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  1. was pretty close i guess then huh? Well ok then . I will be prepared for more "stablization and optimzation" updates for the rest of this year then i guess. Starting to see why the xbox players say the things they do about this company .
  2. i hope your right, but why not just say the new season is starting then if it is ? They know people have been asking a lot about this. And what has PC gotten that we are not getting in this update that we then have to test ? Just seems like we gonna be testing first then new season . But again , i hope your right.
  3. so is this when the new season starts ? or are we gonna be waiting another 1-4 weeks after this before its starts? Ill be honest its getting kinda old at this point.Because the way its worded it sounds like basically the season will end and then we looking at testing stuff in test servers for at least a week or more , then they work to fix stuff found there...... makes it seem like season 2 isnt hitting till june.
  4. I would like there to be a notification when you set a new "longest kill" distance. As well the notification could tell you the distance. I recently got my new longest kill but didnt notice it notify me so i have no clue when this happened. Just simple things like this would be a nice quick notification so i would know to save my gameplay and go back and check it out.
  5. You do realize they are still making a pretty good profit off this game right? If you want to keep it going and keep milking that cow, you should put forth alittle more effort to not only ensure to keep current player base , but also to grow it. Its only been out on ps4 for 6 months. There is still room to grow the player base . But not without the effort it wont just magically happen. So yes it would cost alittle to add a few more devs, but the possible return would more than pay for itself in just a few months easily.
  6. i hope your right, i too wanna see both take place, but at the current rate this team is updating this game, i dunno.Its not like Bluehole has not made enough money to be able to afford more devs to work on stuff or better resources. So im not sure what the hold up is.
  7. exactly ! I think this should be a thing as well. However i believe we would first have to get custom matches , which im starting to doubt we will see that before the launch of next gen consoles sadly at this pace .
  8. Your prob saving it for all those dups you know your wanting and gonna no doubt get.....
  9. i been asking this too , seems they are not gonna say until they decide to finally do it . Andy said right now optimization was priority. So at current rate, maybe we finally see them next year...
  10. I witnessed a guy the other night in squads, took out me and my two partners . Afterwards i viewd him. Dude literally only had a g36c and when he looted bodies of people he killed, he never even tried to pick up a second gun. Dude carried 435 rounds and murdered about 8- 9 people and won the match. I now want to spend more time with this gun.
  11. Yes this is def part of the problem. I constantly go in houses thats been looted because people leave them all the time. Maybe they cant carry anymore because they do take ALOT of space already. Or maybe they just dont use them . I know a very large marjority of people i fight in range of a grenade never use them once. The few i encounter that does, only throws one or two . If they cook it , time and place it well , i should get knocked. I see no issue in that. I play with a large community of people and im the only one who has taken time to practice and learn to use them. So i know thats not just a coincidence. Alot of people dont even learn to use them, then get mad they get killed by them. Maybe learn to move? The other issue is its because the pro pc players are using them alot , somehow that means we all should have it nerfed or limited somehow. I just disagree thats a legit reason to change them. They are fine as they are.
  12. @PUBG_Andymh5 So i have read that the devs are in the process of doing something to either nerf grenades or limit even more how many you can carry. I have seen some people complain about being baraged with "100" grenades and how it takes no skill , and that people doing it just are not good at gun fights. I have played about 1500 matches and have yet to run into this "issue" . At most ive had 2-3 tops thrown at me. But imo, if i dont move then thats on me . If they cooked it well , placed it correctly , thats skill imo and im going down. No big deal . If they suck at shooting and just tossing grenades, then i should be able to run from the grenades and take them out since they suck at gun fights. I have yet to see this be some big issue on ps4 and i hope the devs will consider not implementing this on console . Grenades are helpful. They already weight enough. You must decide if you are ok with carring less ammo , heals, smokes ,etc if you want to carry more than 1 or 2 . Please do not make this a nerf on strength nor limit how many you can carry . There is no need for it on console. I find people leaving them in all kinds of places that they have already looted. I dont see people just spaming them either.They are great for flusing out campers or people who just want to hide behind cover and never come out hoping the zone moves their way . Everyone has the same option to carry them. If you dont want to be killed by them , maybe learn to use them yourselves and use actually use them? If they are within distance to throw at you , then you are in distance to throw at them. I get tired of people crying because they get killed by something and they want to say its " no skill" or basically they just think they should not be killed because they are so great. Learn to move , use grenades , and counter people throwing grenades instead of asking for nerfs.
  13. This group is still accepting new players. Keep getting bums who join the discord then never even use it. The whole point of having the discord is to see the second someone is looking to team up or to help you find others who might hop on quickly when your looking . If your not going to use the chat, then no point in bothering to join . If your looking to join a fun group of people to play PUBG with , then apply with the link above. We work together as a team and everyone uses their mics.
  14. cool ideas. I also would like to see them take what Mobile does right about looting and impliment it on console. Any item that is a higher level or ammo that goes with a gun you have , it is highlighted yellow in the loot section. Also you have an option to auto pick up ( or not if you have it off) any item that is a higher level or ammo that goes with your gun. I think this would be very helpful for people. Especially new people trying it out, they may get frustrated trying to learn things and quit too soon. If this was in place maybe they would give it a go longer.
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