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    PS4 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    The loading times are all messed up, on top of that some times the game is freezing completely. Had multiple times just today where I saw the loading screen and when it was done I was either at the end of the plain run or already landed or open chute. Also in duos it seems like the mic sync has gone worse, especially between games and lobby and in the first few minutes of each game. Building seem in playdough phase on much closer distances than before. Sometimes weapons take too long to load for some reason.
  2. ShaiG


    I only use the mk47 as a last resort or if I havent found any gun. Couldn't agree more on the Win94.
  3. Well, I would go through the elimination process first, to try and determine what causes the problem, which as I understand is mainly the connection quality. Does the problem occur only with the console? if so, does it happen on other applications other than game chat or PUBG? What consoles are you using? Did you change anything from the default build of the console? Is the console cable connected to the internet? and what kind of connection do you have? There are many variants to look through and check, but I remember from other testings I have done over time, its not always the same cause or same problem.
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    PS4 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    For some reason, Loading screens take much longer than before. So does store, rewards, inventory and items in the lobby, even the game freezes at times (for example when trying to browse and change skins) had it happen few times and I either restarted the game or the entire console. Still have bounce-back delays where I run to a hill and the character skips back few steps multiple times. it is so frustrating. SOUND glitches, when I killed a guy whilst he was bandaging himself, I ran to loot him right after, and still heard the sound like he was bandaging. It also happened on the previous version of the game (and of that incident I have a video). I was just shocked it happened again. I don't know why this happens, but when a character is far away, let's say prone on top of a hill and sniping, for some reason I often see like the player is prone on the air itself, or in a weird angle, not even close to reality and the most frustrating face is - you can't hit the player no matter where you shoot. I actually made a full circle with bullets around him and closed in and 0 hits even though I can see my bullets land straight on him. RIDICULOUS. All in all, I try not to mention many of the previous problems and bugs as they were posted in previous feedback topics (which go to bloody where? how can we see the progress or what is done with what we took time to write, document and upload, for FREE?!) But it seems like the game goes downhill slightly, at least on consoles which is very sad. Hope a turn of events awaits..
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    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    Well, I never have posted here before since I down own XBOX myself, but am on vacation at my brother's house and we tried to play it the last few days, I just thing the game on Xbox Is virtually unplayable. about 1-1.5 minute in, buildings still not fully rendered, items are showing but you can't get to them, you bounce around and go below the ground as you do so, can't do basically nothing for few minutes. After that when encountering people, lags are quite horrible when you bounce around and bounce back few steps (cable connected) Other than that there is some delay when pressing buttons (for instance map or inventory) and it doesn't react immediately. I read few of the comments here on this post and I saw some say it is so smooth and nice, but here the situation is quite the opposite.
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    Level 100 and I’m out

    I would really, really really like for a post to come out from the dev and explain the map selection rotation pool. I really wouldn't mind not having map selection IF there is an actual rotation. There is no sense putting 4 maps, adding a "quick join" for faster matchmaking just to play Sanhok 5+ times a row. So at least if not making a different map rotation, at least create an algorithm that changes priorities before adding a player to matchmaking pool. The idea I thought of is creating something like: If there are 4 maps and you play Sanhok now, immediately after the game Sanhok would drop lower on the priority list, and maybe seek matchmaking for other maps before throwing you back to the same map over and over and over again. I honestly don't mind waiting 2-3 minutes between games for the sake of rotation.
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    PS4 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Well, I really have no indication what is done with posts like this and with the comments inside them, at this point I'm just pouring from my last weekend (a little over 12h of pubg). Mostly out of boredom, maybe the smallest of hopes still remains that something will actually be done with some of these. - Items appearing - still very bad. especially in Vikendi but also on other maps (ex: Sanhok, landed at hangars near the quarry, did 3 rounds a hangar to find the loot, was grateful landed alone). I just can't understand how it is not on the top of the priority list, thats why I rarely hot drop on PS. - LAGS - yes, I know lags are gonna be here forever in that form or the other. but some of them, sheesh, they don't belong to online gaming, definitely not to aspiring competitive online gaming. I get the player double back on running, I got other players while I'm shooting at them teleporting and jumping around, I got bullets dead on but no impact seen or registered, some long distance shots are bloody impossible on PS (tested vs PC, there it works fine!), even killed a guy and after coming to his body I could still hear the bandage sound from his corpse over and over to almost making me believe he is still alive (caught on video btw). - Sounds, trimming, layering, equalizing, those are the first three issues. after that, the level of volume crossed with distance, the directional sound is off, NO LAYERING WHATSOEVER. I seen frags explode which sounds like 10-20m away from me, see no visual sign of explosion, went to hill top to try and see it, over 100m away. In car sounds - terrible. Plane - deafening. Red zone I'm quite content with (so please tell him that so he stops knocking me out) - Still no visible changes on the map rotating. I just can't understand why at the early noon I can see Miramar and even bloody Erangel at times (still not as often as I like), but ALL other times it's just Sanhok and rarely Vikendi, forget about the rest! AARRRGGHHH! - Some items are still appearing but can't be picked up. Seeing an AR Extended Mag on the floor, stand over it, look at it, no indication. Open the inventory, Nothing. Close it all, still sees it on the ground. wth? - I don't know if it is related to days in the week, hours in day, days in the month, I really don't. But how come on Friday we can find a fine number of DMR's or SR's throughout the game, but on Saturday it happens to maybe ONE of the squad or duo, only 1 out of 3/4 games? -EDIT- gotta leave now this so I'll edit more in later
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    Dont act crazy, I'm just asking...

