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  1. Or just ignore me, that's cool too I guess... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. This appears to have started accumulating and the mission is complete
  3. The season 1 leaderboards stopped updating about 2 months before the season ended, and they still show that old data. For example, my season 1 profile shows current and highest rank as love survivor, and my SP from the season is 300 points higher than 100th place, yet my name is not in the list... There are also users higher than 10k that don't have it visibly reflected as such. I get that season 1 is over, and most people are unhappy with the leaderboards anyways.. but it's just annoying to not see the true numbers of the past. (Would have been awesome to see a historical set of leaderboards from past seasons before the survivor points as well)
  4. So it's not possible to get those experience points then?
  5. Bug Description: The weekly missions came out today, and one of my missions is to reach top 10 in solo 3 times. I have done this 3 times tonight, including wins, yet no progression is being made. Evidence: Attached images Replication: Usage of my account Xbox One Version: Xbox One S Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP - Solo
  6. Ya, missed that part in the notes, just re-read them... Thanks folks 👍
  7. I've played four games now and my career page shows kills, games, damage, etc... But the season points show 0. I'm not getting any season points at all. Is there an issue at the moment with this or do they start accumulating on a different day?
  8. Sure, that's great and all, but it only shows users who have searched themselves, and it only updates stats when that user is searched for and they select update
  9. Now that season one is over and season two has started, will the leaderboards for season one be updated to reflect what the numbers were at the end of the season? The leaderboards stopped updating like a month or two before the season ended which was really frustrating. I get that nobody likes the new system in its current implementation, but can it at least be accurate for what actually happened up until the end?
  10. I don't normally report salty messages, they usually give me a good laugh.... But this seemed like the person may have needed some actual help.
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