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  1. Just getting worse and worse. Rip pubg
  2. Why people hate it when we say we want sanhok only back? its okay if u dont wanna play it then dont
  3. Im just telling people who are willing to buy ssd that its a huge disadvantage and it shouldn't be the solution. The solution is the devs need to fix it thats it.
  4. Recent leaks showed that pubg remastered free-to-play is coming for Ps5. Its rumors so please don't attack me. But i wanna see ur opinions if this is true. Personally i think its perfect idea to get back on feet. Pubg was always known as a broken game and when it came to consoles the console version was worse. So imagine console version running at 4k60fps. same content as PC. Cross-play and most importantly Free-to-play. What do u think guys?
  5. Or it can goes like this “You dont have to spend 100$. Or 38$. Because its not ur f***ing fault that the devs didnt optimize the game properly”
  6. Sauud

    Why you need to try PUBG again

    Did it hit 60 fps ? did they bring map selection? did they fix rendering issues? death cam? Proximity chat? No? just level of streaming became worse since last update. Play doh buildings 100m away from me. people aren't coming back for new bike and flare gun.
  7. Sauud

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    This game is getting worse and worse every update😂. Just had 6x scope and dude i was aiming at a building like 100m away from me and it was melting (play doh). On xbox one x. And game freezes from time to time. Damn it pubg cant u just give us one good update 😁
  8. Sauud

    Update 6 tonight

    No dynamic resolution in this update
  9. Sauud

    Please talk to us

    I think they gave up on us. they dont talk to us any more. Hell i don't even think that there is any one seeing the forums nowadays. Now they are trying to milk every last one of us with new cosmetics and season pass. Boycotting is the solution
  10. Its been 4 months and rendering issues not fixed yet. We dont know if you are working hard or not. But if you do so then there is something wrong with the Dev team. 4 wasted months ..
  11. They are bad. They now they are. And They dont give a sh*t. “Why should we fix the game while instead we can make a new season pass and new cosmetics and get more money” i blame those who purchases season pass. We should boycott the next one or things will stay the same..
  12. Sauud

    Do you still play PUBG?

    Since Apex came out I've only played pubg for like 5 games. Im sticking to the forums hopefully that one day they’ll bring some info about 60 fps cuz that what would bring me back..
  13. Sauud


    @PUBG_Andymh5 any new info?
  14. Sauud


    So are we gonna talk about its been a month since last update and still no info about next update? and what makes it even worse the only response we get from them “there is no information to share”. In that pace we’ll only get 7-9 updates a year. And its not even that big updates compared to PC. Did pubg already gave up on consoles version? All they do is “trying” to catch up with pc content. While rendering problems not fixed since 4 months. Performance still the same and no improvements and communication is at its worst Wtf is happening Devs talk to us