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  1. Hmmm I always back out of games cause of the map or because my friend comes online or dies in his game etc etc I was always under the impression it never counted as long as you never entered the plane. Sites like PUBG-Lookup dont seem to register it as a game..?
  2. I think you can leave the game up until you enter the plane and it doesn't count as a game played, no?
  3. There are no rewards after that aside from coloured coupons, every level you get a random colour
  4. Gunna guess its yours at all times. Showing theirs would just add to the "bullsh!t.. that was desync" epidemic sweeping the PUBG community 😂
  5. This is not how I expected a salty message to end up 😂
  6. Ahh shit yeah. Learn something new every day
  7. You can add friends on it? Do I have a friends list or do I accept you or what? How, where? When? Why?
  8. I'd rather hot drop, full send it everywhere and die on a respectable amount kills than hide for 35 minutes and kill 1 guy at the end 😂 it's a video game it's meant to be fun and entertaining. Going AFK for half an hour in a shack is not fun or entertaining imo
  9. Haha that's unfortunate. Groza is definitely the worst crate weapon. Not saying it's bad but every other gun is better
  10. In what world is the uzi weak? Its behind only the Vector in TTK and DPS. It absolutely shreds in CQC
  11. Maybe it should, maybe it shouldn't? Or maybe you just jump in another game and get 5 kills with it instead of posting on the forum about it. That's what me and everyone else who unlocked the skin has done 🤷‍♂️
  12. Maxed my M4 out rather quickly. Apart from that my highest ones are Scar-L - 70 AKM - 65 Kar98k - 51 M24 - 37 Everything else is under 30 as they dont get used as often. AUG is my highest crate weapon, on level 20
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