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  1. Morena CRO

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Yes, but that would be even worse. We just need locked regions, and more servers for us down here. 70 percent of problems that would fix
  2. No, I get informations that only in Uk, I run gaming magazine in Croatia, and always, always i just see Uk guys in my matches. I dont have nothing against Uk guys i love them, but on our tests we were also getting only London region with unstable 100 plus pings. Or maybe there is some Germany servers but matchmaking then dont work. I still didnt get answers from developers about that, they are too quiet on my question. Also peoples from Greece for example were reporting us 250 pings on xbox pubg, they had some tool thats definetly not eu German server, only thing i know is peoples from this down part of eu having terrible frame drops and dsync still since Day 1
  3. Morena CRO

    improved desync?

    We have the worst time on eu, because there is a lot, a lot of players playing from all around the world. Locking regions will be the most helpful for us
  4. Morena CRO


    Yes bf and cod dont have same issue because in that games you cant do nothing with high ping, here you can
  5. Morena CRO


    Or he is matchmaked with peoples who play with bad connection, wifi and 150 plus ms, that would be thing for his problem.
  6. Morena CRO

    Network lag= death

    Packet loss gives you network lag, that happend to me few times when Internet was overloaded, my Packet loss is 0 all time now
  7. Morena CRO

    PS4 pre order bonuses

    I will let crossplay only if they lock regions forever, on xbox is too many problems.
  8. Morena CRO

    PS4 pre order bonuses

    If it will be cross play it will be option to choose it or not. I would not go personal go crossplay from ps4 to xbox because on ps will run better,against ps guys.I played like 500hours xbox also.
  9. To live in Uk and have servers close, the biggest advantage in the game. At least for Europe.
  10. Morena CRO

    PS4 pre order bonuses

    I dont think so you will get crossplay because playstation is restricted and do not letting this problems happening like xbox, just doing few servers what only runs good for uk.Or if we get crossplay there will be a option to chose it or not.
  11. Morena CRO

    PS4 vs Xbox One

    Yes ps4 will be much better because they have restricted locked regions,since you creating accaunt, and better servers. Ps4 was always strong on that things, and they support in more countries then xbox.
  12. Morena CRO

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Yes all peoples from Uk have advantage and smooth gameplay because they have servers, I am from Croatia i know what you talking about. 11 Countries here have big problems because we have the worst connection towards uk, guys from Greece have 200-250 pings. From our side of Italy and Croatia we have more then 120.This developers doing nothing for us, i think a lot of time that peoples are beginers in this job.Sorry devs but you only make good for uk this game, for us on this down side of eu game runs so terrible, like Im playing first developed game in world, thats how bad it is, and this peoples from 11 countries around us confirmed on our community same for them. I know servers are expensive but why then selling game to us when we will never get good connection, i hope ps4 team will do better job. Ravellron ping matchmaking will not help us on uk servers because half eu have the worst connection in uk, it will help if we get servers here,closer. Otherwise we will be ping matchmaked only on uk but all on 100-200 pings what will still ruin your game
  13. Morena CRO

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Its a lot of dsync all time on eu,squad games are the worst. Its too many players playing from outside with like 200 plus pings, the best what i can remember that game was runing excellent was on patch 7. Pubg need more servers to cover everything and lock regions
  14. Morena CRO

    Streamers and YouTube guys

    My favourite streamer on pc is sprEEEzy high skilled guy, on xbox I can say that for Sparticus and Cudi, Gaga only peoples I watched.And I learn a lot of things from them for both platforms. They all are playing so smart with great shots.