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  1. Vikendi loaded way better in the pts and I've noticed that theres this weird stutter in people in the match. Either my teammates or the enemy they stutter and teleport forward or torwards the direction they run making it hard to shoot them. Note my ping is usually pretty low and i play on NA servers. The new parachute system is nice but when gliding with the parachute stutters happen and it shows negative acceleration on my km/h gauge and my parachute goes up. Also the map loads so much slower now, its like the parachuting is too quick for the loading to catch up. Ive fallen through the map like 8 times now and even on miramar and the older maps its happened. Except Sanhok since its easier for the game to load. And the game keeps not letting me ready up with the play button consistently after a match ends. Also it appears that if you go at high speeds so far only in the Dacia in vikendi you start floating. The game seems to have become a little more unstable since this update. Just noting some things.
  2. CraZdeadKILLER

    No option to leave team

    Yes correct
  3. CraZdeadKILLER

    New parachute Mechanics

    When is or any estimates on when we'll be recieving the new parachute mechanics? Also the new optimizations what else is coming with the new vikendi update?
  4. CraZdeadKILLER

    Should update text contrast

    Make the text onscreen contrast against the white snow on the map
  5. CraZdeadKILLER

    Frame drops when in smoke

    whenever i go in smoke the frames drop like crazy, Im playing on the one s idk if its the same for the X