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  1. AzzaSsiin

    Map rotation idea(?)

    The players that want map select are the players with less skill! (lights the blue touch paper) Ignoring the fact that Vikendi is so bad to play currently. Miramar and Vikendi are usually more of a challenge then the other two maps. With little to no cover in most areas and more long distance shooting 9/10. Some can't handle this and for this reason only like to stick to Sanhok and every now and again Miramar. That should keep this post alive for a little bit longer...👹 Anyway...On lunch i thought of another way PUBG could make the map selection work. Keep it as it is currently, including Vikendi into Quick play. But Introduce..... "The map crate". This will make use of all that BP that's not being spent! For only 3000 BP this crate could be yours! Map goes into your inventory and must be used by the game host before the maps searched in lobby. Sorted! 😜 I've even done the odds sheet! You're welcome.
  2. AzzaSsiin

    Time played - pubg swag

    Someone give this guy a parachute skin for all his hard work and service. And more importantly putting up with the game.
  3. AzzaSsiin

    Some thoughts on Ping

    Not as good today, seems normal for bangers and mash day though.
  4. AzzaSsiin


    Well done.
  5. AzzaSsiin

    Dsync is getting horrible

    Was it you that said you had a mate who always says something like this? 😋
  6. AzzaSsiin

    Some thoughts on Ping

    No idea but I was thinking of moving in. 😀 I think at home for me its around 20-30 on EU servers.
  7. AzzaSsiin

    Some thoughts on Ping

    This is at work.
  8. AzzaSsiin

    Season SP grind

    Is this how you obtain the No Life Chute?😏
  9. AzzaSsiin

    Well that was painful

    Don't worry clag its not contagious. I got diagnosed with this when i started playing computer games.
  10. AzzaSsiin

    The rag doll physics are dumb now.

    After running this one back there's got to be only one explanation i can think of....He must have died on a grasshopper.
  11. AzzaSsiin

    The rag doll physics are dumb now.

    What are you on about, never seen this happen.😏 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/azzassiin/video/71459629
  12. AzzaSsiin

    Map rotation idea(?)

    Me too Clag! It may well have changed recently. Its been about 3-4 weeks since i last played. Still great jumping on here at lunch putting the world to rights and reading the same threads over and over. 😂
  13. AzzaSsiin

    Map rotation idea(?)

    I thought it did the second you enter the plane? If you're in the waiting lobby it doesn't for sure.
  14. AzzaSsiin

    Map rotation idea(?)

    This makes more sense now
  15. AzzaSsiin

    Map rotation idea(?)

    Yes that would work. Though the hot droppers wont like this method for sure but it could make it a bit more interesting. (more players would want to survive the start) Drop hot at your own risk sorta thing. Unless there was the ability to make it death by suicide = penalty. Death by another player = no penalty. Only thing doing it this way there will be loads of free unarmed kills at the start of a game.