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  1. RedKing Negan - Lost item type/quantity: 1 - Date of the issue: 07/06/2019 - Screenshot of the market trade history (If the item was obtained from the market) I'm level 41 on the wild card pass so I should have it unlocked. Hi I just unlocked this today after buying levels to get it. My inventory showed it for a few minutes then lagged bad and it was gone. I tried restarting no luck .And it is not showing in my skins inventory. Sucks cause it's the first skin I liked.
  2. Astro a50s no problems on my end just adjust it on your PC to where you like it.
  3. Played for 5 hours today and honestly never got Erangal. Quick join just kept bringing me to the winter mess that's Vikendi. Mabey tomorrow. Dissappointed with the devs on this we were told one thing then threw another line from the corporate play book.
  4. Exactly I'd play Erangal all day. I personally thought it was with this update that it was going to be the feature map. Could it not just change every few hours from one map to another? Erangal/Sanhok.
  5. Yep 2 wins only if your alive at the end in squads also. But if you died and get carried it's only one win. I personally like it make people want to be alive at the end play smarter.
  6. I feel exactly the same. LFGs are just not like your own group. And I will be heading away from pupg for a few months also. Red dead 2 for me haven't played anything other than pupg since launch. I'm just not feeling pupg anymore.
  7. SSD no rendering issues easy fix. Without one you will never get to where it's at no matter how many updates.
  8. Well PC maintenance was cancelled for today. I'd say they are hard at work for us console players and that we will get a good quality update/pass very soon. In the meantime have fun playing.
  9. Can you delete Hakeem. I will use RedKing Negan. I thought it was blocked for a warning I got but it just some points cheers.
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