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  1. Agreed. I just crashed twice in solos, in the span of 3 games. Both times around 20 alive. Both times I was dead by the time I reconnected. crashing was previously not a big issue for me. Overheating and high fan were but not crashing for no reason.
  2. Can you tell me what other games you’re playing where the fans are comparable to pubg, I’d like to download a couple and see. Thanks! i have submitted the issue via the hub app as you requested but, I already did the same thing directly through Xbox support. I’ll let you know what they say.
  3. It has overheated twice playing this game and this game only. No other game even runs warm. This game causes the fan to go crazy. The issue is unique to pubg. I have contacted xbox regarding the issue and they pushed back saying that I should notify the makers of the game -- since the issue was unique to the game itself. What do you suggest I say to them now? That its not pubg and that they should fix my not broken xbox? Seriously, I'm asking. Do me a favor and play pubg on an xbox one x with no headphones on so you can listen to what the console sounds like while you play. Especially in smoke nades. Even listen to the sound of the fan increase as you go from the title screen to the lobby. There is clearly an issue here. Also please note, this was not an issue prior to the latest update. Your latest round of rendering optimization has had some kind of unintended consequence.
  4. Thanks for confirming I'm not the only one. My xbox one x is 6 months old. Dust free environment, no pets, no smokers. My xbox is clean and clear yet pubg is making it overheat.
  5. Since the latest update (the new UI and new season pass) my Xbox One X struggles to run this game. When sitting in the lobby, out in the water, or being around smoke, the fan on my xbox runs full blast. My xbox has also shutdown due to overheating twice. Here is the kicker, my xbox runs completely cool and the fan never kicks in for any other game -- only pubg. This is an Xbox One X with the game running on an external SSD. The problem is so bad, I'm surprised there wasn't already a long list of complaints.
  6. +1 In addition to that, I have had instances where I could not surface.
  7. Are you guys doing anything to fix the issue where the matchmaking countdown timer will run forever if you don’t cancel and restart the search? It seems like players have just accepted the fact that they have constantly restart the timer to find a game. I have personally let that timer run for over 30 minutes just to see how long it would run without putting me in a game. I then cancel, restart, and instantly get put into a lobby where the countdown to plane is under 10 seconds. I can’t tell you how many times I have bumped after 60 seconds only to be instantly put on a plane. If the game was out there, why wasn’t I put in? My real concern is that when the fpp population is low, this bug is effecting our ability to get games. There are people out there that want to play but it isn’t matching us up. Please fix.
  8. I’ve also had this happen. Twice on the same night. The timer clearly finishes, I walk away, my teammate is still down yelling, you didn’t finish the revive.
  9. Will the unwarranted wins be rolled out of the stats?
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