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  1. Ruhrpotti

    Floating guns??@#$%#-??

    Hey, u can now see where the Enemie runs XD 😉 #ironicoff
  2. Ruhrpotti

    Devs really need to fix DESYNC

    @abdksa9 Better you Deal with it when 90% of EU Players dont wont to be killed everytime behind an Obstacle because the Desync of Middle East Players. Thats not because we dont Like People from other Countrys. Its only the Desync Problem. Dying every 2nd Game behind an Obstacle is frustating, nothing more. I leave PUBG for the moment and play as an Agent in Washington D.C. See ya
  3. Ruhrpotti

    Chester og bug.

    I think it is an Spectator Bug
  4. Ruhrpotti

    Chester og bug.

    Absolutly curious....
  5. Ruhrpotti

    This guy got cheated! 😂

    Great :-) +1
  6. Ruhrpotti

    Make pubg 2 devs

    Why a 2nd Version? First we need a Stable and near Bug Free 1st Version....
  7. Ruhrpotti

    Since Shope Update - LAGS!

    Bug Description: InGame Lags (sometimes near 1 sec) - Long Loading Time of the Enviroments , like first Vikendi Patch Location: All Maps Evidence: Video Maybe later (forget to press the Record Function) Replication: During a Round on all Maps, 1-4 Times Playstation Version: PS4 Slim Connection: Wired 50/10 Game Mode: TPP all Modes (DUO/SQUAD)
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/PLAYERUNKNOWN/status/1105829330033221637
  9. Ruhrpotti

    Middle East on EU -STOP IT!!!

    I dont need "Excuses" when i Die behind a Wall/Rock etc. 😉
  10. Better i wait 5 Minutes and dont play against Player with Desync! Maybe PUBG has realy low Players, but why? Is it because about the Bugs? The Desync? Or because we got now Laggs again?
  11. So, after some Days the same Sh*t begun from start.... Long Loading Times of the Enviroment.... Why? Fix this sh*t! Its absolutly not Funny anymore for the Player....
  12. Respect PUBG Corp! No Answer to all this Themes about Desync and MiddleEast on EU Server! Big respect! @PUBG_Andymh5
  13. Since the Shop Update yesterday i have more lags, nearly like the Vikendi Release...
  14. Hi @PUBG_Andymh5 , can u say any words about the Bizon and cantedsight on the Trainingmode? When will they come up there?
  15. When will u send MiddleEast Player to other Server then EU? @PUBG_Andymh5 ? Game Sucks more and more because this Desync Players....