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  1. Right on brother, it's all about graphics these days to people. Why not focus on gameplay instead?!
  2. I always see people complaining about graphics, not sure why. They really are pretty damn nice.
  3. No problems on the NA server, I don't know if that's where you are though.
  4. Ups and downs brother, I think they're pretty damn good for a port.
  5. It's worth it, it's all I play. Despite a game library of over 100 games.
  6. I lost a match cause of it, ended up 40 feet from the rock i was hiding behind. In the middle of a damn field!
  7. previously, I was getting rubber banded back about 30 seconds
  8. M&K isn't an issue for me either, I don't have a problem getting those 🍗 dinners. Just tired of console gamers wanting it all handed to them on a silver platter.
  9. Honestly, why don't we make a list of people that want the game easier. Then when they log in and start a game, just give them the win? Cause it seems like everyone wants auto attach, complete automatic looting also. Why not add aim assist also, or let the map just show where everyone is? The game is great the way it is, need to stop asking for all these way of life features. Worry about any glitches, or more weapon skins instead. 😁😁😁😁🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗
  10. Forcing people to play FPP, would be a terrible decision on their behalf. That's why they won't do it, and good riddance.
  11. I'm having same issue, I even have a Solid State Hybrid Drive.
  12. They did, if you pay attention to when you vault over walls. Or jump in a window, it's pretty damn fluent.
  13. I only have one issue, that's the buildings not loading fast enough. I have a ps4 pro with a SSHD, but it's still taking it's time. A little hotfix will correct it, other than that. I'm coo😎
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