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  1. Nice grenade kill! Other than that, I feel like all those poor souls were a bunch of noobs with no clue what to do 😂 easy win, only thing good about this was the Nade kill so I’ll give you that
  2. Just get good at the game, you’re obviously not if this happens to you. All you have to do is shoot them while they’re cooking it or when they come out to throw it. Stop hiding and fight, this way you won’t get naded, if you rush a guy with a grenade in his hand, you’ll have less of a chance of dying
  3. It won’t be hard for them to reduce the amount of players required to start a custom. On the other hand, knowing bluehole, they’ll be like “Hey, we got a cool custom update coming out soon so that you can start it with 2 people........ by the way, we also want to destroy our last few updates of progress and work towards it all over again! Good luck!”
  4. Honestly this is just a bad idea. I sometimes just sit still to loot when I’m lazy and don’t want to move and sometimes someone will get a couple shots on me before I turn and drop them, I’d rather not have those easy shots kill me when the player is that unskilled. I hate dying to campers and this would just lead to more of them, knowing they can hide and kill you with less shots, it wouldn’t take skill. Anyone can land a couple shots but not everyone is good enough to control the recoil of the weapons after a few shots, they’d be making it easier for those who potato most of the time.
  5. You do understand they’re changing the ranking system, right? So that hiding won’t get you anywhere hopefully, you’ll be crying once you do that because you’ll be at the absolute bottom of the leaderboards
  6. Honestly you can still do most the challenges without paying for it. Just do keep leveling up and see how far you get, if you get to lvl like 50 with a couple weeks left, then buy it
  7. You sound like the kind of guy who’s gotten nothing but participation trophies his whole life. Hey man, good for you not being good at hiding. Us killers are the only reason you’re able to get so far, imagine if everyone hid like you, it’d be a horribly long game where nobody fires 😂
  8. I have no clue on how it works, it was a duo so one could’ve been helping the other. Aiming my not have been 100% on me but it was definitely in my direction and followed me
  9. I’ve only ever come across it like once, I was running to zone and there was this steep hill and I decided to third person it. When I did I noticed a duo already aiming at me waiting for me to pop over. I thought it was weird but when I started moving around it I noticed he was still aiming at me wherever I moved. There’s no way he could’ve seen me but he knew exactly where I was, I was easily out of sight from them but he knew exactly where I was every time
  10. In my old days of solos I’d get about 10-15 kills every other game, wouldn’t really win but if you want those kinds of kills you can’t worry about the chicken. You got to fight everyone you see and search for those you can’t. I’m positive that when you stop worrying about winning, you’ll increase the amount of kills and before you know it you’ll be in the top 10. You just can’t be afraid to die.
  11. Actually you can’t to a real old style Winchester. Why you asking about snipers, there’s literally a ton of guns we can ask about why they aren’t in the game. Come on now, like the guy above me said, this ain’t that realistic
  12. The worst thing is when you shout “hey, they’re right on us” and Cortana pops up like “where bro?” And you die because it takes forever to get rid of her
  13. I don’t think they’re capable of adding it to pubg
  14. Me and my team will usually suicide bomb ourselves with another team, depends on how early it is but we never leave until we are all dead
  15. I swear, if I had the time I’d make videos of how easy it is to make the leaderboards. I wouldn’t even need a gun, just a bike at most. Anybody here wants to make the leaderboards, just drive around in a bike till the end. You’re welcome.
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