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  1. I usually don’t read this thread, as there are normally so many individual threads with complaints about the updates. Recently I haven’t seen as many of these posts, so I assumed the update was good... then I played it. Ugh. Miramar and Vikendi both take too long to load in. All the buildings are playdoh and I end up bouncing all over. I notice lag whenever I pick up items. And I’m really sick of loading into a plane mid flight over the map.
  2. I can only see what is available. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. So generally, after a patch or update, I check these forums and I usually see a wave of posts of people not happy with whatever they changed or “fixed”. With this recent update, I have seen generally pretty positive posts in regards to the patch. So I was excited to play it. The maps still load slow. Buildings are still playdoh and I notice hints of lag when picking items. xbox one X.
  4. I’ve done all of that. I guess when I am first out of the plane, and fly as far as possible, open my chute and 4 guys open out in front of me, it really confuses and frustrates me.
  5. With the new parachute system in place, I am confused as to how some players get so much further than I am when exiting the plane. Here’s an example, on Miramar, the plane path goes from the south to the north and we want to jump early and head to the prison. We are tapping the jump button as it approaches the open drop area, and pitch the left stick all the way up to get out as far as possible. I ride that way until my chute opens by itself, which is just over the mountain range to the east. As my chute opens, 2 squads in front of me open over top of the prison! They were even at the same height or slightly higher than me! I see this type of stuff a lot. How are these guys getting out so much further?
  6. Yep, this has to be fixed. Ran into a squad camping under there that destroyed us.
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