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  1. Yesterday me & 2 friends had a random. Within the first 15 min of the match starting, the random intentionally killed one of my friends for her loot. I told her to report him. I did however go and avenge her death by killing him. If he reported me I hope they investigate why. I felt it unfair to kill your own teammate for their loot and continue playing the game. I don’t regret it and would do it again as they would do the same for me.
  2. It has gotten worse over last couple of days for me believe it or not.
  3. No not pts, just regular. I believe it was mostly century link being down yesterday. I’ll try again tonight. Thx for the replies!
  4. Okay maybe a combo of internet outages and latest patch?
  5. Okay I’m just finding out that century link is having a nationwide outage. So maybe that’s it? We are also getting kicked out of our party chat.
  6. Anyone else getting network lag detection and major lag? Me and teammate playing duos both got the lag detection errors at same time and his screen completely froze forcing him to reboot game in middle of match. Just happened again to another teammate. Putting markers on the map is also buggy, opening & closing doors, picking up items. All has to be related to patch update...
  7. Got my code printed out on a receipt from GameStop. They must not have selected the code when I picked the game up. Just to let you know madmax it is the retailers having to give these out. Yay us!!
  8. I will be stopping by GameStop with my receipt today to see if I too can get my code. Thank you all for the help.
  9. Thank you PubG Andy. I have tons of respect for one to admit their mistake.
  10. Thank you x1337 I will check again when I get home. I appreciate your response and knowing that someone else who purchased the hard copy got what was supposed to be with the game.
  11. This is what I have been reading from the beginning: includes bonuses on the disc as well.
  12. Okay so false advertising PubG_andy? What was the point of pre ordering a hard copy. I am sorry but that isn’t good business practices. I’m just shaking my head right now, wow!
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