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  1. The same Situation happens on Miramar on PS4. I Forgot to clip it ;/
  2. Ruhrpotti

    (Not so) Friendly fire

    FF is a good thing. So no one sprays arround to hit Enemys behind friends
  3. Ruhrpotti

    Teamers in FPP Solo

    U can Edit the Video, upload it on YouTube (only for People who knows the link) and then u can sent an Support Ticket.
  4. Ruhrpotti

    Vikendi release after PTS closure

    Keep cool People, we all have time!
  5. Ruhrpotti

    vikendi ps4 test server

    Its a Testserver, not all player use it or download the PTS. And today the PTS will closed.
  6. Ruhrpotti

    PS5 and PUBG

    We need no PUBG2, we need a good functional PUBG 1 first 😉 Better textures on PS4 (OG/SLIM) , higher Framerates etc
  7. Ruhrpotti

    PS5 and PUBG

    From which sources do you have this information?
  8. Xbox User also have this problems And the PCUser also All systems expierence the nearly same Problems. So whats going on with the Server?
  9. u realy want an answer? sry but i think now we get no answers.
  10. I never come up to flame here, but now it is time. Many shoots didnt connect, u stay behind obstacle/doors etc and the enemy from outside the building hits u. Theroreticle he CANT!!!! Desync of Doom
  11. Ruhrpotti

    Fix the Server ASPA!

    Sry typo error XD u know what i mean 😉 Cant Edit the title
  12. Ruhrpotti

    Fix the Server ASPA!

    Germany (Vodafone 50k) / EU Server The Problem is now the last 3-4 Days Edit: Oh i forgot the extrem framedrops the last days, too. I playing on a PS4 Slim 500GB
  13. Ruhrpotti

    Here’s an idea...

    i only make a joke 😉 Dont worry
  14. Ruhrpotti

    Open proximity chat

    Maybe it is a limitation on consoles how many player can speak etc.? But i dont need this chat, it would be to toxic...
  15. Ruhrpotti

    Here’s an idea...

    Dont move in the Redzone U know u can die in it....so wtf u run/drive in it? :-p
  16. Ruhrpotti

    Test Server Feedback

    Yes, and please add Tanks....#ironicoff
  17. Ruhrpotti


    They open it when the player base is good. why open it earlier...
  18. Ruhrpotti

    Where is the updates?

    Many people goes to work and sleep early then other, maybe...
  19. Ruhrpotti

    Open proximity chat

    Chat to Flame`? or why u want it?
  20. Ruhrpotti

    Where is the updates?

    It comes when it comes...dont hurry
  21. Ruhrpotti

    New performance improvement on ps4

    FIX PUBG is over. PUBG PS4 has some Bugs and Problems. But not so hart, that they destroy the whole game(play). Give the DEVS some more time to adress, fix and improve the Bugs/Game.
  22. Ruhrpotti

    Invisible players?

    Same here on a PS4 Slim. During Jump and Landing i turn the view arround to check where Enemys are. But sometimes i see NO one, land and suddenly an Enemy is landing near. I think its a performence Probleme and maybe an Server Issue.
  23. Ruhrpotti


    @Takarii any News of the Progress? The PS4 Forum gets bigger and bigger , thats great. But reading it and find the right is more and more complicated. 😉