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  1. Baal0r

    The amazing teleporting bullet.

    Well, it still hits in PUBG it just does zero damage. In other games bullets travel instantly but if you are dead the server says that you couldn't have actually fired so it just ignores your shooting input.
  2. Baal0r


    I wanna see these amazing clips of long range UMP savagery. Got any?
  3. Baal0r


    Definitely a TPP player. Probably solos too which is full of bots. You won't see many stationary targets in FPP, decent players don't actually stand still... Unless they are rezzing.
  4. Baal0r

    leaving friends behind...

    Lol, mate you've got better at the game because you had a higher potential...
  5. Sorry mate, just killed you on Erangel with a SCAR, was it you with the ghillie? Was a Mylta finish, you came 3rd I think, there was some little rat sitting on the beach behind some rocks at the end.
  6. Also when people pick the mouse up depending on their setup there's sometimes a slight wiggle of the crosshair. It's easy enough to spot. I reckon I could easily spot most mouse players, there may be one or two that I'd need a few minutes of footage of.
  7. I don't get what you are saying... Look how much mouse mat Shroud uses to spin. He tried to recoil control an mk14 on full auto with an 8x on it and almost threw his mouse in his lap. There's no physical way he could do 100 spins with a mouse and still be in the same neighborhood let alone on the same mouse pad. Have you ever played with a mouse? Just go to around the 1 minute mark. Tell me when Shroud could ever do 100 spins on his mouse mat and still hit any shots in normal gameplay.
  8. Baal0r


    Lol interesting seeing noobs play the game and try to shoot people at 230m with a shotgun though! It's also interesting that your mate shot him with a 2 shot burst and actually hit the torso because of the recoil. The first hit was his upper leg which at 230m loses 6 damage points and does 22 (consistent with the data), so you can see the damage drop off in full effect here. There is recoil on the UMP despite people complaining, the second shot recoiled enough with an iron sight at 230m to hit his chest. And that's my point... Gun doesn't need a nerf.. at 300m you are just ticking people if you can even hit them. ARs at 300m can kill.
  9. Right... Didn't say he couldn't do a 360 I said he couldn't spin on the spot indefinitely. Try it... Pick up a mouse and play any game and spin around 100 times on the spot without lifting your mouse (no cheating and setting the sensitivity to 1000). You can't physically do it. A controller player can spin forever (it's what indefinitely means). Shroud doesn't do a 720 because he can't without running out of table. Not sure what you aren't understanding here.... Sticks are constant input, mouse isn't. Look at his spin too, it's fast at the start and slows down near the end, a stick input would be pretty constant throughout the spin. You can see the velocity variations in the mouse input, like natural drums vs triggered/electronic drums.
  10. Baal0r


    Guy was on 25 hp when he died with no vest. Your mate shot him on 2 other occasions before this, he runs up the hill with 2 shotguns and tries to snipe your friend... Come on man this is no evidence that the gun is OP. I had someone try and shotgun me from this distance before and crossbowed him to death with one shot, even got a clip of it, just total noobs in the game... No sane player would have gone shotgun/no armour and tried to snipe standing still...
  11. Baal0r


    His ammo counter goes down by 3 and considering the distance of at least 100m the kill count goes up by one before he even fires the third shot which would take at least a quarter of a second to get there. There's no way you are looking at the right game or maybe your mate shot him earlier 2/3 times hence him being up a hill well away from where all the guns are trying to snipe.
  12. Baal0r


    Guy was one shot and he got a leg or foot shot maybe a hip shot too. No idea why the guy was standing completely still. Would have been really hard to hit him if he actually moved, your mate took 4 seconds to line up the shot...
  13. Baal0r


    1.1 k/d is exactly the type of k/d I'd expect from a serial SMG lover. If you picked up an AR more often and got good with it that k/d would be much higher. I'm trash but my k/d is 3.8.
  14. Baal0r


    Not sure why that's any different from what an AR would do - two taps and dead with an AR just dead quicker... Have you got the video link?
  15. Baal0r


    Look at it this way, assume a guy is 100m away, he runs between two walls and you have a chance to shoot him.. Say he runs from left to right and it takes him half a second to run between cover. Let's take your reaction time of 200ms... Now you have 300ms to hit him .. Since the muzzle velocity of the UMP is 400m/s it will take the bullets 250ms to cover the 100m distance. That gives you 50ms worth of leeway and you'd also have to lead by a lot. Take an AR at 880m/s for the M4, it will take 88ms to cover the same distance. That gives you a very small lead and a chance to hit with 3/4 bullets. You can body shot someone to death with an AR in this situation but a UMP can only ever hit maybe 1 bullet which won't kill an enemy My assumption is that you are playing TPP. In TPP games there are a lot more close range engagements because people know when they can move because they can watch other players. The circle often ends up very small and a lot of players use OTS aim or hip fire which the SMGs have less of a penalty for. People love to wait behind cover trying to bait people to push to a position where they are at a massive disadvantage because of a non-visible attacker using the camera to their advantage. It's the reason I don't play TPP, there's too much corner peek baiting and fights turn into who can out corner peek the other person and get free damage with little risk. I play FPP where fights even at close range are done with ADS aim and on rare occasion OTS if you have a scope that's too high magnification for the situation. Can't remember the last time I was destroyed by a UMP in the wild when I had armour/an AR, though the UMP does actually do a lot of damage to limbs (couple of points more than an AR).