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  1. kenji brantley

    Improvement from unlikely source

    I went from a 60 inch 4K TV to a 1080P BenQ monitor and loved it. Couldn’t ever go back to playing this game on a TV. So much easier to see and it took about 5 minutes to adjust. Recently upgraded to a 4K LG UK600. HIGHLY recommend this monitor for Xbox One. It’s great. My K/D has doubled since my TV playing days a few months ago, but part of this is just from playing more and improving. I had to switch back to my TV one afternoon and ripped off a 9-kill solo win in my first match, so perhaps it’s more that the monitor helped me unlock a greater level of confidence and ability that I was having trouble achieving when I was only playing on a TV. Got an SSD (Samsung T5) and also love it.
  2. Didn’t even read original poster rant. Switched from TV to monitor (LG UK600 4K monitor) and added an SSD (Samsung T5) and absolutely love both. Each item did exactly as expected. I’m playing at a 2.5+ K/D now, and part of this I will attribute to the upgrades, the monitor in particular. Biggest difference is that I’m playing more, practicing, improving, so technology alone isn’t a solution. But it can definitely help. With this game the way it is, every little bit of small advantage and every millisecond make a difference.
  3. kenji brantley

    Old TV Safe Area setting

    Craigslist used TV or gaming monitor. No need to spend more than $100. Probably can find a solution for less than that.
  4. Got a 27 inch 4K LG UK600 and love it. Better than my 4K TV or BenQ 1080p gaming monitor and definitely looks WAY better than playing the game in 1080p on any kind of larger TV.
  5. kenji brantley

    Level 3 helmet world spawn

    Level 3 helmets should be crates only. Other than for the fun of it, why bother going for a crate if half the contents already spawn?
  6. kenji brantley

    WIND - anyone else find the wind sound annoying?

    Maybe I’m the only one! I’ve gotten used to it after 10-20 matches now.
  7. kenji brantley

    Performance Mode....

    Framerate Priority seems pointless at the moment. No noticeable improvement in FPS at the cost of worse visuals...what’s the point? Hoping they will differentiate options more in the future so that we’re getting higher than 30 FPS with Framerate Priority. If not, then I can’t see this being a meaningful feature. Fingers crossed.
  8. kenji brantley

    Add more ARS and snipers Less SMGS and shotguns

    Agreed. Tired of seeing tommy gun after tommy gun. Would really enjoy slightly more ARs and semi-automatic long range options in the mix. Also find the mix of molotovs and smoke to feel very random - why change this? Almost like we’re playing a .45 + molotov event pass or something. Don’t like level 3 helmets spawning. Reduces incentive to chase crates. Love the G36!
  9. kenji brantley

    Xbox One x graphic options feedback

    I can’t tell a difference in FPS. Feels like the same thing to me but just not in 4K. I’m having trouble finding a reason to use framerate priority. Hoping that future plans will differentiate the two more so that there is a clear and obvious FPS improvement with framerate priority. For now, I’m a little disappointed but going to continue in 1440p!
  10. kenji brantley

    Dynamic circles

    Circle phases are way too slow during mid-game in my opinion. Speed of circle closing feels fine, I’m speaking to the time between each phase starting to close. Would enjoy a slightly faster experience. Because the first circle is so small, there isn’t much ground to cover between, say, phase 2 and phase 3.
  11. Anyone else find the wind sound annoying? Yes, it adds to the effect and overall aesthetic but (my opinion) it’s louder than it needs to be. Just isn’t pleasant and not something I want howling in my ear for a long period of time. I also wonder if this contributes to some of the other sound issues that people are reporting. Or maybe it’s my headphones and I’m crazy. Anyone else? Thoughts?
  12. kenji brantley

    What happened es here??

    Yes it was supposed to be the shot gun video! I couldn’t tell you how it turned into a friendly fire. I clearly shot an enemy player and it projected all of that damage to my teammate who was on the other side of the building. Weird glitch.
  13. kenji brantley

    What happened es here??

    At least your shot didn’t do this... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/kenji-brantley/video/63070896
  14. kenji brantley

    Crazy Glitch

    Also had this chrome/glitter graphics glitch 3 days before the link above. Love it. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/kenji-brantley/screenshot/10749221
  15. kenji brantley

    Crazy Glitch

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Had to share this craziness. Shotgun damage to an enemy player registered as damage to my teammate who was not even in the area and got killed by the shots. Had to watch a few times to even figure out what happened. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/kenji-brantley/video/63070896 Anyone experienced this before?