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    FPS Counter

    Oh frames drop there - everyone knows that. They are looking at ways to improve that - it's mostly CPU rather than graphical there. Scoping for instance - as explained in the dev blog, a lot of trees which usually would be rendered in low detail (because they are far) are rendered at the highest level of detail (because you are scoping in) and not culled, even though they aren't on screen - culling is when the game engine doesn't draw things it doesn't need to in order to save the amount of time it takes to draw a frame (and therefore increase frame rate). If you don't tell game engines what not to draw they will just draw everything you've told them to draw. PUBG told the game engine to use a trick called GPU instancing to draw multiple groups of trees quickly - unfortunately, since the trees are batched in groups, the ones that you previously saw in your scope that are now off-screen are also being rendered when you zoom in, but at a higher level of detail, causing extra GPU work and making the drawing time increase (hence occasionally frame drops when you scope in). There are loads of instances of things like this that need sorting - optimising a game engine is a lot of work, especially on a console. Just shows you how much mileage you can get out of a console when you look at games like Just Cause 4 running at a pretty solid 30 FPS (with occasional dips). You only have to watch this from around the 4:50 mark to see that PUBG Corp haven't even scratched the surface on optimising their game (yes it's the OG Xbox One running at 900p at 30 FPS with all sorts of amazing visuals and crazy physics/explosions - it's beautiful)
  2. Baal0r

    FPS Counter

    Many people have already done analysis to show that PUBG runs at 30 a majority of the time. FPS counter is just going to say 30 most of the time and dip occasionally. Everyone knows you get 10 FPS in smoke, we don't need an FPS counter for that.
  3. Don't drop castle, to be honest it looked like you got shot from above, the bullets were hitting the floor, why would the guy shoot you in the legs with his m16? Castle is rubbish anyway, full of idiots going under the map.
  4. Yeah but he's right, native mouse and keyboard is better. Emulated controller input via a xim leaves a lot to be desired. Don't get me wrong, I've not used it, but I know someone who has and he says it's pretty poor in PUBG compared to say R6 Siege. There's a better option anyway, Xbox game streaming to a Windows PC using a virtual input device which emulates a controller through mouse and keyboard input. Works fine, pretty responsive too, better than the xim. I don't use it because I can't be arsed to move a desk into my living room but I could see how someone with this setup could have a bit of an advantage assuming they aren't terrible with a mouse like most people are.
  5. Baal0r

    Auto reload

    Bot level changes. Next you'll be wanting auto aim.
  6. Just play 1 man squad and know what to expect. Most of the time you'll be fighting duos/trios anyway and there's enough buildings/cover in most areas to win those fights. Scrubs wanna cheat they will cheat! Might as well up the ante so you know what to expect!
  7. The G36C sucks, I'm having a much easier time with the M4 and so is my squad. Feels a total mess with either grip...
  8. I've no idea. Some idiots seem to think the game streams the level from the servers as you play or something. Don't worry about the 20 gig download.. I don't expect everyone to know how computers work or games work on a technical level but certainly gamers shouldn't be so ignorant that they think their WiFi or internet speed affects level streaming off their drive..
  9. Make sure you aren't downloading and restart your Xbox from the menu or by holding the power button for 10 seconds. The game can get choppy especially in squads; I'm very sensitive to frame rate fluctuations, I find it very difficult to maintain decent aim when the frames drop. Most of the time it's ok though. Still a bit of an issue when many players get in the same area.
  10. SSD does not improve frames. SSD contains the game files. When you load a game the Xbox copies the game code and assets into memory (ram). SSD makes this process faster.
  11. Having a crash by at least one squad member almost every game. I've crashed about 30 seconds after landing after picking up some decent loot and downing 2 of a squad My mate crashed after downing 2 in a squad game, we pushed to back him up and wiped the rest of the squad, smoked him but since the game keeps your character moving even when you were disconnected he crawled out the smoke as I was rezzing so I had to keep trying to block him. By the time I rezzed him we were out the smoke in the open, went to smoke a second time to cover him while he loaded back in and we both got downed from a team pushing us. I'm assuming it's a memory leak issue ?
  12. Would definitely want this in front of me when trying to avoid sniper fire 🤣
  13. Baal0r

    PTS Loot

    The question on all our minds though is.... Did you find enough SMGs? Should they add more? I'm thinking maybe instead of 9 micro Uzi's per house they should bump it up to at least 13.
  14. Pretty sure a few guys on the forum have been saying the frame drops aren't due to graphics - seems like they were right! Even at low much lower resolutions the game drops plenty of frames. Not surprised to be honest though, Epic always said they did CPU optimisations not graphics optimisations to get Fortnite to run at 60.
  15. Frame drops and hitches all over the place, any time in fights where there are more than 2/3 squads nearby. Unplayable at times. Thought the changes made for performance would mitigate some of this but even my friend on the X says it's unplayable.
  16. Baal0r

    FPP Squads

    Please PUBG Corp, I spent 20 minutes running towards gunfire in TPP mode only to find no-one. There are way too many buildings in the map turning TPP into the usual defense-fest (there's another word for it too that I won't use). Saw 1 person in a 20 minute game and he sniped me because I was bored and had pretty much zoned out by that point. On the flipside, map looks beautiful.
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