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  1. You are right... We still have people that they don't want a fair play, but for me i am asking for the merge between pc server and k/m users because i dont want to use XIM... And that is what i do with fortnite... I dont have a problem with paying the price and the ps+ cost but only the support of k/m because shooting gaming = k/m... Especially PUBG
  2. Paying online doesn't mean ps plus is mandatory... H1Z1 and fortnite don't request a ps plus membership... On the other hand... Fortinte recently solved the issue of keyboard and mouse on consoles by merging all keyboard/mouse users with the PC server where all players are using keyboard /mouse to protect the balanced playing... So why PUBG didn't... Also, and comparing with other games that are completely FREE, pubg will cost 30 usd as price, and aprox. 50 usd every year to renew the ps plus account... Where on PC version you will need a Steam account once for ever...
  3. Are keyboard and mouse going to be supported in PUBG ps4 where the users will be on PUBG pc server like other games? And what about the requirements of ps plus membership??
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