    Actually, This very issue is what I am actually looking forward to see from the dev's letter. Really intrigues me (as I work with sound on the daily) to see how it is designed and used and maybe I'll have a better understanding of more correct usage. For now, for me it feels off at times, like direction is not very accurate, L/R distribution is lacking, and sound layering is almost non-existent.
  9. I agree, but I really do believe it is very related to FPS and game performance. Could be cool to pull a CSI stunt in the middle of the game, see a blood spatter over a wall and follow it to the ambusher's den and smash them. I believe it would be much more efficient and cool than snow tracks and footprints. Could be useful since not in every fight someone dies and loot box left behind, so nice thought.
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    Landing first gets me killed

    I guess you mean the guns take time to appear, and not that you pick the weapon with no loaded ammunition. If so, yup, that's quite a problem, has been every update since Vikendi and still wasn't fixed, but I believe they are aware of that
  11. ShaiG

    Hits not registering

    Yup, it is even more frustrating when you hit 5-6 bullets with DMR, and don't kill, then get hit by 2 shots from same DMR and you die (no headshots)
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    PS4 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Tritanopia has been adjusted to its more "true" colors and now instead of a neon psychedelic purple it is like baby poo light brown/orange and is actually a fix not a bug. Bringing in some more feedback after last night session - - Building and item appearance are still quite bad. We entered a compound of houses, went through them and found some items, went out and straight back in and even more items are there. 3 rounds and we "cleaned" the house, but that should not happen. Also several times where I landed on a house or hangar and the inner walls and floor was not rendered so I was stuck on "invisible" walls. - CQB is just horrible, so many times I got shot behind cover, or times where I hit few bullets and they didnt register or did really low damage (even chest hits). - Playdough is still here and is just hard for me to comprehend. How is that still a thing? And this time, not even that far off, building were pretty close and still - playdough. - Shooting from a far is still glitchy or laggy I don't know what you prefer to call it, but I can see bullets land on people, and no blood or hit registration pops. even when dead on. - Vehicle bugs - Happened on 3 maps, that turning with a vehicle (buggy or uaz) and losing any control on the vehicle, sometimes flipping, other times just violent turn and not always to the same direction intended. Also, VERY important, lower the bloody vehicle and plane sounds, I drove few military cars and been to few jets and could definitely could hear my mates (especially with communication gear) - I agree, not as loud and clear as we wanted, but this is a game, other residents don't need to feel in the vehicle as well because we need to shout. - Will the Glide option come to consoles? - Please, implement some rotation system as long as there is no map selection. I agree it is a bit better than before, but still, getting out of 10 games 6 Vikendi 3 Sanhok and 1 Miramar is just not enough, and when we go Standard it is 7 Sanhok 2 Erangel 1 Miramar. Please, do something about it. - Can we get like more in-game details about certain server? for example on FPP ones, more data to be able to understand better why the bloody hell there are no players ever available? - I think it is also related to some sort of lag, but I can't explain how seemingly 2 shots from UMP9 kills a full health and l2 armored player, while getting shot by AKM gets about 20% to the shooter's life. I'll be glad to understand how this happens.
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    The game

