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  1. PUBG MOBILE <PROs before HOEs> IGN/ID- samdope Age- 21 Level- 54 rank - Ace server- Asia Language - English/Hindi. Fav map- Miramer I am looking for a DUO PARTNER of minimum avg rating of 85%+. I have played over 400 games total. Around 200 in DUOs having average rating of 95%. (Proof Attached). 95 is not bad, right?! RN i am sitting at rank 1825 in ASIA <DUO,TPP>. I can easily go to conqueror but most of times my teammate(random) are NOOBs(no hate). I am open to SQUADS ALSO. So if any pro clan or pro players are interested in taking me in their team then i will be highly obliged. I have a dream of playing this game at highest level with PROs. Since, new season is starting so i am thinking of sitting in TOP50 in asia. Any one interested can reply to this thread or can connect with me on FACEBOOK. I have attched ss of my in-game profile. The reason for all of above is that, i am serious pubg gamer who is ready to give time to this AMAZING GAME. FB ID- https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003967295398