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  1. Me too! I thought I was the only one. Still haven’t used the MP5 because I generally avoid Vikendi.
  2. Harold, you aren’t even the best AFK killer on the forum. Check this out... Lobby disconnected multiple times during plane flight. I loaded back in and dropped late near Alpha. Grabbed a QBZ as 2 other guys were killing all the AFKs. I ran over, killed those 2 guys, and had a field day on the other 41 AFKs for a total of 43 kills. My buddy and I couldn’t stop laughing. Previous high was only 16 🤣 So that is the story behind last season’s highest kill total (according to that website). That’s PUBG for ya. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Not a big deal, but I’m not a huge fan of the new rustling / jingling sound when running. Don’t really see how anyone thought it was important to add these extra sounds which don’t add to gameplay and are a little annoying to listen to. But I’m also the guy who was on here complaining about wind noise being too loud on Vikendi. Sensitive ears, what can I say. Enjoyed everything else with the update. No major issues and can’t wait for the new season!
  4. Just some friendly smack talk, my friend. I value my rank in life > rank on these new leaderboards. Won 7 chickens out of my last 17 duo matches though, I’ll take that any day!
  5. My duo win %, K/D, and top 10 % are all better than your rates, so.... 😀🤷🏻‍♂️ Although you did grenade me last week in a 2v2. Doh.
  6. Level 3 helmets should be crates only. Other than for the fun of it, why bother going for a crate if half the contents already spawn?
  7. Maybe I’m the only one! I’ve gotten used to it after 10-20 matches now.
  8. Agreed. Tired of seeing tommy gun after tommy gun. Would really enjoy slightly more ARs and semi-automatic long range options in the mix. Also find the mix of molotovs and smoke to feel very random - why change this? Almost like we’re playing a .45 + molotov event pass or something. Don’t like level 3 helmets spawning. Reduces incentive to chase crates. Love the G36!
  9. I can’t tell a difference in FPS. Feels like the same thing to me but just not in 4K. I’m having trouble finding a reason to use framerate priority. Hoping that future plans will differentiate the two more so that there is a clear and obvious FPS improvement with framerate priority. For now, I’m a little disappointed but going to continue in 1440p!
  10. Circle phases are way too slow during mid-game in my opinion. Speed of circle closing feels fine, I’m speaking to the time between each phase starting to close. Would enjoy a slightly faster experience. Because the first circle is so small, there isn’t much ground to cover between, say, phase 2 and phase 3.
  11. Anyone else find the wind sound annoying? Yes, it adds to the effect and overall aesthetic but (my opinion) it’s louder than it needs to be. Just isn’t pleasant and not something I want howling in my ear for a long period of time. I also wonder if this contributes to some of the other sound issues that people are reporting. Or maybe it’s my headphones and I’m crazy. Anyone else? Thoughts?
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