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  1. Bluehoie(topten)

    Triumph crates or bust...

    I wouldn't expect Receiving them until we get the new map. Why would we get small patches like that when they're just going to roll all of the minor patches in with this map update?
  2. Bluehoie(topten)

    Proximity chat

    Proximity chat would be lit. Yeah, you have those assholes that would team (could just use party chat), and people that would be racist but if appropriate reporting tools and penalties are given what's the big deal? Besides that, I would love to troll and get trolled by people with it. Imagine seeing someone in a bush and you start playing Michael Myers music through your mic to spook them lmao or using some knock knock jokes on people camping
  3. Bluehoie(topten)

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Bias? Illogical? Yeah, I'm biased because I've been a console player since the first original Xbox came out. I would not say I'm Illogical though. M&k is by far a superior input for a lot of games over a controller, especially if the game supports it in more ways than not. You can multitask a lot easier compared to using a controller. The premise of my argument against m&k has always been the method of aiming though. Everyone can hit buttons/keys, but not everyone can aim. Why do you think recoil patterns on PC pubg are much harder to control compared to console? Because aiming is easier with a mouse. You literally have more dexterity in your whole hand compared to one thumb. Quite honestly it's Illogical to disagree with that. So for the people currently using m&k on console, you're abusing the lower recoil patterns meant for a controller with m&k and therefore cheating. I'm not naive to the fact that people can buy a Cronusmax and upload scripts for a controller either, I'm against that too. The controller will continue to evolve and I'm fine with that, but as long as the premise of aiming remains a thumbstick. I'm also not saying that as soon as you pick up m&k you become a god, I've played a few games on my friends PC. There is definitely a higher cap in terms of skill as to what your capabilities are with m&k over controller though. So when you bring that over to console, you master aiming a lot faster compared to controller users and aren't as limited to how good you can narrow your shot down.
  4. Bluehoie(topten)

    A 7200RPM HDD?

    Upvote. I have this one as well. On amazon it’s going for $100 I think
  5. Bluehoie(topten)

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Go back to pc or git gud. M&k is an unfair advantage, hence why it’s not allowed in console tournaments lol
  6. Bluehoie(topten)

    Rumour has it there's a Mini 14 on Vikendi

    Yeah I’ve found a mini, but it seems like dmrs/snipers are more rare than sniper suppressors lmao. I’ll find 3 sniper suppressors in one game, and no snipers or anything above a 3x to be found.
  7. Bluehoie(topten)


    Funny thing is a good bit of people on boards are cheating so definitely would want to have good anti-cheat measures going before rewarding these guys with exclusive items. I know of more radar users than m&k so hopefully something happens about them
  8. Bluehoie(topten)


    Yeah. It would be pretty cool too since it would incentives people to play more/smarter and actually cause leaderboards to be a bit more lively compared to how they are now 😂
  9. Bluehoie(topten)


    @PUBG_Andymh5 hey andy, I had the same problem and posted a video as well as the steps on how to replicate the process in my post btw
  10. Bluehoie(topten)

    Vikendi PTS Bugs

    Lol big shock there. Hopefully it gets taken care of prior to the live game update though.
  11. Bluehoie(topten)

    Vikendi PTS Bugs

    Yeah I ran into that same problem as well, forgot to mention it. I’d hate to see that get pushed live since sound is major component of this game.
  12. Bluehoie(topten)

    Vikendi PTS Bugs

    While playing I have found 2 bugs so far that are new to the game, 1 of which I hope does not get pushed to the live game. The first is a minor bug. When I swapped the shotgun with the akm, the soft aim/hip fire turned into that of a shotgun while holding the akm. The second occurs when you cook a grenade or a smoke, release right trigger to release, and then press y to swap guns. Instead of following through on the action of throwing the nade, the character places the nade back into the inventory... with the pin out. This then causes the nade to be attached to the user without a pin and then explodes. This is a huge problem obviously and hopefully it gets taken care of before being pushed to the actual game. 3208E55D-D74D-4D0E-ABC2-9C08204302B3.MP4
  13. Bluehoie(topten)


    Yeah, I figured. I just think it would be really cool to get an exclusive item. I’ve played this game plenty of hours and have been on the top ten leaderboards many times. Any chance of floating the idea of rewarding players with an exclusive item for reaching that top ten spot and maintaining it for say several days to the guys up top? Like a jacket with the season and highest rank held maybe.
  14. Bluehoie(topten)


    Thanks for the comment, very enlightening.