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  1. Since you got the kill you pretty much know the distance. Which one is faster, concluding the distance with a map before a fight, or with the new system after the fight is done? It literally does nothing. Plus, how many players use zeroing anyway? Most of them already got used to sights and compensate for distance accordingly. It becomes an issue over 300m.
  2. Which is bad why exactly? You already made the shot, you and your team should be rewarded.
  3. One way to buff them would be to increase movement speed while ADS and reduce accuracy penalty while using ADS run and gun. It's not all that realistic, since running with a pistol and shooting will get you nowhere, but it makes sense from a balancing perspective.
  4. That's not what we're saying. Yeah, was. We're saying this game is having more and more trouble sustaining itself.
  5. If servers are dead because they don't have enough players to even start a game (Oceania for example) you can safely say the game is dying. This game requires massive player base. Especially if you want to match them fairly, which is impossible at this moment with under one million players.
  6. You're missing the point. It can't match 100 similarly skilled players.
  7. This game requires 100 players per match. As soon as it drops under 1mil you can say it's dying. Under 500k it's functionally dead. There's a reason we don't have ranked even in crude form. It would show the cracks of how low the player count per region actually is. Ever since 1.0 the game is on a steady decline. Vikendi got some hype and when people realized it's same shit all over again just with white snow and invisible UI they bailed out. A lot of mistakes were forgiven when it was in alpha/beta. As soon as the "final version" dropped, players dropped. They couldn't believe that they called that finished game. "This is it? Fuck this shit" were the thoughts. On a bright side, they are bringing some new and interesting shit that stirs my noodle. However, it's slow and in small increments. I don't mind the small increments, but people are losing faith hard. The game still lacks some polish. Lobby is still more demanding than the game itself. You have to ask yourself, if they can't nail lobby for this long, where is the game even going? We. Need. Ranked. Chicken dinners only go for so long. Matchmaking and rewards are the pinnacle of online games and that is exactly the thing we're lacking here. Which is sad, since this is the only game that's really rewarding on its own. This game is a 12 incher, but on Danny Devito.
  8. This game will die the moment you include RPGs.
  9. If you have first circle starting in 30s, but you knew where the circle was before the jump the size of the map would be irrelevant, because the only place you would jump to is in the circle or very close to it. Circles in Miramar suck because you don't know where the circle will be before you jump. You jump to military base, and the circle starts southwest. You know you're fucked. Currently we don't know where the first circle is and we get like 5mins before it even starts moving. No people are going to cross each other paths unless they come at the same vehicle. It's just... I don't really understand how can people like it. Looting for 20 mins and walking around to get headshot from random AWM. Only redeeming quality on that map for me is that Hacienda, San Martin and Pecado. Anything else is just pure pain for me. Someone mentioned a train for Miramar. I think it is a unique and great idea. Something unique for this particular map.
  10. My advice: disable death cam and replay. Enjoy the game. You're only going to get pissed off when you look at replays. Either the replay is lying to you or the game is. Your FPS will improve, as well as your well-being. (I feel you)
  11. How come red zone bothers you and not when you shoot from an AKM? Sounds much louder to me than a red zone shell fire. And yeah, turn the volume down. People want to hear footsteps and they crank the volume up and get a nasty surprise. To all the people who want to have both, use a sound compressor, you have it is a "loudness equalization" under Windows playback settings: Personally, I don't like what the compressor does to my sound as I can never tell how far away something is. But it does fix two things, footsteps are super loud, and close gunfire and red zone are much more quiet. Turning the volume down works the best, anyway. You know? Something is loud and you turn the volume down.
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