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  1. Hello to all. What is the percentage of falling out of a rare item? Out of 100 boxes, not a single cloak fell out (((
  2. Yes, I use it all time, but the developers promised to add it with the Vikendi map
  3. When will the full-fledged gameplay editor for ps4 be added?
  4. Hello. Where can I see the results of the event? And there were winners?
  5. Every day and every night I run away from the blue zone away smell of gunpowder makes me drunk airdrope beckons me I run day and night my team will win And here we go in Pochinki silence stands, see not scrape first house then the second, third, eighth, ninth Well with a can of energy and scrap we are ready to kill Tactfully coming out of the house, we went to hell, everything in the smoke, the whistle of bullets and the clang of valves all mixed up horses people, we are ready to kill Merry Christmas, congratulating a friend, we are running to fight to hell, minus Thomas minus Fred, Dean shouts to cover, but the whole team is no longer on his feet. lucky next time and with Christmas, coming out in the lobby, we press immediately ready, then download, drop and, hi Pochinki ... Happy new year friends! Garrygreeen
  6. premium boxes will remain on the PTS server? Or will be available on the main?
  7. Hello dear developers, thanks for the great game! I hope you have a lot of strength to finish it completely! Tell me, are you planning gifts for your players in the game for the upcoming ?New Year's holidays? Happy holiday!
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