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    Weapon Master Achievement in PUBG Mobile

    Hey, today I was just trying to get Weapon Master Achievement in PUBG Mobile. 1st kill- I killed a person directly(without knocking out) with the shotgun S1897. 2nd kill- I knocked with UMP9 and killed with Frag Granade. 3rd kill- I knocked with with UMP9 and killed with UMP9. 4th kill- I knocked 2 people with Vehicle (Jeep) and also killed them with vehicle. 5th kill- I knocked and killed with M416 6th kill- I knocked with M416 and killed with Mini14. I also got the chicken dinner in that match. I am in Diamond 1 and I was playing in Duo vs Squads Asia Server. Version of PUBGM is 0.9.0 But even after this I didn't receive the wepon master title. Can anyone help me out why?