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  1. Sheepraider

    Defibrillators and locked doors..?

    That is totally Battlefield...
  2. Sheepraider

    The game

    I bought the division 2, played for an hour. Went right back to PUBG, can't friggin stop.
  3. Sheepraider

    Firing mode resets.

    I have also saved the setting, but it resets.
  4. Sheepraider

    The game

    Feedback is fine, but when people come on these forums and say the game is complete shit? That's not feedback, these guys work hard to make us as happy as possible. That's what I'm getting at. 😁
  5. Sheepraider

    The game

    It's so simple, if you people that complain so much about PUBG don't like it. Then stop playing it, all your negative comments are just toxic. You all complain just to complain, go back to COD or Fortnite.
  6. Sheepraider

    PUBG for free on PS Plus?

    If the game was dead, we'd have problems finding a match. I have no problems whatsoever, so technically. The game is still rolling great!
  7. Sheepraider

    Make pubg 2 devs

    No need for a second PUBG, all they need to do is keep adding.
  8. Sheepraider

    Tired of miramar

    Tired of Vikindi....
  9. Sheepraider

    fire mode WTF

    Most people make the mistake of pressing circle when done changing their selection. Instead of applying with X, idk if that's the case here. But watch for that
  10. Sheepraider

    Fpp or dead

    Let them lol
  11. Sheepraider

    Where’s the chaos in Vikandi?

    Cement Factory and Dino Park are pretty good
  12. Sheepraider

    PS4 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Chute opening is a lot smoother now, tis how it should be 😁
  13. Sheepraider

    Hotfix delayed no surprise there

    That's a petty name little lady
  14. Sheepraider

    Hotfix delayed no surprise there

    It's "you're" not "your" so if you're going to call me a petty name, make sure you can spell it right. 😁
  15. Sheepraider

    Hotfix delayed no surprise there

    Don't worry Andy, console gamers are bigger babies than PC gamers. I play both for the record.