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  1. It would only work if the rewards are attractive enough. I enjoy fpp when i have time during the day for a few rounds, but the reality is that PUBG is a bloody difficult game even in TPP - the casual gamer probably isn't interested in making it harder so would need a really big incentive. Just my $0.02
  2. Is there any update on the ETA of dynamic res, or is it another case of "soon" followed by "hurry up and wait"? I understand PUBG's reluctance to promise and under deliver, but surely a few crumbs is better than complete information starvation? Asking for a mate 😂
  3. I played a vikendi game with 5 a couple of weels ago. Stuck around for shits and giggles, killed 3 of them with a suppressed m16 with 6x and got the dinner. Was refreshing to not have people camping in every compound.
  4. Hahahaha i just watched one where i wrecked the fella with my SLR - "man this guy knows how to use an SLR" he says... i then spot a sneaky snake and potato 3 or 4 shots before I kill him 😂😂😂 Ended up with a really close 2nd place that game 😂😂 Ill be checking pubg report much more often!!!
  5. I have been known to fuck with people like this on the very odd occasion. Was about 12:30am, with around 57 in the plane if i remember correctly, so he certainly had time 😂😂😂 He would go to the next vehicle and take a few potshots at me which all missed, fuck the tyres and move on to the next one. I love a good troll, but after my game sucking 50 shades of dicks this evening i really wasn't in the mood 😂😂😂😂 Yesterday i couldnt stay out of the top 10, tonight i was fucking shit. Fucken PUBG 😂😂😂
  6. Dropped Mylta, looted up nicely and a buggy passes me as the blue is coming in. Gave it a spray with my AKM and didn't think much more about him. Running west along the road as the circle is moving toward Primorsk, and each and every vehicle along the was has all tyres blown. Every Single One 3 buggies, 2 UAZ and a 3 wheeled bike, all fucked 😂😂😂 He came back in his buggy, obviously to have a giggle, so i shot out his front tyre 😂 Zone didn't get me - some other fella domed me when i stopped to med after FINALLY reaching the safe zone. Those motherfuckers 🤙😂🤙
  7. M16 goes alright in burst with a comp and tac stock. With a tac stock, suppressor and 6x is one of my favorite weapons from 100-300m - ill keep the M16 over an SKS in most cases, but ditch it for an SLR all day every day. Snipers are no more OP than they were before - the folks who are into bolties usually go for headshots anyway, so you're screwed regardless of the increased bodyshot damage 😁
  8. I have been seeing DPs all over the place around Mylta.. Lots of DPs, beryls and SLRs since the patch.
  9. Stand within 3m of a real frag grenade and tell me its not going to fuck your world right up... They don't need nerfing - you just need to recognize the times when you might get naded, and have a solid exit strategy.
  10. I get between 1-25ms on OC - usually sits in the teens. Late at night when i get bumped to NA it sits around 230ms.
  11. I like to aim for the waist, and let the recoil track up to the head - especially with the akm. Results in plenty of headshot kills!
  12. Kill heaps of bad guys! Level up your weapons by shooting folks with them - headshots score higher XP. Charms start out at level 5 as mentioned above. First one is a frag grenade. Happy hunting!
  13. Haha i had that exact issue just this morning... final 2, i knew exactly where he was and very nearly had mashed potato instead of roast chicken 😂 My earlier post has video 😂😂😂
  14. I noticed this last patch. I usually play on xbox one X, and only played duos with a mate on ps4. On xbox, the patch downloads and is instantly playable. On ps4 thw patch is significantly smaller, yet takes longer to copy and apply the patch than it does to download it.
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