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  1. Surely that site isn't accurate? I was just looking at a few of the duo FPP leaderboard as it's my most played mode and seen this 🤔
  2. Spectator mode is bugged. The dead body on his screen was where he was shooting.
  3. TPP I can't speak for because it massively favours the 'defender', but FPP I prefire popular angles people hold, quick peek angles, peek obscure angles like jumping up on the stair railings on the 2 story 'mansion' buildings etc, go in the next building and gain an angle or use throwables. Theres lots of ways..
  4. I have an elite controller and have the long thumbsticks on. I can only speak for myself but I think they offer much more control at a higher sens and definitely improved my game over the standard length thumbsticks.
  5. I use smooth on the right and have it only 1 notch up from the left. Dunno if it helps really I've had it on standard too and not noticed too much difference. Tried aggressive and the others on higher but I find it just sort of imitated aim acceleration which I turn off in game so defeats the purpose 🤷‍♂️
  6. Sometimes at hacienda, bootcamp, school etc you will just get fucked if someone lands right next to you and finds a gun and you dont but usually you do get 30 or so seconds at least to loot a house or 2 in pochinki or run down a couple hallways in hacienda etc and find something. Hot drops usually have high weapon spawns so it's not often that I dont have some sort of weapon within like 15 seconds. As above; landing first helps too and a lot of the time I'm pushing someone with a loaded weapon as soon as they're hitting the ground
  7. Bottom right paddle as RT. RT is now B to crouch. Bottom left paddle is LT to hold breath. Right stick is smooth and on the lowest notch before the very bottom
  8. Same. I play with and against the best FPP players all the time and I still have never once said anyone is definitely using mouse and keyboard in a serious way.
  9. Yeah definitely, just like everyone who kills you is mouse and keyboard also👍 If you have any video footage of these mouse and keyboard players I'd love to have a look
  10. Spectator mode is so out of sync, laggy and unresponsive that I would not take anything you see on there for actual real movements. On a side note, what are your stats? It's just that people who accuse half the lobby of cheating or every time they die it's to someone using M&K or radar, 99.9999% of them are terrible and use it to sort of justify it to themselves instead of learning from their deaths and getting better 🤷‍♂️
  11. Am I mistaken in thinking it's just a placeholder for now anyway, ready for the new vehicle what is being developed?
  12. Supressed revolver for the win https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/62801543
  13. Kills dont matter Harold. 1 kill or 10 kills, it is irrelevant
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