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  1. Saw this the 1st time i loaded up PTS...hated it ever since. Way to easy to turn it black/purple...something. How did the dev team overlook this? YOU CANT SEE IT!! That's how.
  2. WayNicer than B4

    I Wish....

    I feel your pain
  3. WayNicer than B4

    Definition of Irony....

    The real irony would be buying the most powerful console in the world, throttled by a 5200rpm drive, and having to buy the SSD for load times.
  4. WayNicer than B4

    Finally joined the Solo Chicken Dinner Club

    I had a 7 kill FPP solo top 2 finish. Had the high ground and just simply missed the shot. Closest I've came.
  5. WayNicer than B4

    Getting a new headset!

    i have a set of recon 50x...refurbished. Only issue i have ever had, is occasionally the mic just stays live, leaving a bit of a hum on teammates headsets. A quick mute on/off switch flick, and it fixes itself. I think I paid less than $20 for em and don't think I would ever need anything more
  6. WayNicer than B4

    Mouse/KB support about to be official

    Another, smarter option could simply be to not allow sensitivity increase in M&K to exceed speed of joystick, maybe even below to even out the playing field.
  7. WayNicer than B4

    Good teammates with bad equipment

    I got refurb Turtle beach 300 recons. CHEAP-O's. like 20 at gamestop...i hear everything, have no issues in squad other than the mic sometimes stays on. switch it to mute and right back boom... good enough for me
  8. WayNicer than B4

    The Draw to TPP

    I love the argument about the camera. You know everyone has the same ability. Its just another resource. You want full realism??? When you pick up a box of ammo, you should have to cower to manually load your mag. You find one quick draw..you have to manually refill after shooting them all. Fully auto M4? Gonna need a cooldown and a clean if you just mowed down a few on a hot drop. Shot in the arm? Bandaged, but your muscles are severed..good luck with your trigger finger. Just play your mode and have fun.
  9. WayNicer than B4

    The Draw to TPP

    I enjoy both a ton. Im a TPP squad FFP solo type. Finding games still aint bad in FPP in the evenings...but it seems FPP guys are the 1st to jump ship to the next FPP game. So really TPP is what sets this game apart and keeps it afloat. Anyone whining about playing TPP can simply play FPP or find another game. Whiny men...whats wrong with this world LOL
  10. WayNicer than B4

    The Draw to TPP

    Good thing this game offers double the value. 2 fully seperate modes/rankings etc. Even more value to this deal
  11. WayNicer than B4

    The Draw to TPP

    While i play both...its pretty stupid to care about cosmetics at all in FPP...you see nothing more than the gloves and gun skins. They are microtransactioning the heck out of clothing, so they need TPP more than ever.
  12. WayNicer than B4

    Huntsmen and Marksmen [Nov 22-25] Feedback topic

    Had back to back games on Thurs night that were utterly broken. 1st time our 10 man squad loaded in...dropped then realized we were the only 10 players. Damn that was a long game of me and one other knocking in blue zone and reviving. Next try... 5x people TOTAL. And ofc that was one squad. Just backed out disgusted
  13. WayNicer than B4

    SSD Xbox one original 500gb

    SSD's...right now with black friday sales, im seeing good ones (240gb) as low as around $30. Add a sata to usb 3.0 cable and you are in business.
  14. WayNicer than B4

    Searching for teammates!? (Casual / Chill)

    gt: servetheperv NA xbox one x English, and most good spanish cuss words Im down to play, callout, etc.
  15. WayNicer than B4


    i got a few clips showing the car hit mechanics are not quite killing like they should... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/servetheperv/video/64006262 body should have fallen UNDER the buggy... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/servetheperv/video/64006336 epic... i think he lagged out...but check out his xbox name LOL https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/servetheperv/video/62083705 skip to 1:21...its the great houdini car attack fix the ragdoll effects and car hit mechanics. I wanna run peeps ova!!