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  1. Naennon

    Mirmar no show

    i don't see a reason to complain u lucky one!
  2. Naennon

    RIP Miramar

    finally YES!
  3. Naennon


    i am playing EU Region why do i get matched with Huya and DouyuTv (all Asian) players? can you fix this?
  4. Naennon

    Miramar waiting time....

    nope - just noone likes that map
  5. Naennon

    Low fps?

    use fullscreen mode manually
  6. Naennon

    Fps drops and stuttering.

    enable fullscreen manually
  7. Naennon

    Fullscreen Mode

    game is starting in windowed mode and you have to select windowed mode again and fullscreen to play in fullscreen (since Vikendi test on Test-Server) EVERY time you start the game and it is causing massive stuttering/FPS drops there is no reason to make windowed fullscreen the default setting - a chance to fix this?