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  1. BadAndy2001

    Fell through Vikendi

    Playing duos, Xbox 1x, my partner on the OG Xbox One. Crossed the bridge near the castle, and we fell through the map into water. Swam up, after exiting the car, and popped back into the landscape. Very disappointed in the performance of this map. F2AAD79E-3385-4BAA-A6C2-C6694A417149.MP4
  2. BadAndy2001

    They should really give us

    I think it’d be cool to have an RPG, but not an accurate one. Make it like COD4, where it “kinda” goes in the direction you aim it. lol I think C4, Claymores and the such would be fun in some game modes, but not for the “main” games. framerate would probably nosedive though, lol
  3. BadAndy2001


    If the menu is going to be this bad, can you at least make it a daily/weekly challenge to navigate it? 😂
  4. BadAndy2001

    I have become god

    Just seen a guy doing this a little bit ago. Amazing.
  5. BadAndy2001

    Fyi castle glitch was never fixed

    Come on blue hole. You literally had one job.
  6. BadAndy2001

    Roll back the update?

    Is there a way to opt out of the update and still play? 😂 This update sucks.
  7. BadAndy2001

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    I wasn’t sure that it was possible, but this update is not good. The menu is clunky and difficult to navigate. Parachuting isn’t as robust as the previous build. (I didn’t need the added animations for parachuting). Why change the button for releasing the parachute? Map selection is garbage. The grouping makes no sense. Lobby setup is cumbersome with getting in and out of party’s. Overall just disappointed, there is such a huge opportunity to make this game something special. They claim they don’t have the player base to support different play lists. With updates and changes like this, I can understand why.
  8. BadAndy2001

    Map Playlist Patch 4

    What a disappointment if there isn’t “true” map selection. At least turn it into a rotation then. I get disheartened by playing Miramar 7 times in a row. (Primarily because it has the longest loading times and texture problems).
  9. BadAndy2001

    Fun Idea

    I think it would be a cool “realistic” feature, provided everything else was optimized and streamlined. What I’d like to see is, instead of the circle getting smaller, I want the players to get bigger! What a trip that would be to have a handful of giants left on the map!
  10. BadAndy2001

    Another shotgun clip

    I feel your pain.
  11. BadAndy2001

    Under the Castle. New Map

    Yep, this has to be fixed. Ran into a squad camping under there that destroyed us.