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  1. Canted sight on the m16 been waiting forever for this. Dope
  2. I still believe it's the best gun in the game. love it... he had no clue where you were.
  3. They are the same its a parent company i just googled it. Brings up blueholes site
  4. When people would do polls and ask about the best gun in game I'd always say vector or vss they are so good
  5. Usually when there is a challenge for sniper or dmr the vss will count for either one he must've been a little short
  6. Sure but the rail system is different on every gun in the game. A lot of the guns we have don't have rail systems but do here like the k98... what about the qbz it's supports the sight right? I just don't understand the reasoning and until a mod says something all these answers mean nothing to me I appreciate the conversation though
  7. Hold rb and push forward while add will clear it up a bit but it's a bug been around forever they say that are aware and its been mentioned to devs but nothing done to clear it up
  8. I fully understand that however when you put a sight on it that goes away and the rail is the same as all the other. We are not putting the sights on that bar it's removed
  9. Go look at it my man the g36, m4, kar98 ect. all of them have the exact same rail only a few look different but that's just by having a split down the middle it's the exact same design. This is just a Google image but the rail is the same as most others
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