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  1. Haven't had an instance of desync since the latest hotfix. THANK YOU!. This was making the game unplayable and had to be the number 1 priority in my mind. With that being said, you've brought back the framerate issues from the early access days. It seems to be happening when other players are in your vicinity (around 150 meters). This framerate drop happens dependably enough that I've begun using it as a radar of sorts. If I notice my FPS tanking, I start looking for the player(s) causing it, and it seems to be a very reliable source of info. This takes away from the suspense of the game in addition to the normal frustrations associated with 2-10 FPS. This has to be the next priority. If you'd like a compilation of video evidence, I could compile it over the next week or so, but I assumed everyone is having this same problem, so you should have enough data on this matter. Also, this FPS issue when players are near makes the current Event Mode unplayable. <10 FPS the entire Event Mode match. Also, I'll second this below. I'm no dev by any means, but this has to be using resources that we can't afford right now. Nobody is playing this game for the butterflies. Possibly some graphics options as in the PC version to be able to turn the unnecessary garbage off? Lastly, the sound of the plane on Sanhok is very broken. Put this on the bottom of the list, but it definitely needs to be addressed. XBOX One OG, wired
  2. Both players on XBOX One OG / FPP - Squads - Sanhok - NA / Wired connection Team killed, but the teammate was shooting another player. It appears the server registered my player as being where he was 10 seconds prior! The attached video includes both of our perspectives. Ultimiate Desync.mp4
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