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  1. Still didn't get no response for that, and it happened to me 3 times again since. Didn't open PUBG since.
  2. @PUBG_Andymh5 I just wanna know really, if this is not a bug I don't know how to percept this game any more..
  3. I'll look for a video, of a well managed nades who do require skills. I surely got one. Aside from that, yeah I carried less than 150 bullets for both weapons (including mags loaded) so yeah, not much ammo but for close quarters or causing chaos its perfect. I believe nade requres skills, if you cook it right, position it right, you're money. For example, I heard a battle near me, I went up hill to look for the fighting sides, just to see one of them win the fight, 2 guys take a buggy and stroll over to loot. I wait with the nade, cook it, count to 2 and throw it, it exploded on both of them right on impact. That's skill, no luck. Tho yeah, if someone got 8 nades and in the last phaze and just doing a red zone, its less than a skill but more of a tactic imo.
  4. Why should they limit the amount of grenades? For one, I once carried 14 total nades, 10 frags, 2 smokes, 1 stun 1 molotov, and with meds I had quite a little room for ammo, but thats the risk you take. Nerfing a good nade is never a good idea, or else whats the whole point of nades? But one thing I can say, is nefring the BAD nades. If someone throws a nade and Im behind cover, there is no reason for it to damage me, let alone kill me. Thats what I see wrong in nades, nothing else really.
  5. This sounds like a pretty good idea, players keep "complaining" on not renewing store items and customizables, so this can be a good enticement, to do like a "mini season" with missions that will help the PUBG team to test whatever they want to (like shoot X with MP5K in Y time or anything). And in return offer rewards that will go to live server after it ends. Can be a good idea. Maybe even offer different ones for FPP and TPP, so more players will try FPP out as well and more feedback at that.
  6. So yeah, like everyone here, there is no feedback to give aside that we can't get into a game to test and give feedback properly. Have tried numerous times at differend hours of the day, top number of players in queue was 16 and wouldnt start a match.
  7. I am just amazed of how often and repeatedly the PUBG team requires it's paying customers to work for them. Oh, for free of course. I'm sorry but that is just a rude perspective. PUBG made promises and still claim they don't and won't support M&K. We already paid for the game, now you should enforce those promises, not us. We should not play the game, get frustrated, find out it is an M&K player, record, report, and hope the team will do something about it. Wanna go on that weak accessibility excuse? Fine, Block all external devices. Any player with accessibility issues will contact the support team and they in turn will allow access to this one user who requested his external device. It just profounds me how you claim approx 1% of the community of gamers is the reason external devices can't get blocked and much bigger share of the community suffers from it.
  8. Lol I see, it is really a joke. This is just a joke. First of all, I respect any player who plays the game, and any man or woman with any need for accesibility equipment. HOWEVER, this can not be the reason why you let everyone use it (and you guys do, sorry). Another thing, which is less than popular, but most of the players do not have accessibility issues. Yes, everyone paid for the game, but there is a huge majority who do not use those, and feels the game is ruined when others use so, especially when they are not handicapped in anyway. I can tell if someone is using M&K in less than a minute watch, how can't you guys? And you can block, any third party device, of any kind, to all eternity. And register specific third party devices, on demand, for those who really need them due to accessibility issues. Buying M&K or XIM just to not feel in a disadvantage? sorry for me being blunt, but screw this, I'd rather delete the game and never play it on console again, or anywhere else really. Today is the console players that suffer, tomorrow it's PC. Now, just imagine more and more players that will stop playing PUBG on consoles for the very same reasons, how much of a playerbase (which is already super small) will you think you'll still have?
  9. This is the most important thing here. The playerbase is so small on PS4, that the growth of M&K players just damages the experience for the other games, especially when PUBG published pre-release Mouse and Keyboard will not be supported. I don't mind if they play 256Hz screen, but M&K? Cmon, thats just wrong. It is also ridiculous that the community (which paid money) should report to the company (who makes money) of the what the company (that sells the game) is not standing behind, and doing everything to stand strong behind their published data and restrictions for the players (who bought the game and buys in-game). It feels like the PS community is so small it is the least noticeable from all versions of the game.
  10. I believe that, It happened to me numerous times and the second after I died I have spectated instantly and was amazed time by time how he took none or very little damage when I saw I hit him much more, and he got me with 2-3 bullets dead in the ground.
  11. 60 FPS, FPP ONLY servers on PTS would be awesome tho I'd probably play it more than the game itself. +1
  12. More feedback coming, continuing from where I left off on the previous comment and adding more. Vikendi has so much bugs lately, it's almost hilarious. Audio is really off. I can look at someone shooting at me and hear it only to the left side, or run and hear a vehicle behind me, I turn to look and its 50+ meters to my right and down. It happens to me so much I give much less importance to audio now on this map and Sanhok - which many sounds there are off too. Could barely hear people running near me up until they were in my face. While climbing on rocks on Vikendi I get stuck a lot for some reason, takes a real struggling to get out of it at times. Did the last update cancel the dropping stuck drops from roofs and buldings with nades? That seemed to work before and happened to me 3 times I wasted all my nades to try and get a drop down from a roof and it didn't budge a milimeter. Again I wish to stress the vehicles issue. It's just ridiculous that I get so much damage dealt to myself just in driving, and I don't mean while flipping a car or racing into a tree/rock. I mean by driving straight, as the terrain while begin ascending (very slightly) the car would drive and suddenly bump into an invisible object and hit me more sometimes up to 40% of my HP! That is just insane. The smallest budge or bump in a bike or buggie is just sad, you can die anytime, making me drive them like an old lady, which is very different from combat driving let me tell you, from personal experience. Is there like an open board or something where we can see what the devs are working on?
  13. I guess it may help, but I find it weird in order to play pubg the "right" way, seeing all spawns at the right time, no playdough, higher FPS and smoothness, less lags and better performance, you probably need to upgrade your TV, your console and even then upgrade its components, get a better internet connection and who knows what else. Seems weird to me.
  14. Don't know if small, but it feels more like a fisheye effect was on the pov, everything is weird and the movement is too. I try and go on FPP at times especially in CQC (which I absolutely hate on TPP), but its sometimes good sometimes bad, feels like there's alot of difference than a pure FPP game.
  15. I agree with @Snipz00 , I have played the PC since release, and it is much more fun and awesome to play FPP. I tried few times playing it on console, back when there were still few games actually matched, and it is just horrbile. I turn the FPP on while playing TPP games and its just not the same, it is also quite horrible.
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