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  1. I just hope they dont go for 8k 30fps..
  2. They’ve been trying to avoid answering this question so maybe Dynamic resolution is off the table now. Hope you prove me wrong guys @PUBG_Andymh5 @Takarii
  3. Well since they announced that they will implement the new erangel visuals update. There is no chance in hell that they are trying to increase fps to 60.
  4. Nope we only got 30 fps here in pubg. Most of the pvp shooter games run at 4k dynamic resolution and 60 fps and i remember when they announced xbox one x they’ve never said anything about fps they just focused on 4k. But this time they said it will be up to 120 fps so my guess is games will at least run at 60 fps
  5. @PUBG_Andymh5 hi andy. My problem is when i search for random squads or duos it puts me with people from NA not EU (eu is the best region for me). Is it gonna be fixed in the next hotfix? I tried all the times especially from 8-12 pm cest and still puts me in NA servers
  6. Yeah please dont do the same mistake you did with xbox one x. Go for higher performance not higher resolution
  7. Cant find europeans in 8 pm? Thats impossible. The problem is 100% from them and they acknowledge it. Plus i haven't had this problem before last update
  8. Every time i search for randoms in squads or duos it puts me in NA servers. It should be eu. Its been 2 weeks and still not fixed i loved everything about last update but this is not making me enjoying it
  9. Even when you search squads with randoms? cuz when i play solo it puts me in eu (correctly) but when i search duos or squads it puts me in na.
  10. Well im sure it will make ur job harder to achieve 60 fps. According to pc players they had huge drop in fps in the pc test server And its still just phase 1. There is no way u are aiming to hit 60 fps in the current gen consoles
  11. So Devs will spend all of their time trying to maintain 30 fps with the new erangel visuals update. Which means there’s no chance in hell we are getting 60 fps. U really went for visuals instead of performance .. just wow
  12. 30 fps isnt something to be proud of especially in a pvp shooter game so yeah its still bad
  13. 60 fps & Crossplay with ps4 thats all
  14. Alright this one is solid proof. For the past couple months i thought i was missing my shots but then i recorded this kar98 6x scope headshot not registered and he was standing still. look at my first shot. I know i missed the second one https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/id-x-imi-o-ihi/video/75380330 Also i captured this pic zoomed in just right before i took the shot to make it easier for you to judge @PUBG_Andymh5 @Takarii please do what u gotta do to fix this. This game is unplayable like this
  15. Next update not now. When they implement the new loot balance
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