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  1. PUBG_McClutch

    lean out windows/shoot over railings

    Hi there, I feel you, it can be frustrating having your gun move up and down when you're too close to a window. Having a vault-like mechanic to lean out the window is an interesting idea. There is actually a current way that you can peek windows that I use frequently and can be extremely useful in a lot of situations - try practicing and getting this mechanic down in the meantime.
  2. PUBG_McClutch

    settings menu issues and ideas

    Thanks for this - as added in your comment, the sensitivity sliders not changing the number while dragging was hot fixed yesterday. From your video there look to be some irregularities with the decimal placing, will pass it through to the team to look into. Cheers!
  3. Hello everyone, We’ve received lots of feedback regarding long matchmaking times from players in multiple regions, as well as players being placed in only one or two maps repeatedly when using Quick Join. We are well aware of these concerns and take them very seriously. Our development team have been closely reviewing the current matchmaking system and conducting analysis to identify areas where improvements can be made. We have released an update to live servers with improvements to matchmaking based on our matchmaking analysis and player feedback. Here are the newly implemented changes: General Matchmaking: Improved matchmaking times when selecting individual maps. Reduced instances of infinite matchmaking times on some maps. Quick Join: Improved functionality to better distribute players across all maps when using Quick Join. Players will now be distributed into multiple different maps more consistently. Previously, when selecting Quick Join, matchmaking would heavily favor matching players into the most commonly selected maps. Please be aware that due to the above changes to improve map variety, Quick Join matchmaking times may increase slightly. As matchmaking systems are highly complex, unexpected issues may arise, but we will continue to work hard and make improvements to ensure the matchmaking experience is as smooth as possible. This is only one step in our efforts to improve matchmaking and not a final solution, your feedback is crucial as we work to continually improve the PUBG experience for our players. Thank you. –The PUBG Team
  4. PUBG_McClutch

    Custom gaqmes - comms in lobby

    I also miss listening to players yell "Summit's in the pit", but there was a reason why we needed to disable it temporarily. Voice chat was disabled (In the lobby and plane) help combat a large number of advertising bots that were blasting ads extremely loudly before the game started. We're looking at solutions to try and combat these users in different ways so players can still chat with each other, but for now, disabling it was the best solution available to us. Cheers.
  5. PUBG_McClutch

    it should be possible to choose marker color

    Fair enough, I think that's a pretty good suggestion - will pass it through to the team! Cheers mate.
  6. PUBG_McClutch

    Grenades & Molotov limitation :suggestion

    Thanks for the suggestion, I can see why it would be frustrating. Will pass the feedback through to the team.
  7. PUBG_McClutch

    make molotovs burn longer

    Thanks for the feedback! At the moment Molotovs do actually spread further on wooden surfaces, and flames from Molotovs will spread further if another one is thrown on top of the flames.
  8. PUBG_McClutch

    March 5th Hotfixes

    Hi all, Just letting you know that we've applied some additional hotfixes to live servers. No server downtime needed, just restart your Steam client to ensure the update has been downloaded. Fixed tree foliage blocking bullets Fixed crash related to using throwables in water Fixed visual issue with door shadows Item pick-up quantity default is again 1 instead of 0 Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, Last week, Update #26 was pushed to live servers with lots of changes, including two new vehicles and most notably - Flare Guns were added to regular matches. Flare Guns coming to regular matches is obviously a big change to gameplay, we've been reading lots of feedback so far and it's been a very controversial addition to the game. While many players are enjoying Flare Guns in regular matches, many players are unhappy with the current implementation and there are some clear changes that players feel must be made. Some of the most common complaints we've received so far are: Too many Flare Guns spawn on all maps, especially Sanhok Too much noise with so many planes flying overhead throughout the game Too many players in the end game having crate-level loot As with every addition to the game, we want to hear your feedback and make changes to improve your experience. Please let us know your feedback and suggestions below and we'll make sure it's seen by our game design team who are actively considering changes and reviewing player feedback. Here are some common categories for feedback and suggestions which you can write at the start of your post to help us identify specific types of feedback: [Gameplay] [Spawn Rate] [Sound] [UI] Thank you very much for all of your feedback! We'll send it all through to the game design team who are reviewing player feedback and actively considering changes to this feature.
  10. Appreciate the kind words! It was a challenge for us to relay the technical aspect given to us by the developers in an easy-to-understand way for users, but hopefully this gave you all a bit more insight into the processes behind the scenes. We want to do more posts like this and plan to in the future, so any feedback is welcome :).
  11. Yeah, this is a bit of a pain in the ass. We do ban these advertising bots often, but they're quite hard to track. I'd suggest switching the icon to the left of the party to "Friends Only", which will prevent getting party invites from random users.
  12. PUBG_McClutch

    Season pass - so what DOES make a good one?

    Personally, I love this and think it would be really helpful! Had already sent through this feedback to the team, who acknowledged it, but there were some tech hurdles preventing this from being implemented I believe. I'll pass on your feedback and check where this is at. Cheers!
  13. PUBG_McClutch

    Flare gun feedback

    Thanks for the feedback man, appreciate it. The indicator spreads a couple hundred meters I believe, so it isn't 100% accurate. But I can agree with you that the flare should be enough of an indication. I'll pass on your feedback to the team!
  14. PUBG_McClutch

    Possible ending date for current season two?

    Keep an eye out on the release notes, there should be some more information coming soon :))
  15. Hey there, In this specific clip, I don't think it's possible to determine whether or not this player is using radar and doesn't seem as though he is to me. But I do think the suggestion of having a 'radar' report option would be helpful along with a couple other options. Will pass on your feedback to the team. Cheers.