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  1. Killed some on on top of a crate and the loot fell between the cracks. RIP Level 3 vest and helm, and kar
  2. Noticed this in the air and was not moving at all.
  3. Yeah I dont know what to call this other then bad luck. I was stuck inside falling and cannot get inside.
  4. Can't way to see the 2 week wait update of stuff that are "fixed"
  5. Little update here is our new Discord https://discord.gg/aNuWU, feel free to join and say hi. I would edit my last post but I cant.
  6. Adds new to stuff to the game but dose not check if you can or can't get stuck. Half as stuff good job guys you really need a week off!
  7. Offenses

    Still at spawn

    My friend never got teleport to the plain, he was stuck on the island. Well he got lucky and swam across to the main land.
  8. So close to punching a wall from getting stuck on everything. had a team mate down me and then pick me up but still stuck!
  9. 1 you cant see his gun.2 flying building.3 when in spec and my buddy aims i can see under the world.4 sometimes when your in a car and air in 1st person you cant see the holo or anything
  10. I got just got stuck same spot as hauns. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000404418/screenshots/
  11. Inside and out side, plus a picture of where it is
  12. 1st one notice the guns, he is holding 2 at the same time,2nd one he was healing next to the car, but it looked like he was flying and trowing his hand in the air like he did not care,3rd one the gun out like if u look is doubled and sometimes dose not show ammo that can be reloaded
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