing I like about them is that the mic is retractable.
  10. hamza5682

    Update info

    I like how you call the og map erangel garbage. No respect whatsoever. Anyway, the only way they can add a map selection is if more people play the game, if you can get an extra couple million people to play then sure theyll add it.
  11. You can try rebuilding your ps4 database, I dont know if it will work but its worth a try. Just search it in google
  12. hamza5682


    Im sure thats to do with pubgs servers, My pubg is installed on my internal hdd and that always happens to me
  13. hamza5682

    Update info