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  1. This crash was in test server and it is still happening time to time, really? In the middle of a fight game crashes for no reason. Fix the game...
  2. There is a bug with vaulting system. Sometimes you cannot jump over fences, walls or windows (especially windows). Its not too high or not too small to jump over so the system not working.
  3. This bug was here for about 3 or more months so I wanted to adress this once more. When dive under the water in both maps, for a while you hear underwater sound perfectly however, suddenly maybe 5 seconds later you start to hear sound of surface swimming sound instead underwater. Going up then diving restart this process but never fix it. This is not a game breaking or important thing in the world but I wanted to write here.
  4. In the image I was in practice lobby and timer was at 0. Just before the game send me to the plane I stuck at and never got into the plane nor I never heard of a planer. Instead I could hear other players sounds of walking etc. I click to return to lobby and after that I choose to rejoin the game. This time I stuck at loading screen which never get me into the game.
  5. While stuck at matchmaking we cannot click cancel, it is not responding only way to restart lobby again.
  6. Edit: After you put a marker on map and while moving to your destination marker, the marker on the world compass can move slightly left or right by changing your view direction.
  7. There is a huge lag problem after landing and its continue for about 10-20 seconds. In that time can't move smoothly or can't fight as suppose to be. After death when you return to lobby, there is a message that tells you to connect ongoing game or cancel it. How can I go back I am dead. The plane is lagging in the beginning of a game. It is taking for 5-8 seconds. In Steam Inventory screen, there is bug with new shirts that now showing the picture and instead it is showing name where picture suppose to be.
  8. I hit by an invisible frag. I was sitting inside a home in Novo, red building second floor. A player threw a bomb, I was looking inside the roomi which is little and suddenly I died. Maybe the bomb was invisible indeed or it was exploded in other room. I don't really know if this is a bug or not but is the bomb suppose to be kill people through hard solid walls??
  9. In spactate mode I can't hear buggy sound when my friend driving. It's suddenly silencing. Changing camera to another not fixing and even then still can't hear buggy sound.
  10. We were driving buggy and then some guys started to shoot us and we got little bit damage. After that we had a damage animation and sound bug in every minute until we die. There were a gun sound then blood and damage sound as ah!. However our hp was not dropping. There is another bug that the view has been broken so I can't move freely around. I was going in walls etc. I could see everything in the world. There is 2 images for this bug.
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