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  1. I still think that patch notes is just a joke😂 nice one pubg
  2. Sauud

    Proxy chat

    They just dont listen. Even though its easy to implement.
  3. Believe me they will get to a point where they wont improve performance anymore they will just stick to 30 fps and try to catch up with pc contents. Cuz to them content bring more money not performance and they already sold so much on consoles
  4. Sauud

    Let's face it

    Its not about communications anymore andy its about actions. Its been 3 weeks and rendring problems still not fixed yet. If this takes so long then how long will it take to hit 60 fps? A year?
  5. Sauud

    What should PUBG steal?

    Im sure they wanna steal alot of things but the devs making it so hard for them
  6. Fanboys. They dont want u to even criticize their beloved game
  7. Xbox one X 1080p uncap frame-rates. It will absolutely can hit more than 45 fps at least. I see no reason why u dont give us that option PLEASE we want more than 30 fps @PUBG_Lumos @PUBG_Andymh5
  8. Sauud

    What would bring people back?

    60 fps for me too
  9. Nope im just smart enough to not waste 100$ and still own those who spent it 😉
  10. Sauud

    An Update: 7 days no play

    The loot wont be a problem after couple of games u will know the good loot spots. TTK depends on the weapon u have and the enemy armor level and of course ur aim. For example when i started playing it took me 2 mags of AR or SMG to kill 1 cuz it has 18-20 bullets only. but now i know that i have to find extended mag to use them or i will just stick to shotguns and DMRs. Give it another chance u gonna love it
  11. Sauud

    An Update: 7 days no play

    7 days of not playing pubg and only playing apex: the only thing would bring me back to pubg is 60 FPS. I dont wanna hurt my eyes anymore
  12. Thats why u have to memorize the designes of each building and u will be fine
  13. Another victim i can shoot through walls. Keep buying ssd’s boys 😂
  14. Sauud

    Idea for performance

    Apex is 1080p - 1440p on Xbox one X and 648p - 720p on OG Xbox one according to digital foundry. so if pubg devs are aiming to hit 60 fps they need to lower resolutions on both consoles. And thats only the first step.