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    post your best shots/ epic moments

    https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/silencefarkins/video/72875464 First kill is pretty standard, pretty chuffed with the nade at the end 😁
  2. shooshforkin

    Dream loadouts please folks...

    8x8 maps AKM 2x Mag Comp M24 mag suppressor 6x 8x On vikendi/sanhok swap the boltie for an sks/slr or a decked out VSS
  3. shooshforkin

    Sadface canted sight

    Suppressed m16 with a 4x was my go to back in the really early days. It was just criminal when we could still mount the 8x to it wayyyy back in the day! I still love rocking the comped AKM (2x)/Suppressed m16 (6x) combo for run and gun games.
  4. shooshforkin

    Possible idea for faster rendering

    I'd imagine desync would be insanely bad as not everyone "falls" at the same rate. I'd be happy enough to wait in a splash screen for a minute while the map is pre loaded. Render in weapons and whatnot as needed ny line of sight, but have the map and all structures pre loaded so that it can all be seen on the plane.
  5. shooshforkin

    Do you think it still counts?

    Camp Jackal is the training map.
  6. Just manually eject the AFKs over the ocean where they will drown. Simples.
  7. shooshforkin

    PS4 or xbox?

    I play solos and duos with a mate on my one X, and squads/occasional solos on OG ps4. So much easier to see things on my X, the ps4 hurts my eyes somewhat. Ps4 still hitches from time to time, but the menus all work 100% better than the xbox version. Not sure if thats because i have a large collection of skins on my xbox and not so much on ps4. As far as game performance goes, my one X absolutely shits all over the OG ps4 (as it should). One X for the win.
  8. shooshforkin

    A couple of fun fights

    Hey guys, i don't normally post clips and shit - partially because I'm not particularly ninja but mostly because my aussie internet is shit so i don't upload them 😂 I really enjoyed these little battles so i thought i would share! Why i LOVE the VSS!!! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/silencefarkins/video/68957645 Nice little scrap on Vikendi https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/silencefarkins/video/68956948 Enjoy!! Hit me up if you wanna play some duos/squads. Looking for better players than me - i am good enough to be valuable but not yet good enough to carry the team. Got a few solo wins, but duos and squad chickens have eluded me so far 😐 I play TPP on OC, and FPP on NA when i can get a game (im in Melbourne) GT: silencefarkins
  9. shooshforkin

    PUBG is dying again at the hands of Apex

    Apex just looks like a blackout clone to me. Slick movement is all it has. The gunplay looks like complete shit. Not even going to bother with apex.
  10. shooshforkin

    Total fix

    The original desync patch was a ripper - fixed a good portion of the problem. There has been significant changes to the code since then, so perhaps a revisit/updated desync patch is needed? Im just happy that my xbox displays players freefalling from the plane smoothly since #4. Was really doing my head in since my OG ps4 didn't split the player models.
  11. I have noticed a bug that doesn't happen every time, bit enough that it's noticeable. Say i use right d pad to change to frags - when i tap triangle to pull my rifle out it will often automatically change to mollys. There doesnt seem to be any causation as it might do it 3 times in a row before my selection sticks, or it might not happen at all. Occurs at least once a game, but i have honestly only noticed it when playing Vikendi.
  12. shooshforkin

    Parachuting Bug!

    You can see the ground no problem - all you do is get your speed/trajectory sorted then use RB to free look at whatever you need to see.
  13. shooshforkin

    Xbox Elite Controller doesn't work

    I think the problem is on your end mate. My elite functions 100% perfectly. Best of luck in sorting out the problem.
  14. shooshforkin

    Training area Teleport option required?

    Haha nah mate. Just a quick jog from the 400m range.
  15. shooshforkin

    Did they add bots?

    Yeps i could understand bots if every game had 100 players but they don't. So does Average Sniper... i saw that video too
  16. shooshforkin


    I landed next to the warehouse in NW Mylta last night, nek minnit im on the roof of the bastard. I am davin Blaine
  17. shooshforkin

    Did they add bots?

    Um, thats not entirely accurate. Swap "illegal" with "permitted" and you're on the money. Back to OP Been noticing a lot more folks running around with nothing, even into the second circle. I reckon its gamepass noobs...
  18. shooshforkin

    Training area Teleport option required?

    There are usually a few scooters scattered around the central spawn point near the melee area.
  19. shooshforkin

    Training area Teleport option required?

    Go to the parachute practice zone and fly there.
  20. shooshforkin

    Game Crashing Again

    Each and every time (about 6 or 7 times now) i have crashed since #4 went live, it has been when matching timer finishes. Just dashboards and doesnt even bring in the spash screen before we spawn in. I am running an X with ssd, so am usually back in before the plane. I hope this helps!
  21. shooshforkin

    Stopping in red zone!

    I always stop with the handbrake and get out. Seems to work ok, got one left to do.
  22. shooshforkin

    Game Crashing Again

    Same deal with me. Crashed 3 times last night playing duos, once this morning playing solos. Its a bit shit.
  23. shooshforkin

    "oh,the things you'll break" challenge guide!

    Did mine on the west coast of Erangel just south of George. Just get out of the way of other people. Drop on a car, drive over 10 fence sections. Destroy tyres and another car if you see one, then shoot out doors as you loot. Even the little rectangular windows in the top of shit shacks count to get it done. Completed in 5 mins, first attempt.
  24. shooshforkin

    Wall bang?

    Just had the same thing happen to me at castle. Dropped, got shot but escaped. Ran away and was healing in a corner with zero LOS with anyone and was shotgunned by a bloke at least a floor below me. Ill drop castle for the pass missions, but after they are completed FUCK that joint.
  25. shooshforkin

    Cheers PUBG!

    Super happy to be one of the Holiday poem event winners! The icing on the cake for me is that i play mainly on Xbox so i already purchased the pass here, but i won the pass on PS4 where i play squads with mates. Wasn't planning on buying it twice and i won't grind PS4 out like i will on Xbox, but free skins are free skins and i am very appreciative! Thanks you PUBG!