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  1. Please don’t think that you speak for everyone...this game is not dead, it’s just not healthy during off peak times. Lots of BR games are the same at off peak times-H1Z1 suffers the same on PS4 after 11pm with lobbies of around 40 people. And I happen to love Miramar! 😀
  2. So are you actually grouping all the players together for FPP, because from the EU I have not been able to join an NA FPP game for months now, and I try on virtually a daily basis? It almost feels like you should remove the option from EU game because it NEVER works.
  3. Haha! I never said I was a mature 43 year old!!
  4. I’m also older (43) and up for playing squads with like minded folk-my gamer tag is TheRumblist if anyone would like to add me. 👍
  5. I try pretty much every day to get a FPP game on EU, but it always defaults to the NA servers and never puts me into a game. I agree that the times do appear to be completely broken. Why can’t EU players join the NA games? Not much point having the option!
  6. The movement feels so much better in FPP. At least we can say we were there at the mini revival!! 🤣
  7. I was in the very same game!! Landed at Pecado, didn’t survive long but loved how much better it felt to be running around again in FPP! And it was an EU server...it’s reverted back to NA again now, which is a shame.
  8. Today it is saying 4 seconds for Standard maps and 6 minutes 8 seconds for Vikendi on NA Squads. Sadly still can’t get into either match.
  9. I saw this yesterday and tried for a few hours to get on from EU, but still couldn’t get an FPP game. Still stuck with TPP.
  10. If it’s a 50/50 split for Europe, then why haven’t I been able to get into a FPP game for three weeks now? I have tried every day at various different times and the option to even get onto the EU servers hasn’t even appeared. It only gives me the option for the NA servers, and I still can’t get into a game. I feel like Bluehole are just happy to let FPP die and blame the consumers for wanting the servers to have been opened earlier. Surely there is something Bluehole can do to incentivise FPP mode as mentioned above.
  11. I haven’t been able to get a FPP game for well over a week now. I’m on EU servers, but even at peak times it only shows the NA servers and I still can’t get on. What a shame.
  12. What’s getting bland is the ridiculous amount of posts about FPP...learn some patience dude! It will come-if they rush it out, it might be completely shite and then everyone will be moaning about that.
  13. That’s a shame-I’m coming to this game on PS4 after having watched these guys streaming PUBG on YouTube. Missed opportunity for Bluehole to milk a bit extra from us! 💰
  14. Hi there, will we we be able to buy skins like in the pc version of the game? I’m interested in the Dr Disrespect, Shroud and Lumi skins. Thanks
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