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  1. ShowtekRampage


    There is the „PLX“ - Pubg League for Xbox and every Friday the ESL starts a cup. just take a look 👊🏻
  2. ShowtekRampage

    Bravo on new ban policy.

    Sure! Cheating is cheating. But he is talking about what IS cheating. In my opinion glitching around can be cheating but not always. Sometimes you can´t avoid those Bugs in this game - if it´s your target to bug / glitch - then it would be cheating. But you can´t say for sure if it happend on purpose or not. BTW: I hope that the new ban policy helps a bit and the discussion about MnK users stops then :)
  3. ShowtekRampage

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Thanks Yeah I think it could be possible as well while using a Controller - only the 4x Control seems too good - but you never know how good another Person really can use a Controller I know that this Player is using a Elite Controller with the paddles for crouching
  4. ShowtekRampage

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    The first Point is pretty interesting, never thought about that Thank you very much for your detailled Input Would you think that the Video below is Mnk? A lot of People / Hater which I know think so, but in my opinion this should be possible when you´re a good Player. I am trying to proof them wrong Therefore I Need the opinion of People who really know what May be MnK and what not I would be interested in your opinion Happy mini saturday to you as well https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mamis-liebhaber/video/68640531
  5. ShowtekRampage

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Thanks for your helpful Reply :) Yeah zCritic is one of those Players who are that good with a Controller :O You helped me and showed me up that it can be very hard to truly see, if someone is using MnK :)
  6. ShowtekRampage

    Thumbless Gaga 34 kills

    WTF?! This man is a living legend... 34 Kills is insane :D This definitely Needs to be appreciated! Don´t mind your english, mine isn´t the best as well as I am from Germany xD
  7. ShowtekRampage

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Because I want to know it.
  8. ShowtekRampage

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Hey ya all, I know another MnK Topic - we all hate those guys blabla but I just want to question something and ask for constructive answers: How to you see /identify if someone is using MnK? Which movement / Actions do "proof" this? There are many Players talking about "I got killed by MnK" but when you spectate those guys you wouldn´t say so. I just wonder and really want to know if there is something Special that isn´t possible with the Controller. Because turning around fastly with a Controller should be possible as well due to several sensitivity Settings. Also there are some People Born with a Controller in their Hands.. Glad to hear from you,
  9. ShowtekRampage

    My number 1 tip to improve your game.

    Nice made Video. Thank you for sharing! Looking Forward to more tips from ya :) Keep chasing the enemies :D
  10. ShowtekRampage

    Crossplay PS4-Xbox / Map selection

    Thanks for the Reply! :) Hopefully you find a way - but you´re doing a great Job. Game is getting better and better. Thanks so far!!
  11. @PUBG_Andymh5 Hi Andy, are there any current ideas / updates on the crossplay for xbox and ps4? Wouldn´t it help to increase the Player pool for making a map Selection possible - or even better? Sorry for my bad english - I am not a native speaker
  12. Apex, Realm Royale and Fortnite should add flying cars as well. Why don´t you go to Play those games?
  13. ShowtekRampage

    Better aiming

    I love the recoil, bullet mechanics and no aim assist. The only Problem I Have is: When I Point something without scoping and then scope in - the Center of my scope isn´t on that Point. But this is not a big deal (just the only Thing I can complain about). Don´t Change the aim please.
  14. ShowtekRampage

    Team Killing Consequences

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :) Special cases like this can´t be checked automatically
  15. ShowtekRampage

    Team Killing Consequences

    Yes in General this can be automated but there are some special cases tho. Once I had a Teammate in sqauds, he shot on me several times and then knocked me out. My Teammates came by and killed him. Would you say they should get banned for that? I wouldn´t say so.