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  1. @PUBG_Andymh5 matchmaking seems to have been sorted with the hotfix. Getting into solo squad games no dramas now. Any chance of you guys opening up solos again? I was having expected times of 1s but never getting into a lobby - would be interesting to see if solos will work now?
  2. First game since the update- solo squads lobby took about 14 seconds. Looks promising.
  3. Im not sure if the player pool is the issue Andy. I haven't played since the mini update (still downloading) but if i play squads with randoms i get into games almost instantly. If i play solo squads the timer either keeps ticking, or since you guys shut down solo/duos i get the matchmaking failed error. I can't seem to get into a game unless I'm squadded up with Americans for some reason.
  4. Squads pnly, but solo squads 2 Was counting forever. Nlw it says matchmaking failed unless im with randoms... Its a bit shit.
  5. Just got into a random squad game almost instantly. Maybe has something to do with players from OC?
  6. Is there any update on this Andy? Solo queue says 4s, and ive had reapeated attempts of several minutes. The only time ive had short wait times is when playing squads with random Americans, and even on one occasion i was kicked out of the squad. I was still a part of their in game chat( not party chat) but i was solo and the other 3 remained as a squad. Even solo squads fails to find a match after several minutes. I tried the live servers to see if it was an all round issue and got a match straight away. Please fix this issue before it goes to live - if matchmaking does this in live servers i fear it will be an AWM to the dome for our beloved PUBG.
  7. Managed 2 games of solos so far. The first after about 6 and a half mins, the other after about 3. Both had around 35 players. Local region is OCE.
  8. Solos, duos, solo squads... no love from any of them.
  9. How can it be saying that there is 25s to get into a game, yet time and time again i have several minutes and no lobby?
  10. Mate tell me about it... cant even get a game of firestorm to tide me over..
  11. Doesn't matter what mode i try either.. at least you're getting an error message.
  12. As per the title, i have been trying unsuccessfully for over an hour but can't gwt into a lobby. Expected waiting time has ranged between 13- 56s but the matchmaking timer just keeps ticking away. Any other Aussies having this problem?
  13. I tried for an hour, readying up after no longer than 5 minutes. Probably 100 cracks at the 15s expected time. I usually play OC/NA when the rest of Aus is sleeping with no problems. I guess ill try again later.
  14. Ive been trying for almost an hour and nothing.
  15. Who knows. Matchmaking says 13s for quick join and im up to about 15 minutes no bueno...
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