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  1. VenVoid

    Crates and Level up rewards

    I'm level 132 and only need one more item... The black biker mask... And that's the only item I wanted!!! Got the damn biker boots and gloves like 3x each. It's frustrating to grind 10 levels in a week with limited time just to get the same shit over and over.
  2. VenVoid

    Crates and Level up rewards

    Geez dude you irritate me. Always have something to say when someone mentions anything relating to cosmetics. If you are one of those folk who runs with bare minimum and always barefoot....good for you. Some of us want to look good while getting chicken dinners so stfu with your always salty comments.
  3. How cool would it be to see the gun straps and make the customized with different colors and materials?
  4. VenVoid

    60 days without an update

    Lol just wait till the vikendi pass comes out. I can already predict that we will see a lot of posts regarding the season pass. The new camo and the 100 levels can only be achieved with premium pass. If you don't buy it you will only get something every 10 levels and it's always the crap stuff. No update in 60 days and yes we got "dev updates" but that is still not in the main build. So who cares....
  5. P90 Famas F2 But pubg Corp will probably take years to bring more than 3 guns in. Console still does not have the scorpion. Whoopdy dooo....
  6. VenVoid

    Pubg the greedy game

    Have you guys seen how much the joker set cost? Weapon skins like the AK and the ump? Costs as much as the damn game. The drop rate of the crates are absolutely shit. Just wait till you see the details of the vikendi pass... Lol. You HAVE to buy the premium pass to get something...and the missions are shit. They want people to spend money to buy the levels. Just take a look at this video... https://youtu.be/OWMIaWvLhhw
  7. For a company that is so greedy they sure don't know how to make money. Want to make money, copy the fortnite model. Pubg would make so much more money out of me if they went the shop route of fortnite. Hell how can they be so incompetent?? I don't play fortnite but got to admit, for a free game making only money through the store they are very successful.
  8. I feel that Grenade spamming is a big issue for pubg. The meta seems to be to get close to someone and spam grenades. Grenades need to spawn less or take up even more space.
  9. Wow how disappointing. Nothing for playing your game?
  10. VenVoid

    Xbox content

    Sorry bro but I don't have the same problem.
  11. VenVoid

    Xbox content

    On the x it's not that bad if you consider where it started at launch
  12. VenVoid

    Xbox content

    Man it's not about being in front of the line and complaining about being at the back. We all paid our money for the game. I did not get it for free so I will give my opinions on the game. I'm not your average player of pubg, by that I don't mean that I'm the best no, but that i enjoy the game with all its faults and spend money on the stuff i like. But believe it or not even me and people like me get tired of the same stuff eventually. So how do you think the casual player feels? We still don't have the scorpion gun... And you know what's also bs...the fact that you think me and others as inpatient or "entitled" . We know PC gets everything first. Fair enough. We wait and wait and wait. Just give us something !!! Hell we had no new content for ages and skins costing as much as the game itself is not acceptable. If you are fine with sub-par standards then good for you. Pubg fits right in with you. I want the game to be great and with that come constructive criticism.
  13. VenVoid

    Xbox content

    Dude what are you talking about??? Just because I don't play on PC I don't get to have any cool stuff? We playing on 30fps with poor graphics while PC get 144fps+ on 2k with all other cool crates and a market and you want to tell me I don't get to judge??
  14. VenVoid

    Xbox content

    Dude the game is not that bad as is, but we need stuff to keep us interested. A flawless game won't keep me interested if I'm playing the same damn maps every day for a year with nothing to grind for.