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  1. I had 2 crashes yesterday, both when I was already in the top 10. Fucking annoying
  2. I got an idea that I think could solve the boring middle games that we got sometimes. How about a smart play zone that can change the time per circle depending on the number of player still alive? Example: Game where the plane line is pretty bad, forcing most of the player to go into a small area of the map causing a quick drop in the number of player still alive. This smart zone can read that and decreases the time of the next circles, increasing the pace of the game and therefore eliminating the boring middle game. Thoughts?
  3. The game just crash when there was 6 people left. The map was miramar. I don't remember the last time I crashed. XBOX OX- SSD - Wired. Disappointed
  4. Dude, you still play with hints on screen....is that something that the best shouldn't need?
  5. Too many micro uzis and too many tommy guns. That map is the smg paradise. We need to see more SR, DMR and AR. I'm not asking for more loot just some more variety. I've played 3 hours and found only one VSS.
  6. I had the same issue in the same location
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