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  1. AsadHaroon

    Type A or B

    Thanks guys.
  2. AsadHaroon

    Type A or B

    Hi guys , seeing I played alot of FPS games. On Pubg which type is better A or B? I use A for now but what do majority of people use on here ? Thanks
  3. AsadHaroon

    While aiming gun is not steady...

    I use the type A method will holding L1 work on that ? Thanks for the help.
  4. Do you need the grip as I don't find it in game ? Or can I do certain setting that may help it. Never had this issue on any other game lol.
  5. AsadHaroon

    The circle line...

    Yes it needs a fix! How could they make such mistake? It's a shocker.
  6. Can they know update the circle line we follow? It's white and kinda hard to see where you are going , needs different colour like maybe red or yellow. Don't understand why it's in white. Unless it can be changed ? Thanks
  7. AsadHaroon

    This needs to be fixed!

    I was on about the PS4 version. 😊
  8. AsadHaroon

    This needs to be fixed!

    Had this issue on the mobile version. Where own team mates kill you , which messes up the entire game. Hope this can be fixed. So such people can't do it again.
  9. AsadHaroon


    Will there in game chats ? Like we see on mobile version ? Example "Help" think this is a must. Especially when you don't have many friends who may not buy the game. Ok thanks so normally we use the normal one to play pubg ?
  10. Damn 😂🤔🤐
  11. AsadHaroon

    Looking forward to finally playing this.

    Early days but was in squad game. And game lagged and froze had to quit it lol. Hope this shall be fixed as early days! So will be patient 😂
  12. Does FPP unlock by itself ? Also there was suppose to be 3 maps don't see that option yet lol. Unless I'm missing out on something. Thanks
  13. AsadHaroon


    Ok thanks so normally we use the normal one to play pubg ?
  14. AsadHaroon


    Hello guys. Just got the game , installed it but I see 2 files one with PTS and other normal one both can be loaded. But which one do I need to play as confused why this needs 2 of them to open the game. Thanks