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  1. This. I think people just use them more and better.
  2. No, it doesn’t proof it. It only shows that in one game you were able to collect that many grenades nothing more. That’s not proof. Sometimes you won’t find a sniper, AR, SMG or grenades in a match. The only thing it proves is that loot is random.
  3. So what does that mean? You were able to pick up 16 grenades. You can also collect 300-400 rounds of ammo. Some games I find sniper rifles all the time plus an 8 times scope. Come back if you find 16 grenades every game. Plus only 6 players left in this games which indicates you were collecting grenades the whole game to proof you point. 🤔 One or two games isn’t proof. Even 10-20 games isn’t enough given the amount of games played.
  4. 🤔 where exactly is the redzone like grenade throwing? People playing in a way you are not winning the fights or you can‘t play the way you want, so the game needs to be changed? In my opinion the beauty of PUBG is that there are so many ways to play. Camping, RnG, sniping, throwing grenades etc. If you don’t care about winning, why play till the endgame.
  5. Finally a chicken diner on all maps. Managed a 5 kill win on Vikendi. 😁 Yes, i know i’m a nood. 😅
  6. I play on general sensitivity 16. Used to play on a very low sensitivity, someone here wrote to get used to a high sensitivity, crank it up to 18-20, play 1 or 2 days. After that drop it to 15-17, which then feels easy to control.
  7. Not sure if I can make, but i‘ll try. 😀
  8. Don’t want any discussion about FPP vs TPP. There are enough of that and I think they are pointless. After the last forumgames, inspired by @NathHolloran, I started playing in FPP during TPP games. People always say playing style FPP vs TOP is very different. So I would be glad for any tips, tricks and tactics to improve. I know moving around more is essential. But that‘s about it. How is to push buildings, enemies, etc.
  9. This! @Takarii please dont lock it, remove some posts if you have to. The forum is normally very negative. I found that forum games brought acgood vibe. Would be a shame!
  10. Also missed the chat, had to be quiet with somebody sleeping on my legs.
  11. Congrats!!! We had our first daughter two weeks ago. Enjoy the days, they are very special!!
  12. Gotta go. No idea who hit me with the car while i was on the bike. Said that i killed myself?? 🤔
  13. Tried it and got a 5 kill diner with it. 😎 In the end i used burst mode because i goes through bullets fast. What’s your take on burst mode with this gun?
  14. I moved there for work which sounds now a bit weird . 🤔 Friend of mine has a similar story. He worked in a multimediastore. A customer needed his vhs-recorder fixed, there was a tape from a culturaltrip to poland in it. 😬
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