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  1. NathHolloran

    Crossplay PS4-Xbox / Map selection

    Pretty much? Its stone cold, 100% dead. The release of Sanhok/Vikendi momenterily brought it back to life with longggg wait times for 30 player lobbies but that quickly ended after a week or so
  2. NathHolloran

    do something about team killing please

    They still get the credit for the kill. I always piss myself when idiots finish their own downed teammates as if no one is going to get the kill for him 😂
  3. NathHolloran

    Wins to Games Played

    I play pretty much every night after work, could be 2 games or could be 20 games, just depends. I play a lot on weekends too. I know many people with more kills than me and in less games. FPP is full of sweaty players. A lad I play with has like 30000 kills in less games than me
  4. NathHolloran

    Wins to Games Played

    Stats Rank (Site) 3,742 Matches 6,985 Matches / Days 15.15 Wins 961 - (13.76%) Kills 18,283 Kill / Death 3.04 Kill / Hour 7.13 Kill / Match 2.62 Deaths 6,024 Headshots 3,132 - (17.13%) Solo Matches 2,131 Solo Wins 118 - (5.54%) Squad Wins 398 - (5.7%) Duo Wins 445 - (6.37%) Time Played 2563h - (106.79d) Time / Days 5.6h
  5. NathHolloran

    Wins to Games Played

    1000 wins in 7000 games with 18000 kills in FPP.
  6. NathHolloran

    Kaymind inspired clips

    Here's mine. I headshot the second guy I think, shame I never got both in the first spray. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/66384743
  7. NathHolloran

    What does this mean?

    Been getting it myself, fuck knows what it means but it usually goes after pressing A
  8. No "great" player averages a 1KD 😂
  9. NathHolloran

    01.30.2019 patch issue

    Yeah my whole Xbox is fucked right now
  10. NathHolloran

    Headshot: M24 One Shot Kill on Lvl. 3 Helmet

    Its amazing how many people think a damaged vs undamaged lvl 3 helmet would change anything. Even if it had 1hp left on it, it still yields the same damage reduction on a headshot as if it was brand new, only it would be broken after that one shot and you would be helmet-less afterwards.
  11. NathHolloran

    Lone Survivor Dilemma

    How do you know? Is your leaderboard tab working? Mine just says "no data" for every game mode
  12. Same. My leaderboards tab is empty too..?
  13. Exact same. I'm on the X with an SSD and frame rate priority and it seems reallllly choppy at the start of games, and even during the game sometimes too 😑
  14. Pochinki and Pecado have had literally like 20-30 players there each time I've landed there, probably because of the Vikendi Pass challenges. Although very much fun, I do have to say that the FPS is a bag of shite during these drops.
  15. Just noticed this myself with first aids