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    Kill cam?

    Would love to see an official source w/explanation.
  2. ShaiG

    Supporting keyboard & mouse

    Weirdest crap ever watching a guy play on PS4 sitting at a table with a PC screen and mouse and keyboard. I hope every method of M&K is blocked of PUBG at least.
  3. It's not just the free stuff, it's the concept of value for money, and reasons for popularity. Other games like Apex and Fortnite and all those get super hype mainly because they are absolutely FREE, and has in-game purchase options. Let's put game quality, mechanics, connectivity and all those aside yeah? (even the fact they feel more COMPLETE games than PUBG). PUBG is not a free game. YET still has many in-game purchase options, with many content to buy in real money vs duplicate repetitive items which variety is very limited - and that is it. Now, don't get me wrong, I won't play fortnite even if hell will freeze, and I still can't find what is so appealing in a futuristic game, so I stick with pubg until some realistic BR may or may not cross it. But C'mon, if you can get similar PUBG or BR experience, for less or no money, and don't mind it not sticking to realism, why the heck would you play PUBG? just a perspective...
  4. ShaiG

    The worst missions...

    it is not 2 hours, it is 0.2 hours. why the bloody hell they didn't write approx 12 minutes is beyond me, but yeah, mind the dots regarding the other missions, they are actually not that bad IMO, seen worse. Uzi 12 clips a game five times is far worse IMO. 10 frags a game can be much, I thought from other posts it was 10 grenades which is much more possible, but 10 frags can be completed, how annoying depends on how many games you need to do this. Some of them are actually hideous, especially when needed to be done while playing this super frustrating TPP. And don't even get me on the fact I play both PS4 and PC, had to buy pass in both and complete missions in both. And yes, the second I realized it I gave up completing any missions completely, couldn't care less about them.
  5. ShaiG

    A way to make PUBG more stable

    I believe this is around the correct time, even though I have searched and didn't see an official answer. But there are many elements you can kill or delete to make room for memory. From crap in houses, to idiotic building or items which are completely useless (why create a humongous water tower, with spacing in the legs so cars can go through, but the bloody character can't? (thus killing a hideout from shots fired completely). I don't mind flying trash, or buzzing fuse boxes, but performance should be at least in the top 5 spots of priority. only after those add decorations and themes and maps and skins and all that. But there are really, loads of stuff you can evaporate from the game that wouldn't hurt the experience at all, but I don't really know how removing them will affect the memory and performance.
  6. ShaiG

    Kill cam?

    I believe you mean the Death Cam, and I totally second this. I mean, on death cam you can reveal alot, maybe even add an option to watch the death cam and after that spectate the killer. Can reveal alot regarding should a report be placed or not. Without it, it's more of sending loads of reports, filtering most of them out, addressing the rest.
  7. I have tried to sum it somehow, my only thought that includes everything is simple. add more free experience. Stop with the monetizing for a bit, people are excited for some reason for this crappy outfits and suicide squad and whatever, I mean, c'mon. Who gives a flying f about it? I say add smoothness, add optimization, add performance, add fps for crying out loud. Other games have such a hype first and foremost because they are free, more so that not everything (or most of) costs actual money (even suicide squad bs, costs G coins who costs - you got it, real money). BH released half a game, and charged money for it, then can't understand why things are the way they are. Wanna add something? Add VALUE FOR MONEY.
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    I seriously can't understand what people like so much about Apex. I like PUBG mainly because most of the time it is a very realistic game and that is the sort of thing I'm looking for in an online multiplayer game. Don't know whats gonna happen when Battlefield V gonna release their battle royale, but I seriously don't think a custom match option is the solution, not at all. And you wanna enhance the FPP player base? treat the TPP players like you have to the FPP in the past 2 months. Lockdown TPP, allow only FPP servers. Then sit and wait. try it for a month.
  9. Very Simple. Fortnite is the same game on consoles as well as PC etc. PUBG is NOT the same game. PC PUBG is different from Console (PS4/X1) PUBG, which is developed by Bluehole. PUBG Mobile is an entirely different game, which is developed by Tencent. You can play pubg mobile from the PC tho with the Tencent emulator as far as I know, but if not mistaken only against other emulator users.
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    2 Weeks now and no Patch...

    Hey, I just wonder about something, why is the update post is always locked for comments? I feel many frequent players have a lot to say about some of the topics and issues. There are many things we can't understand, but as long as we don't receive any solid data or answers, all we are left with is.... guess work. and that is a horrible thing. especially to this kind of community and game type. Thanks.
  11. ShaiG

    Is your favorite weapon OK?

    What kind of break do you take to reset the right thumb muscle memory? 😂
  12. I couldnt care less which games you play or why. seriously. I care about this one and improving it, you have very strong claims against the game, with no proof or anything to back it up whatsoever. Why you expect a super special treatment? what differs this post from any other rant anywhere?
  13. I´d really like to know the stats of everyone that voted for the first 2 options on the polls
  14. Im going to post this for a quick pole on the forum community, multiple choice is enabled. Just want to gather enough information to finally determine what is this connected to. if you have anything to add you can but please try to add info on your system (kind of consle, connection, mode)
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    In over a year, I never had problems in matchmaking and playing FPP on PC. and there are tons of people playing TPP on the PC as well. Difference is, IMO at least, the FPP on console is not only rarely open (EU), but has much more bugs and lags and is virtually unplayable. As for the player base, I have no complaint on that, can't blame the poor souls that only play TPP
  16. Hey mate, welcome aboard I'll try and help with what I know and experience. 1. I don't really know to answer this really, but I guess if it's on the "server" side you'd feel the lags as well as see other people disappear and reappear in few locations. Client side is easier (if you run and it takes you back to run the same 5 steps few times, you have lags etc.) 2. I use cable connection, have a decent plus speed and stability (D:80 U:3) and still takes me some time to see items, even buildings at times, but the items not appearing in the first seconds on the ground is constant. 3. I really recommend on every online gaming platform, if you can plug a cable to it - do it. It is much more stable and much faster than wireless anything. Regarding different configurations in the router and PS4, If you don't know what you are doing I simply recommend not to do it. going after guides to change your PS4 or router settings is not always specific to the devices you own and can cause damage which by yourself you probably won't know to fix (if you don't know what you are doing that is) 4. I began reading this one and it changed in the middle. Yeah, I experience sound glitches in-game, sound can die completely or go to seventh hell and blast my skull. What you are describing is quite different, have you tried the headphones on a different controller? or device? do you still experience the same? try elimination process to find the source of it. Hope I helped
  17. Is there any possibility to configure PUBG/PS4 to automatically record highlights and games? If not, will there be an option like so? I've been all over google and can't find an answer regarding PS4 anywhere.
  18. I did, then hit Square, then checked out later (sick headshot moving target one shots), and after the game wen't back to play it and see, saw it only took a 6 seconds video (in which you see nothing) and nothing else. Thanks for the quick reply
  19. Forgot to add for myself: I have PS4 Pro, cable connection D:80+ U:3, TPP/FPP and have Issues on all maps. Hope more fellas can give their input here, maybe we will find the common things for the users that suffer this issue and how to fix it.
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    I got PUBG’d

    Looks like desync in all his glory
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    We are all in game, just waiting.... Why not come to the forum on the meantime?
  22. Guess he can't, he lost his senses to toxicity. Shame.
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    Well then, Excellent. good to have this myth officially busted. Thanks. Any progress by the way?
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    I read somewhere on these forums that even the xbox and ps4 games are different games, and that pubg corp for the foreseeable future not going to allow crossplay.