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  1. Horrendous Lag

    Does the lack of aim assist help or hurt PUBG

    I like no aim assist. However I’d only be ok with it if I had aim assist and the other 99 players did not.
  2. Horrendous Lag

    I’ve got this one pubg player friend that

    I reported a player today on vikendi. I was following this guy and he got in a car. North east of the map, start of game we had no loot. I was about to shoot him but he sped around the corner. As I caught up I saw him crash his car into the side of a mountain and he disappeared into it! The car just went straight in. I waited for him to come out (as i didn’t want to cheat) and he came out with an M249 lvl 3 helmet and body armour and killed me in an instant? Wft I saw him land with no weapon?! What was in the mountain a crate drop?!
  3. Horrendous Lag

    Log in now for free 20 level pass

    Awesome. I’m on lvl 26 now 😁
  4. Horrendous Lag

    Just bought a 500G SSD for an OG results

    I have finally got my ADATA SSD to go with my OneX. first game the buildings on vakendi didn’t render as I parachuted ☹️
  5. Horrendous Lag

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I would still be bad at pubg even with mouse and keyboard and have never used M&K since I first started gaming playing zx spectrum. Would be weird playing with one too. Anyway, how can you tell if someone has M&K?!
  6. Horrendous Lag

    Just bought a 500G SSD for an OG results

    I bought a 2TB Seagate HD for £69.99It was really good. Buildings rendered in before I landed apart from on vekendi. I have a one x. Someone told me on this forum it’s not an ssd so I got a refund and got an 256gb ssd for £49.99. It’s not arrived yet after 2 weeks from amazon, still waiting. Hope its it’s worth it!
  7. Horrendous Lag

    My first ever FRIED CHICKEN DINNER

    Wtf?! You got to the last 2 and killed the guy with a pan! I have finished 2nd in last 3 games and when I see “2 players” left I shit myself and almost give the win away.