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  1. I started also on the first day, and nothing 😭
  2. Around 1300 since the stats reset, I believe.
  3. They need time to scale it and program for console, give them time. Enjoy it for now, it will come. 😁
  4. Ranged too the max on scope, the very last tick on the reticle. Was epic
  5. 518 with a VSS, should have saved that one.
  6. We definitely need more skins, that's a huge thing with me.
  7. Fix the gun load time, I have a pro and they still don't load fast enough.
  8. The guns are a huge problem not loading, I'm also noticing a longer time at the loading screen. Much longer than before, before you say anything about an SSD. Yes! I do have one, no...it's not helping.
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