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  1. We've got a ton of weapons in PUBG but I think one change I'd like is buffing the AUG. It's just literally a faster firing, higher velocity M4 but doesn't stand up to the other crate weapons. Anyway here's some of the weapons I'd like to see in crates or world spawn. M16A3 We already have an M16 however this is the automatic variant of it. It could be a combined gun but who really knows? The A3 would be more of an assault rifle than a 'budget dmr' and could be used effectively at short to medium range. I'll leave the thinking to you. Mosin Nagant A probable Vikendi and Erangel exclusive (possibly Sanhok.) Could replace the K98 or be a separate weapon, but have different stats. I'm no gun expert so I'll again leave to you to decide. M417 A variant of the M416 you say? This rifle is a battle rifle (I'm not sure if there are any other battle rifles.) Since it's meant for accuracy there should be a 20 round mag, slightly higher bullet velocity with more horizontal kick. Attachments should be the same but I wonder if you could attach at least an 8x? .50 Beowulf DMR (CRATE) So this gun will be the only gun aside from the AWM to use a completely different cartridge. It's a low velocity shooting gun (525 - 580m/s) but delivers more damage than other guns. Restrictions on attachments can include only SR/ DMR Suppressors, Muzzle Brakes etc. Like the Mk14 this could be a bipod weapon but allows a grip to be attached, however the biggest selling point is penetration. The Beowulf can be used to 1 shot level 1 vests or leave critical damage to a level 2. It can also have a custom tact stock that reduces first bullet penalty and allows for more precision. L86 A British light support weapon or to some people an LMG. PUBG lacks the amount of LMG variation with only an Erangel exclusive soviet LMG and a crate M249 Minimi. The L86 comes with at least a 45 - 60 drum mag, a muzzle velocity of 950 m/s (real life stats.) RPM of 610 with grip attachment points and muzzle attachments being the first versatile LMG in the game, the compensation however is that a user is not allowed to attach anything other than a compensator and cannot swap to a smaller compact mag size. I personally think this gun should be in all maps aside from Vikendi which I will explain why in the next gun down. MG36 Variant of the G36 and is a Vikendi Exclusive gun replacing the L86. It has a lower capacity of a 40 round box mag but is able to equip to stock, all muzzle attachments and sights. Since the G36 already has a built in sight, you're able to swap sights but that's pretty much it. As stats wise it's the same as the L86 with slightly more fire rate 750 RPM and lower muzzle velocity (920m/s) These two guns will have the highest bullet velocity of any automatic gun (aside from comparing the AUG with the MG36.) AUG Para (CRATE) The first SMG 9mm bulpup to be added to a crate can be competed with a Vector. Whilst it is an SMG it can still be adapted as a rifle. This should give its older brother a little more love whilst delivering high rpm and effective CQC fights. Attachments wise this should only have a sight restriction limiting it to a 4x maximum and can add a tact stock just like the vector. It's magazine capacity is reminiscent of the vector and shouldn't need any further explanation. However since this is a crate weapon and the first smg to make it into the crate, the para needs to perform well. Lower RPM 850 and higher bullet velocity about near the 700 m/s or higher. L96A1 A British sniper rifle just a little older than the L11. It uses 7.62 rounds world spawn rifle that has a muzzle velocity of 850m/s, and a mag capacity of 10 rounds and 15 extended. The L96 is a competitor with the M24 with higher bullet velocity and mag size but with similar cartridges. It's a nice 'nerfed awm' that allows the same feel of one and a less punishing one. AUG A1 Another AUG because why not? This will replace the M416 on Vikendi since it just feels fitting. The AUG comes with a stock 2x sight of its own (like the VSS.) and canted sights are attached directly above the scope. You're not limited to any attachments except for the stock, this is then compensated by a VERY high Muzzle Velocity of 970m/s and a bullet velocity of 700m/s. That's pretty much it, most are modern guns and I tried to fill some of the gaps in. Personal opinions are welcome below so long as you respect others opinions.
  2. We already have an electric zap zone, it's called 'The Zone' unsurprisingly.
  3. I'd rather not having medkits to 'revive someone' it seems perfectly unreasonable and can mess up final games.
  4. Pretty sure this game is supposed to be a 'realistic battle royale' and not Apex.
  5. *facepalm* If they're dead THEY'RE dead, it's either your fault you didn't revive them, too late or an enemy shot them. It's supposed to be a 'punishment' for you and your teammates rather than an obstacle. Also how the hell does reviving the dead have to do with realism?
  6. I'd rather the old legacy theme or have a 'scene selection' where you can choose from all the previous PUBG Menus, it'd be easy to implement and it includes every other menu theme that was in the game before.
  7. TLDR: Shotguns are irrelevant, literally no one uses them endgame unless if you're in TPP or swapped with a crossbow. They're supposed to be a headstart for some early quick kills and not to be used in later games, either swap it out for a better AR or use a crossbow (crossbows literally one shot no matter the armor) because shotguns are NOT going to save your life.
  8. I mean it'd be cool to have it back but I'm not sure if anyone else wants it back. Maybe have an option to switch perspectives ONLY when parachuting?
  9. Fun fact: This is a lot of replies back haha more than I've had. I'd like to add something else which is something that I'd really love: Adding back the first person inside the plane, it'd be nice to see it again although it's useless. Oh and bullet penetration to railings... it's really annoying in CQC situations.
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