    I agree, It's part of the instant culture in our current era on earth unfortunately. I think this game has much to improve and a long way to go (on consoles at least), but I play it almost from PC release (April 2017'), played the mobile version for quite some time and had the console version installed the very second it got released. I don't call it complete shit from those exact reasons, if I thought that I'd stop playing, not keep coming to the forums. And still, there are many players and with that many perspectives, many likes and dislikes and opinions on the game, how it should be, what should be added or removed etc. It never ends and it is part of the world of community feedback. Again, I agree some miss the point, but I take it as their way to communicate their issues, and even when it gets under my skin I breathe and don't send every complainer away
  14. ShaiG

    The game

    Complaining just for venting, spreading toxic or just to internet bash is one thing, and on those I'm on the same page with you. But "complaining", as a paid customer, that had certain expectations for the purchased product, I believe it is very legitimate and relevant for me to complain on various things that don't meet the expectations. Things, that if I knew would be as they are now, yes, I'd probably would not buy the game. If anything, I believe most of the comments are with more content, the endless repetitive posts just to blow steam, those are annoying and I agree. But, and this is one of the forum's main reasons to be here, feedback is very important in a game such as this one. At times I feel the feedback goes down the drain, at others I feel different, but still when looking at what the published content was before the release and product received after, hell yes I think complaints and such should be voiced. Other than that, quick internet tip, because this is really annoying on this forum and in general. Stop sending other players and users to other games, stop suggesting them to "sell or erase", if anything, if you don't feel well with the posts, skip over them. don't read don't comment, keep enjoying the game if you do that much. But making other players uncomfortable to speak up on their issues and bring their feedback to the game, that is just rude and weird really.
  15. I really don't like it. Also because of how relatively common it is when I believe it should be extremely rare. The map notice is quite big and annoying imo, and the flare can land much further from you, So if you plan to shoot one, ambush it and loot it once it is clear of enemies, it can still be quite annoying. Also, the sound of the plane... seems like it overcomes everything when it is above you, which can also frustrate. I actually like the game better without it, since now I have found myself in a situation where there are 16 left and I can see in the graphic feed and also hear, at least 10-12 were with crate weapons and l3 gear. kinda misses the spot for me.
  16. ShaiG

    Tired of miramar

    I wish I could trade everytime I get Sanhok with one of you guys that don't like Miramar. I'd trade, every single time, with a smile on my face. Can't stand that arcady Sanhok BS, but it is good for variety to play it once in every... 20 matches lol
  17. ShaiG

    First Person Fridays!!!!!!!!!!

    I have connected this weekend 6 times on different hours to try and catch a game or two of FPP. Nothing. Absolutely horrible. Me and the mates ended up playing 2 sessions on TPP, I just got sick of it even we got few chicken dinners, and we retired at least until next weekend presumably.
  18. ShaiG

    Floating guns??@#$%#-??

    What about frozen characters? or when a teammate runs down the stairs in before you, and you run after him and can see the backpack and weapons on back still hovering over the stairs? Sheesh.
  19. ShaiG

