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  1. A couple things could fix out issues of not finding matches for it : 1- Talk to Sony and Microsoft and get cross play going between the two systems . 2- Remove any sort of map selections and just have QuickJoin ( until there are pleanty of numbers of people playing it , then open it back up to the selections we have now)
  2. Its cool the team is trying to make it more useful. However allowing you to re -roll more missions than the amount we already get ( which is perfectly fine the amount we get now) by spending you BP is not what is needed to make BP seem more valuable . There is a simple reason people dont spend it much. Because they simply get tired of getting 15-20 dups of the same old stuff out of crates they open. It gets real old real fast. Then on top of that , you have to spend at least 1000 bp to open one and when its a dup you are only getting about 30-60bp in return for trading that item in. Its almost like the gamestop trade in values (which is why they are going broke). Its not a hard thing to figure out.Stop giving me the blue sneakers 3 times in a row when i open the same crate. Stop giving us the same generic stuff. Add more to the crates and lesson the amount of dups a person gets . Or at least give 500 BP in return of a dup .Something to make it worth while of even bothering to trade it in . And do NOT start giving us coupons for our trade ins, that would be no more vale than the 30 bp we get now as the coupon store becomes stale in about 2 weeks time . After that you just end up getting coupons that just go to waste each season because there is not much there to chose from and you can aquire it all pretty easily .
  3. Well maybe you have never played GTAV Online. There are not only up to 32 users running around , there are NPCs literally EVERYWHERE on the map, constantly in motion. There is more going on in that game than in PUBG in terms of overall things in motion. So i think its very comparable and its more than possible. Its 2019 not 2000 anymore.
  4. This is the solution - options. I would like and have suggested this in the past as well. Some missions like swim 500km you dont know when you finish it but it would be nice to know as soon as you do so you can stop and move on. I get some would not want it, which is why options to turn on or off is always the correct way to go.
  5. I know currently only PC has this . With the next update coming , we are getting much closer to being in line with PC ( which i understand is the goal ). We are not as far behind now. It does seems you all have managed to catch us up quicker. Which is awesome. That said , the replay system is a great tool. I get it , not everyone will use it . Thats fine . Its still a great tool . Many people like using it to review situations where they die to see what they might could have done better and improve upon next time. Others like making videos and posting them in their communities and on social media. This provides free marketing and advertising for the game , that could bring in more people thru those videos . So its a benefit to the players and the company both. Pease do not leave the consoles out on this feature. Its an awesome feature. Before someone trys to claim its not possible. Yes it is, several other games have them ( even silly fortnite has it ).Before someone wants to claim " the game is just too big for it to have that and run well". Please just stop there. GTA V is a much larger map , and much more moving parts moving constantly at all times. So i know its more than possible. This is something that is not available and is just one more area where consoles are behind . Since we are getting closer to being caught up , this and custom matches i feel should be the next big thing added in between updates to get us caught up . @PUBG_Andymh5
  6. I think someone has not played H1Z1 before on ps4 . Graphics are def worse and there is much more lag in that game . I agree, at the same time i really dont see where the graphics are that bad as some ( not you ) like to claim .
  7. It is def worth the 29.99$ price easily. However , dont come in with high hopes of playing in First Person Servers. You can play in first person but you will have to do it in 3rd person servers unless you want to wait 10 minutes to start a match with 40 people . Third person servers fill quickly, first person , you will fall asleep first. The gameplay itself is the best Battle Royale on the market hands down.
  8. I play in an online community for PUBG . I think it would be nice to add clan options so people can join clans and the clan records could be tracked as well . Many shooter games offer this option and its really nice for large online communities to have .
  9. haha ive not gotten that good at it yet myself. I have used my right thumb on the left stick while using d pad with left hand in those situations .
  10. It for sure works with controller. I have just recently started trying it as i had seen others doing it just to make it alittle harder for someone to hit me while im looting a box. It def takes practice , but with practice that is def possible what you saw in the video.
  11. Thanks for the response @PUBG_Andymh5 appreciate the communtication. That is helpful to know , because ive talked to several people , my friends and others, who are affraid they may accidentally team kill someone and then get banned due to this bug. Since ive not had it happen to me personally, i had no idea if there would be a notification on screen that you killed a teammate if they are not listed on your screen as a teammate to begin with . So there was some confusion people felt due to this . Appreciate you clearling that up for people .
  12. So we just going to delete comments now that dont go along with what admins want here? We are simply bringing up an issue and a serious one. I offered a possible solution and asked if it was possible. But instead of replay, you all just delete it ? The other person is saying they have been banned because of this very issue. Which should not be happening. Its a real issue that needs serious attention. Deleting comments is a bad look quite frankly.
  13. Yes this has been happening since the update. I have not had it happen to me so i can not give video of it happening to me, but i can provide a video , you can hear my friend saying " we have a random?" It was me and my wife and my friend playing on a squad. He could not see that we had a random at all. What i mean by this is : 1- It only showed on his screen in bottom left that there was only 3 players on the squad. Me, my wife, and him. 2- If he looked at the player, he saw no number or any type of indication he was on our team . He looked just like an enemy , with nothing to highlight him as a friendly. 3- He also could not see the marker the random set. Me and my wife saw it , but he could not see it . Now the issue here is this . People get banned ( and rightly so ) for team killing. However , im willing to bet some people have team killing and not even known it due to this new bug , if they get banned for that, thats pretty crappy really. PUBG group needs to get this fixed ASAP and be really careful on when they are banning people right now until its fixed. My friend would have taken out our random had i not kept letting him know he was near him. @PUBG_Andymh5 @PUBG_Takarii
  14. @PUBG_Andymh5 here is the info you asked for . I know some of my friends that has had this issue of lost connection to host does not have this same stuff equipped and most likelya couple prob have nothing i have equipped.
  15. ok i was just making sure i understood that correctly as people have been claiming the hotfix will fix this lost connection to host thing. I will say i do know that my friends do not have the same items equipped as i do , but i will get you a list of things i have tomorrow. Although i have changed those items numerous times since update, so im not sure what may be the culprit.
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