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  1. BadAndy2001

    Fun Idea

    I think it would be a cool “realistic” feature, provided everything else was optimized and streamlined. What I’d like to see is, instead of the circle getting smaller, I want the players to get bigger! What a trip that would be to have a handful of giants left on the map!
  2. BadAndy2001

    Another shotgun clip

    I feel your pain.
  3. BadAndy2001

    Under the Castle. New Map

    Yep, this has to be fixed. Ran into a squad camping under there that destroyed us.
  4. The past few nights, regardless of where we drop, there seems to be an absence of gear. Some of the largest areas for loot seem to be slim pickings on Miramar and Erangel. But we have been noticing a lot more AKMs and 7.62, and less 5.56 weapons. The game hasn’t been running the greatest either, and I’ve rebooted, running an X. A lot of what others describe as Desync. Anyone else noticing this stuff or is it just our imaginations? I suspect it will be worse over Christmas break...
  5. BadAndy2001

    Recommend a headset

    I have the Rig 800s. I really like this headset. I used to have a solid set of Turtle Beaches that I swore by. But these 800s are nicer.
  6. Again, great in concept. Terrible in practice. This setup with snipers/long range weapons—that’s money. Disappointed that this was brought back.
  7. Absolutely agree with this. I was excited for this mode, but after playing it and finding so many players in the final few circles, it just wasn’t enjoyable. This setup would be better suited in a War Mode environment. The circles move too quickly, I spent majority of the match running to catch the zone, then watch was 30 guys can’t hit each other. As as was mentioned above, doing this setup with SR and DMRs would be awesome. I’d leave all armor out for it. Just rifles, ammo and attachments. That would be a lot of fun.