    PS4 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    As much as I don't like it, the only feedback I can offer is for TPP (which I believe should be a different game). I'm so frustrated I can't give feedback from my favorite mode (FPP), which should be able to play in order to give feedback on. I try to log on weekends to catch a chance on playing FPP, still, dead and nothing, so very unappealing to play any other time as well. On the update feedback regarding the last updates, I found quite a lot of it. I won't separate between maps since I'm not playing enough (no fpp) to distinguish whether the feedback is unique to a certain map or not . - Some building still seem like play dough, at times even when approaching them on foot. - Some items mostly on Vikendi and Miramar are in walls or floors and not being able to pickup is quite frustrating. - Some settings do not remain the same after shutting down and turning on the PS4 and game. - LAGS. Capital letters to bold it. I don't know what kind it is, but there are very very bad lags. 3 people begin their run towards a hill, one after another. they all auto-run, they all arrive to the same spot on different times, with quite a distance between the team. Literally you can see the character goes 5 steps forward on the same path over and over again without advancing at all. Also lags appear in form of combat, shooting straight at guys in long distance, I can see the bullet falls on their head/body but no injury or hit for some reason? - I don't know why, but it feels different than before the updating, like getting over stuff (broken fence, rocks, stairs, whatever) is much more difficult, like getting block many times where I wasn't before. - Graphical UI lags, in terms of the inventory is not updated in-game. while picking up weapons or loading them, the UI will still show me at times the weapon I dropped, or empty mag after I reloaded it, rarely even the health bar gets frozen (remains low even after taking meds). - What the bloody hell happened to the cars (I mean on anywhere but Vikendi). Control got horrible, cars flip and explode in mere seconds from the slightest of bumps on the road, what? - Happened yesterday I think I have saved it, but a very old bug I didn't see for a while.. while running on Sanhok the floor dropped and player got under the map (my friend and teammate) and into water, then risen up after few seconds, took enough time and confusion to throw us off. - When collecting items from drop boxes, some of the items dropped disappear (at times not even under the box, just vanish) - Sound orientation can be confusing, don't know if it is related to the update but I noticed it much more. I hear a buggy on the far right, but I see the buggy in far front crossing from left towards the right? - Happened twice, while parachuting and still in air it seems like the chute hit a bird or something because there was nothing in that height, and the character just dropped almost to death. - Sound can be a lot more balanced, and it still goes to hell when many sounds play simultaneously. Chat gets like a gater effect or cuts off completely. - Rendering and appearing is still bad, I can be as far as 5 meters above a building I can see in the map but not in front of my eyes. At this point I went to my before written notes, and still see there are many things there which are mutual to what I was about to add to this, so I just wonder - is anyone reading this? what is done about comments and posts like this in the actual game? Another thing I think worth mentioning, this all came from 2 days of playing the game, 3 different sessions. That is it. All TPP, and that is why that was it. Just got tired of it, the whole team, we just put the consoles down and turned to other games/things, that is a shame, I feel as long as there is NO fpp this game will quickly go down on consoles. To be perfectly honest, I upgraded my whole PC system in order to get a better pubg experience (have the game from 2017), but after playing the console and having pretty much a lot of discouragement, I barely even play the PC version anymore as well, as the appeal gets lost more and more each time. (And don't get me wrong, the PC game is awesome comparing to the console, still had many bugs and bloody cheaters who makes it hell, but it is much better and I don't HAVE to play TPP, as matter a fact I played it maybe twice in 2 years)
  20. Many things don't work right bro, If all were fixed in the price of downtime, take a week I don't care lol
  21. As much as I rather see a maintenance update, to improve smoothness of game or fps, or graphics, or whatever else which I believe is more important, eventually, the store is part of the game, and it's just 1 hour bruh... you'll survive.
  22. ShaiG

    Ps4 vs Ps4 pro

    I had a friend come over a while ago with his PS4 (I'm using PRO), and we played TV by TV each at his own console. *Worth to mention, the TV's are a whole different as well, a few years old 42 LG vs quite new Samsung 55 (with 4k bla bla). The game looks much better in our opinions on the PRO, in colors, in depth, in smoothness, also loads a bit faster and all that. While played he didn't mention anything in particular, I felt maybe there was a slight delay in some actions and especially in communication, but maybe that's just a personal note. There are plenty of videos showing the difference, but I recommend just find a friend with the other console to what you have, and connect them one next to the other and experience it yourself
  23. I second that, but I can understand how they want to change things up a bit without getting an entire new map. I completely agree Erangel is probably the best map, But for me on maps like Sanhok and Vikendi, I just don't like the arcade-ish vibe it has. I hope they don't compact it that much that it will be living hell to play it on console, even though I didn't get Erangel for ages, on PC it's just brilliant
  24. ShaiG

    This is frustrating

    Is it a recurring issue? I have seen this happen in multiple devices, some from different reasons. Actually the best advice I can give you is search for the error id (CE-34878-0 + your PS4 version) and you can refine the results and find many solutions to the matter. 2nd advice is, if it is written to do something which you don't know or not sure how to, DO NOT DO IT. you may cause more harm than you think and it may cost you dearly. already had a friend who tried "because the internet said" few methods, and he burned the HDD and half of the motherboard entirely, PS4 was buried among friends. may he rest in peace.
  25. https://www.pubg.com/2019/03/06/a-statement-on-our-plans-to-remaster-erangel/ Remastering is not an easy task, is they said in the statement, I'm sure they working on loot balance, maybe adding more compunds or compacted zones to Erangel, maybe even change some of the topography or something, I just hope it's for the best