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  1. Please if u can't give us a date of the update/new season, I'm sure u can give us information on what some of the new changes r going to b??? New modes? New maps? Map changes? U need to give us something so we will come back, give us no information at all and PubG will b forgotten on the PS4...... We all have paid for this and grinded hours on hours, please don't make all this for nothing.... We pray to the PubG God's for the answers 🙏🙌🙏
  2. Still waiting on a date for the new season !! So many friends have moved on to other games and said they won't b back!! Please hurry before PubG dies completely on the PS4
  3. Yeah the sound levels r great to use to your advantage, u can mute individual team members within the team management or just make a party chat so it's just u and your friends... Yeah that's it, proxy chat is what I meant lol.... Does anyone know if it's coming to the PS4? I also think the red zone should b scrapped as well... The snow map if really good, loving the test they r doing with it, hopefully they'll release it to the full game with proxy chat next month....
  4. Hi I was just wondering if the in game chat thing was coming to the PS4 in the near future? Me and so many of my friends have been loving everything about Pubg on the PS4 so far and its still only early days, I would say it'll b game of the year 2018/2019.
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