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  1. I Hate People

    Game crash: Megathread

    Posting for a few of my squadmates. Multiple game crashes randomly. Xbox One and also on Xbox One S, no SSD Yesterday it happened to 3 of my squadmates at random times. 2 were dashboarded during the beginning of a Miramar match. 1 was dashboarded in a different game while in the Top 10 on Miramar.
  2. I Hate People

    What would bring TPP players over to FPP?

    If they fixed the driving view in FPP I think more FPP people would play FPP 😂 If you're going down a hill it's damn near impossible to see what the fuck you're headed towards. Combine that with the fact that running into any tiny obstacle obliterates your vehicle and you've got a recipe for some shitty times. Besides that, the FOV slider would be clutch.
  3. I Hate People

    Teaming in Solo

    FPP vs TPP matchmaking are two different stories completely. TPP I can imagine has way more players which means more lobbies to get thrown into obviously. FPP is hit or miss. I play FPP on NA servers from about 3:30pm EST to whenever I feel like stopping. I see that even earlier at about 3-5pm EST I find lobbies that are very low on numbers. I've had games start with 40 people, even in Sanhok. Then I can have a few games where it maxes at 98 people. I find it extremely hard to believe that FPP servers are THIS hard to fill up, they're just very inconsistent. There's people playing the game, not only in the US but also in EU who come over to the FPP NA servers. I wouldn't expect them to fill up as quickly as TPP servers, but at the same time there really is no reason why I am matchmaking with the same players consistently. If my squad mate and I made it into the same game two games in a row without planning it, I can only imagine how many games people who are actually trying to team have gotten in a row.
  4. I Hate People

    Teaming in Solo

    One of the big issues that leads to teaming is the matchmaking. I'll speak from experience. Get ready for a long one. I play FPP NA. Although I do not have issues finding games, they are usually full of the same people. I've noticed the same names in the kill feed, hell I've killed the same people in multiple games back to back. With that being said, it allows people to get together and 'team' a lot easier than it would if lobbies filled up a lot quicker. When you're waiting for a game to start, you can end up with 40 people in the beginning, and have it slowly fill up. This can take a few minutes at times, that leaves a HUGE window for anyone you might know or want to team with to join the same lobby. This literally happened to me on Sunday. I was working on a daily mission to get Top 40 in solo. So I queue up and get put into a game. My friend who I usually play squads in sends me a party invite. I normally never accept party invites when I'm in a solo game because I like to be in game chat and honestly I have no care in the world to hear someone talk while I'm sound-whoring enemies. Whatever, I take the invite. We're bullshitting back and forth and he asks me if I'm in a solo game, I say yeah in Sanhok. My character is dressed a certain way and he recognizes it in the game and says 'Holy shit is your plane going from _____ and ending at _____ with 98 people in the game?' which it was. So we're not only in the same game, but in the same party and aware that we're in the same game. Fortunately, we're both fucking adults about it and although we didn't leave the party, we went our separate ways. I didn't tell him where I was landing, and neither did he. I got stuck with a shitty circle down by Sanmee (sp?) and he landed up by paradise. I died earlier on, he made it further. I left the game, went make something to eat, came back on and queued up again and ended up in the same game as him AGAIN. This was after a solid 10 minutes after I died and he remained alive in the game. So, it's very easy to end up in the same lobby as someone, and if you're a piece of shit it's just as easy to team up that entire game and play it through. Shitty people combined with longer matchmaking/less populated lobbies will make this a normal thing.
  5. I Hate People


    If you're waiting all day, you're doing it wrong. Solo takes me under half a minute to find a game, usually within 10 seconds it starts. Duos is less than a minute to find a match. Squads can go on for 10+ minutes if someone doesn't cancel matchmaking and then ready up again.
  6. I Hate People

    How should you run to avoid being shot?

    LOL @ the people in PUBG who get shot at and then lay prone.
  7. I Hate People

    wtf is up with amount of loot?

    It reminds me of the Looking for group posters who brag about their 150+ (probably just hit 150) wins and only want people with 100+ wins yet they've been playing literally since day 1. 196 wins with 53 days played isn't bad, I mean he has 196 wins afterall, it's just nothing to brag about. Happy about it? Of course be happy because there's people who have yet to get a win, but there's no reason to brag.
  8. I Hate People

    wtf is up with amount of loot?

    196 wins with 53 days played isn't all that impressive. Maybe to someone who hasn't won but yeah no reason to toot your own horn about your stats.
  9. I Hate People

    Solo NA FPP dead?

    A little bit of info would probably help try and explain why it's happening. I never have issues matchmaking for NA FPP. Solo, Duos, or Squads. I also play at the usual hour where most people will be playing NA servers. Anywhere in between 2-10pm EST
  10. I was just thinking the same. I guess they replaced it with the daily/weekly missions?
  11. I Hate People

    Gernades in fpp vs tpp

    Ermahgerd gernades !
  12. I Hate People

    No snow map?

    If it gets released it will be released super late in December. It's certainly not coming December 7th, that's for sure. I won't be surprised if PS4 gets it before we do since they have that exclusive pubg package or whatever.
  13. I Hate People

    Stat Polls

    80 wins 14 days 2 k/d
  14. I Hate People

    Best weapons in PUBG to target enemies

    No, I use the 8x as a binocular.
  15. I Hate People

    And this player use normal controller...

    M&K crybabies are more annoying than those who argue about why TPP or FPP is better. Go watch vDemoniic on mixer. He uses a controller and his accuracy is always ridiculously on point with the dumbest of weapons, he will show you him using a controller if you ask him. I understand a UMP with a lightweight being accurate, but I've watched him do work with guns that are usually useless 100m+. I'll say it louder for the people in the back, NOT EVERYBODY WHO KILLS YOU OR HAS GOOD AIM IS USING A MOUSE AND KEYBOARD.