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  1. Yep the loot is horrendous on Vikendi and I'm playing Solo, I couldn't imagine squads everyone would be fighting over a Tommy Gun.
  2. You also should look into getting rid of any third party hardware like XIM that's an unfair advantage or not an even playing field it goes hand in hand with holding the frames rates up to keep the original Xbox One users with the Xbox One X should be equally fair or separate lobbies, but that will take to much time and resources so I say just leave out mouse and keyboard completely.
  3. Yep same on my OG XBOX - Your also using a OG Xbox I'm assuming? Maybe a external SSD will work with the rendering, I agree Vikendi loads like Miramar takes 20-30 seconds to load buildings everything's play-doh. Do you know if your SSD works well on the original Xbox one and if it does what model SSD and size do you have?
  4. I hope K&M doesn't get accepted it's a shooters game and everyone should be on the same playing field, it would be ashamed if they do allow it.
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