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  1. This week's patch fixed the issue for me, thanks devs but next time please inform us when you acknowledge a topic
  2. I didn't want to get whinny but either devs read and didn't reply or they simply don't give a single F*** about "bug reports". 120 replies +500 upvotes on reddit Not a single response.
  3. How are we supposed to get developers' attention? we're in the Bug report discussions with 88 posts... this is not a minor issue, this is ruining the game for us.
  4. I don't know what's the point of these bug report discussions when they only fix the obvious problems. Anyone here also have the problem which some matches are complete rubberbanding madness? (it's not my connection)
  5. Most people don't have this issue, which is why i'm afraid the devs wouldn't realize. we have to find something that we've all done or have, the only thing i can remember is that i've recently spent 3k points to change my character, and also my windows install is recent. what about you?
  6. I don't think that's the case, the plane also lags and stays in place since i got this bug, which has nothing to do with keybind; plus, configured that file to be read only to prevent rewriting, and still nothing. didn't see any repetition of keybind either.
  7. Same problem; We gotta see what we have in common. Looking at "WaLLy3K" 's DXDIAG, his OS and rig are completely different from mine so it surely has nothing to do with them. I haven't changed anything in game's config files. The only thing i can recall is that i recently changed my character (race/face appearance). do we all have this in common?
  8. I can't delete this post, will continue on your first link.
  9. Since the last monthly patch, i can no longer eject. with the exception of maybe once or twice in 10 matches. Most of the times when i can't jump, the plane lags and stays in place for a few seconds. -F keybind is ok - My Connection is fine and I've tried verifying game cache through steam.
  10. Hard to believe the devs made such a mistake... For some reason (probably failed LOD switch) i encountered a bug which made the primary mesh (walls/exterior) of all buildings of a compound disappear. but this bug isn't what i'm worried about. Once another squad arrived and we engaged them, i saw the guy in the image and decided to shoot him and surprisingly managed to kill him!! note that i didn't shoot through that small window, rather the wall beneath it. This utterly shows that the client is the decider on who's hitting the shots... This is netcode basics 101, (As devs should and do know) Server has to be the authority to determine whether someone's shots are hitting the target not the client itself.
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