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  1. shooshforkin

    Warning about Vikendi Pass

    Since the Survivor Pass content in no way, shape or form affects the way the game is played i have no issue with the way it is structured. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy it, or pay extra to skip tiers. If you want to look pretty in game and that is important to you, spend your cash if thats what makes you happy. If (like me) you will buy the event pass just for the silly missions as an alternative way to play the game and have a bit of fun grinding to collect skins then thats all good too. Personally ill grind as long as i can, and if there are some top tier skins i don't want to miss i habe no problem making up the difference with a few skips. To each their own.
  2. shooshforkin

    Invisibility Cloak?

    I was wondering the same thing. At no point does the enemy appear in frame before the magic happens, yet OP managed to ADS in essentially the exact position. Not accusing anyone of radar hacks or anything, but i sense some manner of fuckery afoot.
  3. shooshforkin

    Crossbow thread

    I copped a crossbow bolt high to the chest the other day, wearing a lvl 3 vest. I didn't die, but saying it was a pain in my arse is the understatement of the century - because of the position/angle of the bolt, every time i went into ADS all i could see was the bolt shaft for 5 mins until it disappeared 🤣
  4. shooshforkin

    Announcement today?

    If history is to repeat itself, the PTS will go live in its exact current build (plus other maps obviously) with all of the current bugs in place. If PUBG have learned from the error of their ways though, many of Vikendi's bugs will have been squashed prior to this. After all, the PTS did run for a month so there has been plenty of time to identify and work out the problems. Im very much looking forward to testing the OneX framerate mode and other QOL improvements on the other maps!
  5. shooshforkin

    Elite Button Mapping

    Inventory X Left lean/sprint Right lean Triggers 0-1
  6. shooshforkin

    Oceania servers

    Tried from 20:00 - 20:15 AEDT last night and nothing. Will try again tonight. If you're out there, i will wait for you. I will find you. I will lag much less as i kill you. I will be waiting...
  7. shooshforkin

    Oceania servers

    We could all try log on to OCE at 8pm AEDT and try to jumpstart the bastard? Ill do it every night, just for shits and giggles.
  8. shooshforkin

    Elite controller

    I have top left open inventory, top right mapped to X, bottom paddles mapped for leaning. I have the triggers nice and short, with 0-1 sensitivities so i have hair triggers and i can drive vehicles at full speed. Elite is awesome, although a little more resistance in the sticks would make it perfect.
  9. shooshforkin

    The graphics are terrible now

    I play on a oneX and i remember when i could see all of the buildings while still in the plane. The framerate while parachuting was about 7, but it all looked nice. Sometimes the plane loads in and i can see every building for a brief moment, then back to nothing until im half way down. I just wish they would fix the freefall on my X - when players are close they look fine, once more than 20-30m away the model splits and looks like a bag of laggy shit. Doesn't happen on my OG ps4 which is really disappointing.
  10. shooshforkin

    How to use Flashlight in PUBG?

    You don't mate. The ones that you see on Vikendi cannot be picked up and used.
  11. If you are in party, party chat will take priority over in game chat. Is it any different if you stay out of a party and just invite your mates into a pubg lobby?
  12. shooshforkin

    Tommy gun/VSS

    This behavior has made the VSS my favourite gun in the game. Nothing beats a kar98 or m24 for straight to the dome lethality, but the FUN that comes from peppering some poor bastard with a VSS and watching them run around cover, stopping for a second so they think they are safe, then hosing their face with 6-7 rounds when they stop is hard to beat. Really effective with TPP aim at close range too!
  13. shooshforkin


    I had my frag in my hand, pushed Y to pull out my rifle, but it would just switch my frag to a smoke. Couldn't pull out my rifle until i had tossed the frag away.
  14. shooshforkin

    Performance Mode....

    Performance mode is definitely easier on the eyes in FPP.
  15. shooshforkin

    PUBG Oceania

    I reckon if people were told that OCE had been squared away they could roll it out like they did with ps4 launch. Get the spawn island fired up as soon as you have 5 people, so at least people can see realistically what the wait time is like, instead of a clock that goes forever. Get rid of map selection initially, offer solos/duos both TPP and FPP and when enough folks come back then open up squads. When all is going well, bring back map selection and monitor. Gotta make sure map rotation is good though - played with a mate on ps4 last night (oce) and got games in 2 seconds every time. First map was Erengel, then 5 straight miramar. Promote the server by offering an Aussie flag weapon/helmet skin for playing 10 hours on OCE or something. It can be fixed, they just need to go about it the right way. We dont want to have to wait 10 mins for a game, and most wont when we can get one (albeit laggy) in 5 seconds on NA.