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    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    this +1 nothing more to day
  2. Naennon

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    " we are already aware of that this is not the only way to solve a fundamental problem in Erangel " what problem ? there was never a problem with loot on erangel and so never will be one Erangel = PUBG and PUBG = Erangel all started with streamers and other postings in forums like: we need a NEW SMALLER map, we need MOAR action, we need moar guns to play some DEATHMATCH and you dropped sanhok with ARs/DMRs in every trashcan/corner and on this sepcific map you can see the result: in the first 2-3 Minutes 50-60 player out of 90-100 are dead - now you can start to explore the beauty of Unreal-Engine until circle 5/6 hits the round and/or Top 10 this already happens on Erangel and will increase with more AR/DMR lootspawn in some locations your try to fix the midgame by inserting flaregun/drop is the wrong way there is only one kind of gamers out there with a lootproblem: the "hotdroppers" - they need this to get a 20+ Kill round to post on reddit/youtube they just don't realise that this game is not only or about to shoot/kill someone/anyone/ALL and lootchanges will not fix midgame or anything - it will just make them cry for other/more changes to play a shooter/deathmatch game keep your fingers of Erangel please
  3. Naennon

    EU Miramar FPP queue

    DIE miramar DIE!!!!!!!!!!! worst map in gaming history
  4. Naennon

    Miramar waiting time....

    nope - just noone likes that map
  5. Naennon

    Fullscreen Mode

    game is starting in windowed mode and you have to select windowed mode again and fullscreen to play in fullscreen (since Vikendi test on Test-Server) EVERY time you start the game and it is causing massive stuttering/FPS drops there is no reason to make windowed fullscreen the default setting - a chance to fix this?