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  1. ShowtekRampage

    Training mode - please help me pros.

    I am not a pro but my KD is okay: 1.) I picked up different weapons which I like to Play (AKM and M4 for example), get no attachments - only Extended mags and some scopes (Red dot, 2x, 3x, 4x). Then I moved behind the halls where you pick up the staff and shot at those walls to Train the recoil Control. Therefore I do Auto fire, burst fire and single fire - Auto fire just to Train my right thumb to move downwards all the time - burst fire for real fights and single fire for sniping shots on longer distance. 2.) I pick up a DMR get a scope on it choose a wall again and then try to hit the wall 4 times (an upper Point, righter Point, lower Point), so they build up a circle. Then I´ve Targets on the wall and try to land every shot in those previous shots. Makes it easier for me to learn fast firing and adjustments when sniping People. 3.) I pick up a DMR/Sniper and go to the big Shooting range. There I try to hit every single target to learn precised shots on higher distances. 4.) I pick up a Sniper with red dot and go to the "shotgun"-Shooting range, there I try to "quick scope" every single target while moving around them. So I go inside, move a lot, like I would in a game and try to hit These Targets without missing. This helps me to improve QCB skills like aim, Reflex etc.. I hope this helps you a bit enjoy the game!
  2. ShowtekRampage

    Show me your desync clips

    Could be desync or that he is from Oceania but the only shot which you can see and hear is the one that kills me - with a m4 I wouldn´t think so. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/showtekrampage/video/68841718 If you watch this in slomo you can see: The Moment he kills me - he suddenly appears to my left side instead of being on my right side..
  3. ShowtekRampage

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    @PUBG_Andymh5 As mentioned in this text (https://www.digitaltrends.com/gami ng/playerunknown-battlegrounds-xbox-one-keyboard-support/) In the Quote below, Microsoft says that the devs Have the own Control about the Mnk usage. Did something Change here? "Xbox vice president Mike Ybarra addressed the issue in February. He said that instead of disabling keyboard support, Microsoft would leave the decision up to developers to implement APIs that detect and disable third-party Keyboards" The developer RoboDanjal said in march that it´s a plan to disable third-party keyboards "We have been gathering in-game information regarding Third Party device usage over the past few months. Although usage of these devices is statistically very low, fair gameplay is core to our experience, and we will be communicating our plan to curb the use of these devices soon." So my question would be: Is it still a target of PUBG to guarantee a fair gameplay, is it a Prio B due to fixes (which would be totally understandable) or do you think it doesnt give an Advantage to Mnk users? Thanks and best regards, Btw I appreciate your work for the community and what you´re doing! (https://twitter.com/RoboDanjal/status/975297148274270208?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^975297148274270208&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.altchar.com%2Fgames-news%2F564250%2Fpubg-devs-want-to-remove-keyboard-and-mouse-use-from-xbox-one)
  4. ShowtekRampage

    My best rampage in a long time

    good Job man!
  5. ShowtekRampage

    M203 grenade launcher

    Please not. The weapons we Have are fine - if there will come more ARs/SRs/DMRs/LMGs/SMGs it´s allright. But please not a new Kind of weapon like Bazooka or noob tuber oO
  6. ShowtekRampage

    How wasn't he knocked?

    lol I can´t explain why it didn´t kill him xD
  7. ShowtekRampage

    Only took 1000 hours of game time

    How is it possible to win a game without kills? :D Could be a nice challenge tho - because in my opinion it´s harder to avoid kills than to get kills/killed. Congrats man! ^^
  8. ShowtekRampage

    Please give us a Sanhok only option again!!!

    ouh man, you Have to be my brother from another mother (Showt...) I miss my sanhok as well.. love those evenings when you just want to Play a couple short games
  9. ShowtekRampage

    Next Update?

    Because it has been even worse. We all experience the falling under the map as well as the annoying dsync. But they will fix it sooner or later. You Forget the positive aspects: Frames increased a lot. And in the end: You got this game at a very low Price - compare it to Blops with a Price of 70€ or higher.. They do their best to improve it. If it´s that bad in your opinion - nobody Forces you to Play it.
  10. ShowtekRampage

    Elite Controller Settings

    Controller Type B Options - everything left to standard Upper paddles (left/right) - leaning Lower paddle left - LB for QCB and Holding breath Lower paddle right - Menu for quick looting without loosing to much Control of my sticks
  11. ShowtekRampage

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    So in my hole PUBG "Career" I definitely met 2 People / Squads using Mnk. Could be higher, but you can´t say it for sure as we don´t Have a kill cam. This Weekend we´ve had one squad destroying us in Micro seconds and found it interesting to watch them playing, was pretty funny on the one Hand - but disgusting on the other. They just wrecked any enemy. The peeking and the way they moved as well as aimed, wouldn´t be possible. In the end they had 31 kills in total on Sanhok. Just incredible that some Players Need to do stuff like this. I am not sure if a Radar exists but would explain some weird situations as well and would be pretty sad.. In my opinion there Needs to exist a lot of trash Mnk users as well as pretty good Mnk users - and I bet: the best Controller Player would lose so hardly against the best Mnk user.
  12. ShowtekRampage

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Not able to edit the first post - I clicked to fast on the button..
  13. ShowtekRampage

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    So after a couple of days testing the new update here are my pro´s and con´s with the hope of some improvement. Con´s: - To be forced to Play the big mags, when you just enjoy Sanhok is pretty annoying, there should be an Option for choosing Vikendi / Sanhok - Loot is still terrible on Miramar and Erangel - Sometimes I drive with a vehicle (doesn´t matter which map) and then land under the map in the water - never happened before the update to me -
  14. ShowtekRampage

    Mini 14 Appreciation Society

    Thanks for your answer Buddy - I just left my sensitivities on 10 and deadzone on 20 but adopted your AA Settings (turned off now). And I Have to say it feels much better now - all the time I thought I Need AA but indeed I don´t do so. In the end it seems to me that the AA destroyed a lot of my fights and it doesn´t help your Memory muscle to do it´s work. I hope I meet you in the battle once :P Keep going with your good work :)
  15. ShowtekRampage

    Mini 14 Appreciation Society

    Damn it your aim is pretty good.. Nice Clips tho! Could you tell what are your sensivity Settings? They look pretty high and I am looking for some Inspiration as I like higher sensitivitys combined with smooth adjustments while scopes - wherefore I use my deadzone Settings. I will be glad to hea from you 😁