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  1. You're not the only one. But when I see no one is in the queue, I don't sit in it. I just go chase people around rocks in TPP, like a stooge. Kinda boring, lol.
  2. Anyone else experiencing their cursor moving on its own while viewing the map? I thought my controller might have an issue, but it only appears to happen on the map.
  3. Original music is on Spotify if you really wanna listen to it.
  4. You can have basically zero health and be alive. It's not exactly common and it's definitely not cheating. It's just hard to tell. I cut this in paint by zooming in real far to just show you what it looks like. This is full life vs roughly 0.70 life: My point is, you're not going to be able to tell the difference between virtually zero and zero.
  5. Holy cow, I literally commented the same thing before seeing your comment. We really are soulmates.
  6. I'm a huge stats nerd. An old friend of mine used to call me a "stat queen" because I didn't let him play on my COD4MW account because I knew he was just going to go into HC and team kill lol. But anyways, keep chasing that for real 1st win. It will feel so much better when you get it without an error.
  7. Damn, why does my gf have to be graduating law school that day? Kidding of course; I'll have to wait until the following Saturday, I guess.
  8. Ya know, I've honestly never had a problem with grenades; however, I've been playing more TPP late at night when the FPP population starts to wane and now I get it. I'd be mad too if I was getting grenades rained down on me from some guy that you can't see but can see you without having to show himself.
  9. ... my hands tend to sweat from the palms, not the fingers; so I'm not sure why you put dragon glass anywhere other than the two nubs(?) where your palms are lol
  10. That's what I was coming in to say; the BP Boosts have been going on for so long, it may have just gone back to normal
  11. I mean, give me WASD and a right stick instead of a mouse and i'm in.
  12. I don't have an elite controller yet (too lazy to press the three key strokes to have amazon send one, i dunno why); but this is exactly what I want to do. I want to be able to duck and aim quicker, and lean easier.
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