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  1. There are many player with M/K and they all play, no ban or nothing. So this Video is nothing and the system behind not realy exist on Console.
  2. Try : L1+R1+LEFT THUMBSTICK FW/BW(Controller Type B)
  3. Xim Apex , Cronus etc are not licensed Products! And GameDeveloper have an own choice to say "yes, use it or no its forbidden in our Game"
  4. So you switch the Thumbstick settings?
  5. How do you do that without getting your hands on a knot? All with the left Handfingers?
  6. This works? Movement on Dpad and Leftthumbstick together...hmmmm
  7. Why does the game not remember the game mode when you leave it? Everytime i must set it to Solo/Duo. Every time Squad is preset.
  8. And now the translation to english, so we can understand it. thx
  9. Hi, sometimes my Game crashes and i cant go back to the session . why i can´t not go back to the session?
  10. Same for me and my friends. I hope they will fix this fast. It´s sometimes a gamebreaker
  11. ATM they update the Game with a Fix. So the Server are down. Maybe they are right back now. Try again PLS.
  12. Thx @PUBG_Andymh5 Will the "(hard) lags/freezes" also be fixed?
  13. Can someone tell me/us more about the Update? Or is it missspelled info in the Game Main Window in the right bottom corner?
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