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  1. kenji brantley


    I love my 27 inch 4K LG UK600 for gaming. Way more than my 4K TV. There are plenty of good options out there though. Make sure you get one that runs it’s maximum resolution and refresh rate via HDMI and not DisplayPort. G-sync isn’t going to do anything for you on Xbox. 4K monitors are great. HDR isn’t quite there yet. And the 1ms that lots of monitor advertise is for GTG time only. What you really should care about is input lag to measure how responsiveness it will “feel” when you play at various resolutions. There are websites out there that compare across a range of monitors. I’m not a huge hardware nerd so someone please correct me if I misspoke. My 2 cents.
  2. kenji brantley

    Played around 8 hours a day until...

    Yup, miss Sanhok. Playing much less lately without the Sanhok map option. Hate if you want but it’s a fact for me.
  3. kenji brantley

    Please give us a Sanhok only option again!!!

    Yes. Please.
  4. kenji brantley

    BP... What's the point now?

    Same. Have 300,000 BP and no clue what to do with it. Wish there was something other than crates to use it on. For example, why not let us purchase “coupons” or use it to buy level ups? Kind of pointless as it stands, at least for those of us who have been playing for a year and don’t want/need crates.
  5. kenji brantley

    New map more boring than Miramar?

    The more I play Vikendi, I’m starting to realize it might be my least favorite map. The circle movement might have something to do with that. Loved Vikendi at first but it’s the only map that bored me after only 1-2 weeks of playing. I said this in another thread but the addition of Vikendi and removal of Sanhok playlist was an overall negative for me. Only thing I’ve enjoyed about the new update is the new Premium pass rewards and challenges system.
  6. kenji brantley

    Give me my Sanhok back

    Having trouble staying engaged without the Sanhok only queue. Absolutely love that map. Played 10 matches last night and didn’t get Sanhok a single time. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking I’m far more likely to get bored/frustrated and move on to a new game with the playlists as they stand. Then again, I’m around 30 days of play time so maybe it’s time to move on anyway....!
  7. kenji brantley

    Vikendi promotes camping

    Agreed. Mid-game circles require minimal movement and houses are plentiful. Makes it pretty easy for people to sit in a house and not move for 5-10 minutes if they so choose.
  8. kenji brantley


    Same. And Vikendi (for now). Once I get tired of Vikendi it might finally be time to move in to a new game. Ruined my favorite map, Sanhok, by lumping it with everything else. Really disappointed.
  9. kenji brantley

    Improvement from unlikely source

    I went from a 60 inch 4K TV to a 1080P BenQ monitor and loved it. Couldn’t ever go back to playing this game on a TV. So much easier to see and it took about 5 minutes to adjust. Recently upgraded to a 4K LG UK600. HIGHLY recommend this monitor for Xbox One. It’s great. My K/D has doubled since my TV playing days a few months ago, but part of this is just from playing more and improving. I had to switch back to my TV one afternoon and ripped off a 9-kill solo win in my first match, so perhaps it’s more that the monitor helped me unlock a greater level of confidence and ability that I was having trouble achieving when I was only playing on a TV. Got an SSD (Samsung T5) and also love it.
  10. Didn’t even read original poster rant. Switched from TV to monitor (LG UK600 4K monitor) and added an SSD (Samsung T5) and absolutely love both. Each item did exactly as expected. I’m playing at a 2.5+ K/D now, and part of this I will attribute to the upgrades, the monitor in particular. Biggest difference is that I’m playing more, practicing, improving, so technology alone isn’t a solution. But it can definitely help. With this game the way it is, every little bit of small advantage and every millisecond make a difference.
  11. kenji brantley

    Old TV Safe Area setting

    Craigslist used TV or gaming monitor. No need to spend more than $100. Probably can find a solution for less than that.
  12. Got a 27 inch 4K LG UK600 and love it. Better than my 4K TV or BenQ 1080p gaming monitor and definitely looks WAY better than playing the game in 1080p on any kind of larger TV.
  13. kenji brantley

    Level 3 helmet world spawn

    Level 3 helmets should be crates only. Other than for the fun of it, why bother going for a crate if half the contents already spawn?
  14. kenji brantley

    WIND - anyone else find the wind sound annoying?

    Maybe I’m the only one! I’ve gotten used to it after 10-20 matches now.
  15. kenji brantley

    Add more ARS and snipers Less SMGS and shotguns

    Agreed. Tired of seeing tommy gun after tommy gun. Would really enjoy slightly more ARs and semi-automatic long range options in the mix. Also find the mix of molotovs and smoke to feel very random - why change this? Almost like we’re playing a .45 + molotov event pass or something. Don’t like level 3 helmets spawning. Reduces incentive to chase crates. Love the G36!