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  1. Baba Yaga 138

    Forum struggles

    I started playing in may or june. Before that i only started gaming again 2 months before that(Halo). I play almost everyday, so i got some hours under my belt. The rendering in the beginning of miramar was not good, after all these months i think it’s fair to assume they would have fixed this problem. But i has gotten worse again. The movements are very bad at the moment, so is parachuting, desync etc. At least for me(Xbox one S with SSD wired connection). The last 2 months the game has gotten worse, maybe not for all players. And for those who are lucky enough that the game runs better, good for you. But for the most players that isn’t the case. Then there is no mapselection, again some are fine with it, but most aren’t. If everything runs good for you why should you care?! Because more and more people leave and if the devs aren’t able to turn this around quick, it might be too late and than nearly nobody will play pubg. So complaining or saying that for you all is good doesn’t help. Most people just want to enjoy the game and if they dont, they will play something else. What also doesn’t help is that the devs dont communicate or respond to any questions. @PUBG_Andymh5 @PUBG_Lumos
  2. Baba Yaga 138

    Dear Devs...

    Same here, i cant stand sanhok. @PUBG_Andymh5 why don’t you guys adress this here? Not just to complain, but this kills and other stuff is really killing this game. At least say something.
  3. Baba Yaga 138

    The end of PUBG

    Maybe you should learn to read before you say somebody is bad at the game or entitled. OP doesnt complain, he is disappointed and also concerned. The idea of Pubg is great and everyone here knows it’s potential. But bluehole just seem to not care. And they are f@cking it up, people leave, game runs worse everyday, etc.
  4. Baba Yaga 138

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Queue times are still useless and always longer than what’s indicated. And then i land in a map i don’t want to play. Leave the match and i starts again. @PUBG_Andymh5 when will we have real mapselection again? After the gamepass? if so, i know how long to take a break. As i’m typing this Queue time 33s, had to wait 1:53 only to get Sanhok. Now Queue time 36s and already 1:10 has passed, no match. Serious, this is killing the game.
  5. Baba Yaga 138

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    GT is the same as screenname here. I’m from the Netherlands, so EU.
  6. Baba Yaga 138

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    The desync got even worse after the hotfix, it’s almost unplayable now. Maybe it’s time to hit the resetbutton and really start fuxing the game. Playing since april and it’s the wirse it’s ever been. Wired xbox one with ssd, based in EU always put in OC.
  7. Baba Yaga 138

    That Hotfix

    🤔 So complex to let people choose the kind of map they wanna play? I would buy it if it was a new feature. But we had it before the update: standard and mini. You could just have added a third option. @PUBG_Andymh5 @PUBG_Lumos
  8. Baba Yaga 138

    Inventory bug

    Again serveral times inventory bug. @PUBG_Lumos @PUBG_Porcini
  9. Baba Yaga 138


    I hear ya!
  10. Baba Yaga 138

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    And fix the loot on the stupid new map. Not finding a vest or helmet is no fun and makes the game stupid.
  11. Baba Yaga 138

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Match making is sooo bad. If i select standard map, the match making takes ages. On quick i get into a match on Erangel within 6 sec. What‘s up with that stuff. Please fix the game.
  12. Baba Yaga 138

    Inventory bug

    Still getting the inventory bug. Cant scroll in my items. Serious after more than a year still this crap.
  13. Baba Yaga 138

    Match making takes too long

    I‘m EU, but the regionlock puts me in OC. Different times during the day. Estimate now is 24s, but it takes way more than that.
  14. Please fix the match making. It takes ages to get into a match. Started with the update, never had this before.
  15. Baba Yaga 138

    Just curious

    40, but my back hurts today. So i feel much older. 🙁